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On average, FreeHostia is not recommended by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 High
# of Reviews 16
# that Recommend 6
Very Low
% that Recommend 38%
Very Low
Overall RatingFootnote 2 44.6%
Very Low
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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help needed to access some good web hosting like

i used and found it really good but problem occurred when our university banned this website by including it into porn website. now i face problem while hosting it. i need help in finding solution to this problem. Whether i can use some way to access my account with me or i can find a suitable web hosting free website like

Greatest host I've ever used... in my life!

They have the most minimal downtime, fastest server speeds, greatest customer service (that treats all cases as high priority, even if it doesn't look like it, and above all, is the easiest to use! I've hosted subdomains before in the past, even through all that, the website was perfect on the technical side! Now I'm hosting lots of domains and wow, it's perfect! Just the webhost anyone is looking for!

Biggest Pro: Fast Speed
Biggest Con: CPanel might be slow

freehostia - the best host.

I was always having problem with my, as always they are having problems with their DNS resolve. after being enough erritated, i hv started searching for a new host and came across with

I thought why dont give them a try as well. so, i have tried them. their support team is great and giving response immediately. also they are allowing multiple domains to host. so, i was too impressed with them. I will stuck to them untill find any prob.

Also, they are having 1 of the fastest server on internet so that site is opening in lightening speed. I am happy with them.

Biggest Pro: their server and connection speed
Biggest Con: couldn't found, till now.

Free Hostia wonderfully bad for paid hosting plan

Oh yes, you might be reading all of these reviews up here and thinking that free hostia will be fantastic if you spend a little more cash. Now i write this from experience and not from I heared or they say.

I firts met free hostia, through a review website just like this one, with all the sweet words which free customers had to say! Yes it was free, so y not get your site up there, you get free space and a little bid of services. suprisingly enough, free hostia i will say guarantees 99% uptime for their free customers than those of us who pay! shockingly i have tested this and its proven to be true. in total i have 7 dodmains hosted hosted with free hostia of which 1 is free and has not expired yet! on all the 6 other paid sites, every day for at least 10 minutes in total you site MUST BE OFF, when you complain, theyll say, Ohh there was a problem with the Appache Server, Ohhh we were upgrading our php, Man for reall, do you upgrade php every day? I know free hostia is striving to satisfy, but people lets be frank, do not give in to the 100% uptpime which they guarantee for paid hostage. Right now as i am writing this review, all of my six sites are down. I slept last night early because i could not do any work on any of them cause they were all down, this morning again all down. whats the point!

Next stop is their control panel: Wow youll say its sexy and this and that, yes i agree 100%, but what have they got, elefante installer (which never works for them) and is rubish. you ask it to install files here, it installs it there. Now using this installer i have come to notice a bitter truth about freehostia.

On my last project, i was to host a live site for an organisation and everything within me said NO to freehostia, so i chosed bytehost, just randomly, not because of any reasons or revieiws or anything, now the organisation of their servers are different, you have all your stuff on localhost, not some ****, all you file in a public folder then you come down to the www folder, with free hostia, the complete opposite, you access level starts at www. so atimes the elefante installer being what it is will drop yur files where it hopes it will be, and looking at your www folder you wont see anything. When you complain to freehostia, their response is that you should do it manually. Kool

And just a last bit of advice from this previous point, freehostia has caused me to do a lot of research, i have even installed my own server on my PC to work out how it all works, (WAMP webdevelopper suite) and yes DO not host your sites on any server not giving you the localhost host for your db and files. this make your FTP, you server speed and in consequence you website about 10 times slower! you might not notice it, but i will give you two examples, look for any two sites one hosted on freehostia and one hosted on goddady, and calculate their load speeds, true you will say one may have more images and stuff on the pages which makes it load slower, if you like try it the other way round, take a page with lots of images on goddady and a simple text page on freehostia and calculate their load speeds

Well after all this has been said, i will like to thank freehostia, and give them credit for what has already been done so far, an apraise their free service, but please dont step in here for any paid plans........ when my time with them if off i am goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone


Good hosting, a bit glitchy at times.

Freehostia has been good to me, most notably with their special offers and whatnot. They are giving me a year of free, banner-less hosting to let me test their shared servers (which are speedy, I may add) but at times, they do seem to time out. Possibly once or twice a week for 30 seconds to 5 minutes at a time the site is inaccessible via my uploading mechanism (frontpage).

For anyone just beginning to get into professional quality hosting I would Highly Highly reccommend them as a starter!

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Time-outs


To say that it is free it's really good. It has a nice control panel that it simple to use. It also supports MySQL database. I tried a few other free hosts but id say Freehostia is the best.

Only problems are that the FTP can be slow and sometimes my site can go down, but i can't really complain as i don't pay for it.

If your looking for a free host then id really recommend freehostia.

Biggest Pro: Free, supports MySQL
Biggest Con: FTP is quite slow and host sometimes is down

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