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% that Recommend 38%
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A Cheating Company

We had subscribed for annual subscription to host our website, the hosting did not support drupal features as freehostia was not updated to latest features, so I abandoned the hosting and forgot to cancel the subscription. The next year it was automatically charged for other 1 year, I requested them to cancel the renewal for other one year, they refused and cheated the whole amount.

Worse company to deal with do not waste your money or time

Our company is in the process of reporting this company to BBB and the Consumer Fraud Unit. After trying to get technical support to reset our password to make some changes with over 10 email they do not have good technical support at all. My advice is take your hosting where you can get a good support.
I will keep everyone informed our our report with BBB and Consumer fraud Unit.

terrible service.

Very bad! The free package is totally useless 500k file size limit, cannot send mail via PHP, and cannot hotlink. Decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and upgrade my package, only to be blocked immediately, because I happen to use a different IP addresses to access paypal(!?) and they didn't like my domain name!!? Avoid like the plague!!

Freehostia, no way to stay hosted.....

I began with the free hosting=>ok
I paid for more service=>ok
They migrated on new server=>ko
Web site hacking=>ko
They wasn'y able to solve the issue=>ko
I quit freehostia for better service and lower price=>ok

Geting worst each day

Definitely must change -FAST- to other web hosting company, support is exelent, 10-15 minutes ticket answer, everything is ok, BUT TOO MANY DOWN TIMES A DAY, they last from10-15 mins to 45 mins, you get 2 or 3 a day, i have a pingdom account so thats how i know each time mi site gets down.

Biggest Pro: customer support
Biggest Con: TOO many down times

Avoid like a cyst.

Started as a free user. Decent enough, let me host a domain and have a mysql database with it ... unfortunately email was smtp only, (only receiving) and you couldn't use php ... after a year I upgraded ... worst mistake of my life ... all the small problems (only able to have one ftp upload connection at a time, massive downtimes, delayed and slow hosting speeds, etc, etc, etc) still remained. Use for free service, never pay . .... ALSO, should note, when I asked the support if they could stop sending me 2 to 3 e-mails DAILY for a month to renew my account, they suspended the account with 2 days remaining.

Biggest Pro: free is free
Biggest Con: everything else.

Stay far away from Freehostia

" I've been a customer for two years and pay for their middle lier plan. There have always been frustrating downtimes but the latest one finally did it. Around a month ago they posted a banner saying that they were upgrading MySql and we should expect downtimes to not exceed 15 minutes.

Well, the banner is still there. I've had daily downtimes and now my site is down for good. While trying to access it three days ago I got an error saying that there were capacity problems (my website sells pigs and I get around 600 hits per month; never used more than two percent of my traffic capacity). Right after that I got a 500 error. I contacted Support and they admitted that an error on their side brought the site down and they were working on it.

Three days later, my site is still down and I can't access the database through phpMyAdmin; won't accept my password. Their first response was a tutorial on how to log into phpMyAdmin. I told them, "Did you read the part where I can't log in?" Their next response was, "Everything looks fine on our side. Try emptying your browser cache".

So, instead of helping me to restore my site, they are giving me their pat noob responses.

Goodbye, Freehostia. "

Biggest Con: Downtime

Oh My God! Freehostia Free Service

I as using their free hosting service ,and its so true what they say "you get what you pay for" i payed for nothing and thats pretty much reflected in the hosting service.

So whats was wrong you asl?!


1. constant down times throughtout the day almost everyday.
2. Ftp transfer "we are talking snail pace here" and diconections
3. No outgoing mail even by php, so if you want to run a forum or classifieds site or something simular which depends on outgoing mail for varification emails and signups, you simply cant do it so don`t try.
4. Outgoing mail prices!! smtp mail will cost you as much as the average hosting package purchased anywhere else. ripoff!
5. Blocks outside connections to things like rssfeed, and google adsense. Although you can add adsense the ads will never update to relevent content due to them blocking connections.
6. Did i mention constant down times.!
7. When your site is up you will notice how incredibly slow it loads and difficult to navigate around your pages due to their server overloads.
8. Free hosting is on the same servers as payed hosting (people pay for this)!?

This to my knowledge is my experience of freehosatia hoting based on roughly 12 months period, I frankly could not take it any longer and decided to go and pay elsewere and im so glad i did.

Bottom line " If you don`t use mail on your site and want some hosting to get your site started ,then i`d go ahead and use it for a while "

When you get your first website hit " MOVE ON!!! "

Absolutely brutal.

Customer service is virtually non-existent and when it does show its face, it is an ugly one. Very disappointed.... look elsewhere for free or paid hosting services!!

Freehostia...they were good.

Within an 4 hours, I had my whole plan setup.

They were great, customer service and everything, slow tech support though =/

They were great, with very nice prices, I liked them very much.

But I needed cronjobs done. They do not allow cronjobs on their server because of ''security issues" which was very sad for me, and I sadly asked to get my money back.

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