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Worst Webhost I've Had

I used to have hosting with Fazewire. It was the worst service I had ever recieved. My site with 400+ members was down for a full week and he had no way to correct the issue. Members on my site were unsatisfied with the speed and reliability. It was so bad that at one point we were unsure whether the site would be there or not after navigating to a page. Eventually, but my site outgrew the CPU of the server so Mike, the one person running the service, told us to upgrade to a VPS server (which he doesnt provide).

So at the first time of payment I paid $89 for 1 year. But at the time he reccommended we leave to a VPS we didn't even use 6 months.

So I contacted him and asked, can I get a refund for the remaining 6 months? He said, and I quote, "Whatever you want it will be done." So under the assumption that I would get a refund of $44, I had a giveaway on the site for a prize around that price.

I was informed 2 days after the fact that I would only recieve a refund for 5 months with him taking 50% of my refund. This 50% cancellation fee is not listed ANYWHERE on his site, nor in the terms of service. I was SHOCKED and appaled that this service would go directly against their word. I recieved a refund of only $22.25

I would NOT reccommend this service to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Mike helped me out with some tech support problems in th beginning. But other than that, nothing.
Biggest Con: Unreliable Hosting, Made up things to the Terms of Service which i didn't agree to.

Response by Kyle, who is the owner of FazeWire:

I am very sorry that this happened to you, I am the new owner and have changed the policy. The 50% fee was listed in the TOS, but i have removed it. But i can not see that you are suprised that your site had outgrown shared hosting. You have the number one zune site on the internet and were using a peak of 71% CPU Clicks and the TOS clearly states: "No single site may consume 25% of CPU usage for a sustained period of time." You almost tripled the limit. Again I am sorry for your ordeal.

Kyle Davies,
FazeWire Hosting Owner/Administrator.

Posted on August 15th, 2008 at 19:28 EST

A Reliable and Cheap Webhost

FazeWire, while being a fairly new host, also seems to be quite reliable. I know the owner to be quite a reliable person, and I trust him completely. The prices are good too, I switched from HostGator, due to slow speeds, to his host, and not only am I paying $7 less, I'm getting the speeds I want. He's using cPanel 11, which has so many amazing features in it, the one I'm currently looking into is webdisk, which allows you to upload files directly from your computer to your website as if you were moving it from one folder to another.

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