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Don't do it!

I had never heard of FatCow before some non-techy decided that this is the plan for my company. And oh my god! Sooo many issues. Almost every day there has been issues with the database connection. The email has dropped out as well several times. We have a member login section on the front page and every time you login it says your session is expired and you have to login again - even if you logged out the last time you used it! It sucks so don't do it! You do get what you pay for!

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: Always getting issues with database connections and site being down


I've signed up with Fatcow around the end of November; since then, my site has yet to suffer a minute of downtime.
I had to contact the support only once, during website's setup, because an external script that I wanted to install - not available via their InstallCentral - had problems with their MySQL; despite the issue being caused by my script (not their fault, I mean), they tried to solve it as good and as fast as they could. In the end, the script could not be installed, but support spent 3 days on it before giving up.

Some will think that 1 month is not enough to have a real view of a hosting service but, when a service is crap, you don't even need a month.

Biggest Pro: Uptime
Biggest Con: None I could see, for now

Sneaky price increases / policy changes

Beware of constant changes to their terms/policy and pricing (with no notice to customer whatsoever). I have been with fatcow for 3 years. They have increased the annual fee by $30 each year. Also, they have discontinued the "free for life domain" even though it is still being advertised. Along with several other hidden increases. Set up auto renew and you'll be setting yourself up to get ripped off. However, if you call to complain they magically search their computers and "find you a better deal". Basically, you snooze, you loose. Keep a very close, constant watch on the billing.

To make matters worse the customer has very little control over changes within his/her own website. You are forced to ask the techs to make changes for you. The customer service and tech support appears to be a third party sub-contracted firm who have little knowledge and limited access to your account.

If I had to guess, I believe all the positive Fatcow reviews on the net have been written by Fatcow themselves..

Biggest Pro: Many flashy extras
Biggest Con: No notice given to customer regarding policy/price changes.

Fat Cow is a trap for novice web builders

Fat Cow has a nice initial pricing advertized and a fairly easy web builder. BUT if you want to host more than 6 pages, including linked pages that show more detailed information, there is a requirement to purchase an expensive option for around $9-$10 PER MONTH. What a TRAP! If you only want 6 basic and easy pages Fat Cow might be okay, but for me that was too limited for the site builder option. I set up a mail account and had the emails forwarded to my personal account. I never had a problem with that, though my use was quite limited. I don't have any contact with customer servivce to report. I don't think I'll renew simply because I'd like to use a site builder with greater capacity and I don't like their business practice of basing their advertized specs on a VERY LIMITED CAPABILITY for the site builder application for the basic advertized price.

Biggest Pro: Easy site builder for novice and small web site
Biggest Con: Site builder is limited in capability and size of site for basic pricing

inhouse communication problems

Fat Cow is a problematic web hosting service, especially with their inhouse communication problems and accounting practices. I canceled my Fat Cow reseller account months before its expiration and yet Fat Cow went ahead and charged me the reseller account fees anyway. This type of shoddy business practices and ethics is not in the best interest of the consummer.

The other glaring problem with Fat Cow is their UN-user friendly console panels...BLOODY nightmare! TWO STARS ONLY!


I signed up with FatCow at the advice of my website designed - BIG MISTAKE! I've been with them for 3 months and have had nothing but problems. I constantly get complaints from visitors about the site being down at night, have had too many 500 internal errors to count, etc. All in all, I would say I've had over 50 issues in 3 months, which is unacceptable.

They do respond to calls pretty quickly and have Live Chat available, but their tech support knows absolutely nothing. The girl I talked to recently just kept saying "umm" and kept repeating "I'm sorry for the inconvenience". No concrete information, no estimate of when the problem will be fixed, nothing.

I'm switching to Host Gator. Although FatCow does prorated refunds, they also charge a $35 cancellation fee, so you basically get nothing back.

FatCow is for FAT COWS

On the surface FatCow does provide ok service, a nice UI/Admin Console and a seemingly friendly support staff. But if you have a problem, forget about it. In the two years I was with them I had two problems - the first one I was able to get around, the second made me leave.

1. First problem I had with them was when a pretty standard PHP library was missing from their servers, making my site useless. I had a fully functional site running on Host Monster and decided to port to my FatCow account to find that it would not work. When I contacted the support team about this issue they told me to use an out-dated PEAR library from like 2001. Obviously that wouldn't work so I simply ported my site back to HM.

2. Second issue is beyond me... I attempted to create my 50th or so FTP account to receive an error indicating that an FTP user home directory cannot contain a period ("."). Now that may not be a problem to some, but for me that was a deal breaker - ALL my directories have a period (".") and ALL my 50+ FTP accounts had been happily assigned to directories with periods until then. Apparently they made a change to their back-end system preventing the use and assignment of FTP home directories with special characters, including a period ("."). After numerous calls/chats with customer service it all came down to their inability to change how FTP home directories were assigned - but they seemingly forgot that they DID manage to make a change when they screwed it up.

Unless you're a run-of-the-mill FAT COW, these guys are useless.

Bad for MediaWiki!

I purchased a subscription because Fat Cow is supposed to be awesome for MediaWiki BUT
1. They run version 1.6.5 -- all of the other web hosts that I spoke to run version 1.16!
2. They will not let you upgrade. They don't give you command line or shell access and you can't manually upgrade through a re-install as it requires too many MySQL queries.


Biggest Con: Do NOT use them for MediaWiki!

Nothing but trouble

Joined three days ago. Their mysql servers were down due to high demand intermittently the first and second days, the third day they were down for most of the day. Cancelled my account.
Support told me to refresh my browser cache and told me the problem was resolved. I got the problem on different computers with different OS and browsers. I wasnt the only one with this problem either, other blogs have had similar problems lately.

Biggest Con: mysql server often down

Fatcow review - PHP/MySQL

I run a PHP/MySQL website, and while at first it was fine, as soon as I got more than two users everything went haywire. I started getting massive lag from the database, the phpMyAdmin would work sometimes and not others, the SFTP would randomly fail... If you just need a cheap host for a basic personal page, and maybe you want to put a little PHP in, they're good and cheap. If you actually need any server power at all(website with users, etc...) they really aren't a good choice.

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