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Embarrassingly Unreliable

This service has been incredibly unreliable for me. I get calls from my friends 5 different times each month telling me that their sites(which I host for them) are down- which invariably means that when one of them is down, so are all of the others and my own as well. When I try to pull up something on my site in front of a client, the server is unresponsive over half the time. To be sure that it's not a local problem, I attempt to contact the server from different locations worldwide, and it is just as unresponsive as through my local connection. Whenever I have messaged support about these issues, they reply "No, there was never a problem. It's all on your side." and magically everything starts working again. Seriously, for the rate I'm paying for this ($18/month) I would at least expect that they can keep the server on and running, and be honest about the downtime they have so frequently.

Additionally, the cPanel they provide is so slow to respond that simple tasks such as adding a database or subdomain often take up to half an hour each. Every click in there is a new gamble, were the odds are 10% likely to succeed, 45% likely that the request will time out, or 45% likely that you'll get the lovely "There was a problem verbing the noun" message.

No web host has ever been such a roadblock to productivity for me as this one, and that includes some of my larger clients' internal IT departments. If you've any respect for your own time at all, you'll stay very, very far away from this host.

Biggest Con: 75% downtime

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