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Site hacked but fast response. Problem solved

My website was hacked and the database damaged despite using wordfence and iThemes. I used the live chat feature to get support from EZ web hosting team and the service was excellent. The response was within minutes and the website was back up and running again before I had time to read the reply email. Superb service. Ive had very few problems in the years and years of hosting Ive had. This is the first time I was concerned there may be a serious problem and its was all solved in minutes. fantastic. Thanks all.

Biggest Pro: Great Support and Uptime

Worst Company!

I was a member of this company for over 6 years! Yes, imagine that. When I first started at this company, I got the e-mail that my site was going to be up and running very soon. So I wait and wait... Turns out to be over 24 hours and I contact their support. They claimed billing was not available at the moment and that I will need to wait. I waited two days and I contacted support again, they then got my site online. I canceled a month later and after six months, I went back to them, being naive. To keep this pattern short, after 6 years, I always had to wait in between six and two days to get my service started.

Now most recently, they royally pissed me the hell off. I do the same-o like I did before. However now they accused me of credit fraud... Yes, fraud. After spending hours-on-end with their support, all they did was reply the same automated answers to me, "your service was denied due to billing issues", yet I asked what billing issues and they couldn't tell me. They kept saying I had to wait for billing... So I asked them how long it will be until billing will send me a statement with my issue, they said "soon". So I leave and return six hours later... I asked the same thing, they claimed billing went home for the night so they can do nothing to help you. I was mad. However they were still billing me services, my bank alerted me of this, so I told ez-support that if they do not relocate me to billing, I will be placing a charge back on their company. They said the same-o auto responses like always and I went to the bank and placed this charge back the very next morning. After a day of this, billing finally got back to me and said I was suspected of credit fraud and my account was suspended.

A week later, they asked "I just wanted to see how things are going. Have you had any problems getting your site setup? Do you need any help or have any questions?" and I replied "Really? I have been a customer for over 6 years and when I try to get another site from you all, you say I am suspicious of credit fraud then cancel my account. After spending hours talking to your support, you denied me the right to directly talk to the bill department... I have found a better web hosting company... good ******* riddance". They replied with "I only see this account for the name Versaiya Ventress. Is the other account under a different name? If you were a current client you should have let billing know. That would have changed things I'm sure." and my final reply was "Oh ********. I tried hours on end to contact billing and even tried to go through sales to get them to get me through billing... No go. I mailed billing too many times and nothing was every done. Now stop mailing me.".

After all that, their final reply was
I am sorry you feel that way. Yes, your account was flagged for fraud and was not processed. We do not show that you have any active accounts with us. Please advise.
If you have any questions please let us know."

By the way, I kept on getting called a liar before I was suspected of credit fraud. I asked them how can I connect to my SQL Database by remote, they said that option is not available. I told them how I used to do this before (years ago) and they called me a liar and said this was never possible.

What a ****** up company... sorry for the language.

Biggest Pro: Stylish cPanel (That's it)
Biggest Con: Customer support sucks... No automated system to get your site up, rely on billing.

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