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Not Happy with exmasters

would not recommend exmaster hosting. Seem to be a lot of issue relating to server overloads, downtime, escuse making, and then try to place blame on the url domain or a simple word press domain set up. The biggest issue in relationship to exmaster is they have a tendency to overload there server when it comes to virtual hosting packages. They also sell someone a dedicated server package and later one finds out they are sharing the dedicated server with another customer.

Seemly this company has gone down hill over the past few years. Why? I have no idea, but I started off using them around 5 years ago. Recently they seem to be either exhausting there servers or attempting to fill demand at the expenses of there customers. I can not say this is fact however, it does appear to be the only answer to the current downtime, server issues, and situations with there servers.

As a long time customer I use to write good stuff about this company. Now I am becoming more and more disappointed in them. I am looking for another hosting company currently. I believe if this continues with them in regards to ram outages, and other issues. I will not be doing business with them further in the future. Especially if there systems can not handle a word press script without faltering and creating chaos with my business.

Exmaster technical staff has to understand it never the url or the wordpress script that creates the issues. It the enability of the company to maintain there servers in a practical and working order to which they advertise and make claim too.

In this case I am going to suggest that customers take there time and look for a different hosting company. Since exmasters seems to be slipping serious in the ability to maintain there servers and satisfy their customers needs.

Honestly without prejudice this company has begun moving from being a top-notch company to a D class misfit. Why? I have no idea. One can only hope they will turn it all around before many others begin to jump ship.

Also they make claim to handling problematic situations within 10 minutes and take over 12 hours to see any assistance. The technical staff use to be great at handling problems and now they have gone south.


I'm a customer with and I must say that over the past 8 months that I have been with them I haven't had any downtime. I started looking for adult hosts earlier this year but most of them wanted you to pay for the entire year upfront or want ridiculous sign-up fees. After some extensive research I found these guys. I also saw that they were recommended by That definitely made my choice a lot easier. They had a number of different virtual hosting plans with the cheapest one starting at around $2.90 a month. I started out with this but quickly upgraded my plan. As I found that wouldn't be enough. It was so easy to sign up and then upgrade. Monthly billing is done through PayPal and occurs on the first of every month. If I ever have any hosting issues I contact Patty at customer service and she makes me feel at ease. I can ask her anything and she will provide the information I need or complete the task. They also have a re-seller/affiliate program which allowed me to make $5.00 so far. Its not a lot but definitely helps:). Overall they are always very courteous and professional and have very cheap virtual hosting rates. I love them and would recommend them to anyone.

Biggest Pro: They are very reliable and easy to get in contact with.
Biggest Con: No Cons Here!!!

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