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I'd like to say that eVerity is the biggest loser...

... but unfortunately it is their CUSTOMERS that end up being the biggest losers in eVerity's world. We lose our REVENUE (due to their servers being down for WEEKS at a time--not hours or days), we lose our DATA (email accounts wiped out, auto responders wiped out, forwarders wiped out), we lose our MONEY (they charge us for service we don't get--offer refunds--that never get paid--then keep charging our credit cards after our accounts are closed!)

Like the other review on this site, things started out much better. Rare outages. Reasonably response time to trouble tickets. Fairly stable platform. Reasonable rates. But then I think James Hold became strung out on crack or methamphetamines. He kept putting more and more walls up between himself and his customers. No phone #. No live chat. No email address. You had to log in to HIS site to submit a "trouble ticket". And at first he would reply to these. Then he just stopped. No way to get through to them. When I finally couldn't take it anymore called him out on it via a trouble ticket--his response to the issues I brought up was, "Why don't you just find another hosting company."

OK. That's fine. I did. And when it came time to transfer my domain names to the new host--I could not even get these douchebags to give me the EPP transfer authorization codes. So, their customer servic Mantra is "If you don't like it, f#ck off." But when you try to leave--they won't let you. They make it as difficult as possible to the bitter end.

These guys won't be in business much longer I'm sure. If you can call what they are now "being in business" at all. I call it more like credit card fraud. They charge for services that they do not render in any way shape or form.

Biggest Pro: Cancelling my account with them.
Biggest Con: Complete lack of customer service or support.

Horrid service from eVerity

I have had websites with eVerity for too long. They (he) have the worst customer service of anyone I have ever done business with. Emails are returned, telling you to submit a support ticket, which James H. says are usually answered within 20 minutes. How about days later or not at all. The website I am paying for has been down, and I can get no response to requests for support. Recently it was hacked and ended up with filthy language on it. James H. said it was Islamic extremists. Whois shows the domain on hold for some payment issue, but my credit has been charged monthly. The phone number, which can't be found on the eVerity site supposedly will be given to you if you pay for a priority support pkg. only. The rest of us aren't allowed to call. The number found on Whois has been disconnected. I have tried to transfer my domains, but can't get them unlocked because I can't get a support ticket answered. Please do yourself a favor and find someone else to host your web businesses. eVerity is a ripoff. I feel I am being held hostage, because I can't transfer the domains.

Biggest Con: Poorest customer service ever

My review of Everity

I have tried everything at my disposal to communicate with this host prior to submitting my less-than-stellar review of Everity - communication methods included email (returned as "not deliverable" or "Emails sent to this address are not received by a person"), ticket support system via Everity (initially slow response with the reason that "low priority tickets weren't showing in the queue", but over the past couple of weeks there has been NO response... even to "Emergency" tickets), phone numbers ("whois" number is disconnected and 24/7 support 800# doesn't go through/disconnected), and I even tried Private Messaging to some of the forums he belonged to. I wanted to make sure I'd given him (James H.) the opportunity first to resolve the issues that have been noted in the last few months - unfortunately however, he has not responded to me, so I shall go ahead and post my review.

I had been with Everity for almost two years, and used to think this host walked on water. Started out wonderful, but over the last several months the service/uptime has been poor, access to site has been sporadic at best, IP's are blocked, logins don't always work (yes, even with the *right* password!!), and support via the support ticket system (only way you can contact them) is virtually non-existent. They had some really severe server issues a couple of different times last year and moved a lot of their customers off one server to another... since then, there have just been too many issues that have gone unresolved (or they are fixed temporarily - such as in the case of blocked IP's - only to resurface again and again).

No, Everity hosting is NOT reliable.

The owner, James H., used to answer the support tickets within 24 hours; now, you're lucky if you get answered at all. This may not be a problem if you never need support, but when your sites go down, you can't access your cpanel, your email stops working, and/or you can't get into Everity's ticket system because THEY are down or their site has blocked your IP (etc., etc., etc.), then it becomes an emergency issue... to which there is no response - your tickets (IF you are able to submit one), go unanswered. I actually have several tickets open (two that were High-Priority/Emergency), that are still open and not responded to. No, this type of conduct by a host is most definitely NOT definable as "reliable".

There is also NO alternative method in which to contact this host; so, other than their ticket system, in case of their website and/or ticket system being down (or malfunctioning, as it has many times), you are simply unable to contact them. And if, like me, you have a reseller account (or other customers relying on your service), of course your reputation will look bad as well. It's a very helpless feeling when you can't do anything to get your customers sites back up, and Everity won't answer support tickets.

After this bad experience, I would strongly suggest others choose another host. Having an alternate method to contact your host in case of their site being down is critical... a phone number, an email address, or something.

Because the issues I experienced were becoming so frequent with no response or resolution from Everity, I cancelled my service with them and moved all my domains and customer accounts elsewhere.

Prices are only a good deal if you have the uptime & support... otherwise it's worthless. People make the mistake of going with a "cheap" host - this gets you nothing but problems in the long run.

I actually left this host with several months remaining on my pre-paid account. I believed that I needed to get out while my data was still retrievable. Although I asked for a refund on my accounts (plus I had an existing credit with them also), I have not yet been responded to nor have my accounts been closed (although I have since moved to a new host and removed my files off Everity's servers).

This is basically a one-man show, who (in my opinion) is getting tired of the hosting business. This is indicated by his not responding to the tickets in the support system... and because this is the only method his customers have been provided with, it MUST be addressed in a timely manner - it has not. A good host also provides an alternative method of contact; this host does not, even though it has been suggested many times. It is my recommendation that customers pass on this host, and look for another host that offers better support and uptime.

I would not recommend this host to others based on the poor performance over the last few months - it has been going downhill overall and getting worse... with no expectation of better performance or improvement in the future.

Biggest Pro: Pricing (but no good if your site isn't up)
Biggest Con: No customer support - no response to trouble tickets

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