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better experience

I had my sites hosted in a free server and was of no use. I then tried another paid service which i found that the server uptime was not comfortable enough. I had lots of problems in hosting my previous builded sites. Also many proved too costly and their services was not upto the mark for some of the providers. Then i was referred by a friend of mine to When i went through their plans, i found that their rates are too cheap and went for it. But i always had a doubt whether they could offer me a good service at that much cheap rate. But i was proved wrong. They offer a better service then i expected and also the server uptime is cool. I almost get 100% uptime. No problem with their disk space and bandwidth offered for the price i pay.

Thier advantage is that they provide cheap service and at the same time they do it professionally and genuinely. My site is This is my new site and have got lots of plan to develop it in a much better way and to host with the same provider.

Their disadvantage is that database list provided for this plan is somewhat not enough. And also the mailing accounts is not adequate.

Biggest Pro: cheap rate and efficient service

Brilliant service and plans

Well i was using a free hosting server first and it was just taking a lot of time from me that i planned to switch on to a paid host. I registered with byethost but the prices were too high. I used it for 2 months when my friend informed to me about esteem host. They were new to the business then and i was wondering can i trust them. Saw their plans they were really attractive and i could not find a plan better than that so i just thought i would give it a try. But now am really happy that i just took up that hosting server. i have been using it for over 3 months now and i have had 100% up time. My browsing speed is excellent. With a site manager and fantastico i did not even need to upload the softwares and install it as i always use coppermine gallery.

But they have their negatives too. The plans are not that very flexible as one has to pay for every month or for a year. But now i have paid for a year and am happy that i have hosted my site on a good server and will not have to think of another for a year. The next minus is that it does not offer a Cpanel demo. But am very much satisfied with the cpanel. Good user interface and highly reliable.

On the scale on 10 i would rate it 9. A highly reliable server and a satisfactory one too. The rates are cheap that you can check it for a month before extending your hosting account.

Biggest Pro: Exciting and cheap plans
Biggest Con: Lack of cpanel demo

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