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EnlightHost downs with no response

I have the same issue, they transfer me to a new server I summited several support tickets they don't answers.. I have contract another provider but this company have cause several problem I'm a reseller and I do not have access to retrieved my customer's sites...DO NOT USE THIS PEOPLE THEY ARE HORRIBLE.

Enlight Host or dark tunnel?

I bought a hosting service from Enlight Host about 3 months ago to promote my business on the web. At the time of sale Dan was helpful in the transition. The problems came about 1-2 months into a 12 month contract. The sites I had hosted on his server had ping times of in excess of 10000ms (yep 10 seconds) whilst the same test showed Google to be 900ms. I sent pictures of the results to him, and was assured that it will be fixed. Within a week ping times where around 2000ms (not too good but better)..The real issues has been in this last week where there was a "Account transfer to new server" email which informed my to change my DNS settings at registrar and all be ok..Well I tried to login into new server directly via its IP and was denied access as I had no account on any of my sites, and yes this was after DNS settings where set. I sent email after email, and even sent messages via Facebook pages and to this moment I still have not received any reply. I have had to change to new server (thanks Hostgator) in order to keep business site going, but with no access to old sites I have had to redesign a new site..I will updating this article as more information comes to light.


I invested a lot of money to start a new business hosting and VoIP trying all the news that the market offered, before moving to a dedicated server I wanted to try some proposals that are hosting reseller on ebay.

Do not rely on these proposals "UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!

I found other Host selling a service unreliable, but at least responded to requests for assistance.

been over 3 days and my tickets are open for assistance went unanswered.

I also wrote to the administrator:, but have not received any response.


My 3 accounts are being tested at this host to test the reliability fell and new IP addresses assigned on the pretext of a migration server is not configured and do not reach the new server .... result: There are THREE (03 ) days I'm trying to get in touch with them by e-mail by writing to, but received no answer and my data are in their black hands, as black_list the reliability of this host .

If I had saved my data on my HD now I lost everything!!

Enlight Host Review

They are bad at replying to email's and support tickets I have put a couple in they got closed before I could get a reply. The Server keeps going down especially with reseller hosting and a dedicated ip, There are just alot of problems. I dont know why but just do not use them. I host all of my domains and sites at Now, They have given me no problems. the server runs fast and their tech support is great.


Like the previous review the are fast enough at taking your money, but when it comes to getting a reply via e-mail is shocking, I have a alpha reseller and there has been nothing but problems since day 1, I have had customers no being able to access the website, and now there apache server is down or faulty. I have been e-mailing them and posting support tickets in my client area and not one reply , I am trying to sell and provide a reliable service for my customers and there are not satisfied .... SO WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS SPEND A LITTLE MORE MONEY ON A DIFFERENT HOST DO NOT USE ENLIGHT HOST.


Enlight host is not honest at all.

I found Enlight host and I wasn't sure of its reliability due to the lack of reviews on the Enlight host. I talked to Dan via the live chat room. I asked him if there is a prorated refund for the unused portion of refund when I cancel the service later. He said that he would. Other doubt is that he was hosting the reseller accounts -- kinda one man company.

Then I signed up and sometimes dedicated ip doesn't work well on reseller hosting. Several months later, I decided to cancel the hosting service. I put the cancellation service request after I asked by email that I wanted to cancel. I waited and waited and then emailed via client area when I would be getting the refund back.

I finally got the email on Aug 13, 2010 saying that: "As stated before it takes 5-7 business days to process your refund from date of cancellation request. You can expect your refund by 8/17/10". Till now (September 10, 2010), I am still waiting for the refund and also I have been sending them emails via client area - no response for quite a long time already - close to four weeks.

I start to feel that Enlight host is not very honest as they never reply back. Don't go to Enlight host and it is not worth getting hosting service from them if they can't be honest and reliable. It is best to find reliable / honest hosting company.

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