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RE: Ej Am sucks. they took my free server offline and all it says is internal error. I can not get onto my emails or even move my files. I found another hosting site that is more reliable. They said that they were going to upgrade the forums but never did, they had DNS problems from the start when the new owner comes in that doesn't know crap about servers and everybody left the server after what happened. I know that review has been there for a long but it's time to face the fact that doesn't work any more and people should rate it as the worst hosting provider.

If you are the web hoster that took over or tried to make the forums better or what ever, change it back to where you put it. get a new shared hosting server and start sharing off that. get a 250GB shared hosting and put only 200 accounts on it with no upgrades and everything will be fine. Get the old forums on. a lot of people have support questions that needs to be answered.

overall, sucks worse than I thought and should be taken off review as the best hosting site.

Ej Am Hosting Review!

Hey guys, anyways, here's my review for

First off I'd like to say, they are probably one of the best, free and reliable hosting I've ever hosted with.

Not only do they have an amazing uptime, but their aid and support is great too.

Every host has their ups and downs, but these guys never seem to let you down. They're quick in every way!

I've been hosting with them for over 3 months now, and I still don't have a complaint. I think they're sometimes even better than paid hosting. It's great quality hosting.

I've atleast tried 4-5 other hosts, but once I found them, I knew I could settle down, knowing they wouldn't let me down.

My site loads so fast with them as well, never slow, never had any complaints from my members about it being slow or anything.

They give out great amount of diskspace and everything with just plan # 1!

I had a few problems, since I was new to this stuff, and I asked for help on the forum and received help within 3 hours! It was great, I got to start on my site within few hours!

They have a great Cpanel as well, easy to access, and easy to learn! It's all very clear, and easy for the new guys too! Easy to make backups, also includes Fantastico! So it's very easy to install SMF or whatever it is that you'd like!

Easy FTP access as well, no hassle, and it's very easy with programs like SmartFTP or anything! Just upload your files and your good to go!

They also have great staff members! They have 1 on 1 support, and they take their time to help you, there's no rush or stress!

Also if they have any problems, or if they're going to change servers etc..They're sure to advice you in advance, atleast 24 hours, so that there's no problems! And they'll be honest if anything goes wrong! They treat their members like family I'd say!

Just follow the rules and guidelines, and I'm telling you, you will never have any problems at all. The admin is always there to help out, a lot of mods as well, and even the rest of the comminuty helps you out!

There's no harm in trying them out! You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain! If you're really serious about your website, and care about your members, go try out Ej Am today! And you will be satisfied! They're no ordinary host! They will give you what you need in order to be satisfied!

I hoep you check them out, and don't wait! You won't regret it!

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