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Avoid Ecatel

We've been their customers for more than a year. Please keep in mind that they don't support on weekends. So if your server is down on Saturday most probably you'll get a reply on Monday. This happened to us and when we asked to reinstall the server with a certain OS (that they said previously it's available) they refused and cancelled the contract with us. Very rude support.

Incompetent abuse dept

I reported network abuse by an Ecatel client on 25th, 26th, 29th Sept and on 1st, 2nd, 3rd October. In all, eleven spammings by their client, all indelibly source verified and all notified to Ecatel. Their action: NIL.

Clearly this is an indication of a non-professional operator.

Biggest Pro: Finally upgraded their whois info to list an abuse email address
Biggest Con: Total lack of action against a spamming client

Avoid Ecatel

Had a 25mbit dedicated server with Ecatel.

Network bandwidth kept on dropping off several times a day for 1 - 4 minutes at a time. Pings timed out. Ping time was 170 msec from Amsterdam to Los Angeles.

Our server was down for 6 hours once. We went through the support ticket system and sent them 4 e-mails. When they finially responded they said that we can't expect them to respond in the middle of the night. Well it was 5 AM - 11 AM, Amsterdam time, so it wasn't in the middle of the night.

After this, we send them an e-mail to cancel. They responded and said they would put our server in for cancellation. Three days later, another PayPal payment was sent. Thirty (30) days later, another payment was sent. One hour later, we sent them ann e-mail asking why they didn't cancel our server and to please refund the money, since we asked for a cancellation. They replied "then why the hell did you send the money". They refused to refund any money.

You should avoid Ecatel at all costs.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Their dishonesty and terrible support

Review for Ecatel in The Netherlands!

I want to make a review of a provider called Ecatel it's a very large data center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, they have very good speed, price, and great support, I got all of this..

my special..


FOR 110 EU = $180 US

It took a few days to setup, but he gave me credit for a week due to the slow time it took, also had to upgrade the ram since it was suppose to be 1GB DDR instead of 512MB, but overall it's very fast speed, great routing, no downtime, no problems, quick support, and everything, I've been with them for a little over a week now, and I will write a review in about a month from now, I got to know the owner very well.. Also content that is not wanted in the US is welcome over here, they will let you know..

Biggest Pro: Support, Price, Speed!
Biggest Con: Nothing!

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