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eBound host is amazing!

I run around 50 professional sites and have been with eBound Host for a number of years now. Their support is absolutely top-notch. I stay up quite late working on my and my clients' sites and they always respond almost immediately, no matter the hour. We've also had some real tricky server issues over the years, and eBound's crack team of experts have always been able to track down the problem, no matter how esoteric and hidden it may be. Highly recommended!

I see this site has two bad reviews, and they may or may not be warranted, but I have always had almost instantaneous support, and very knowledgeable technicians handling whatever the problem may be.

Biggest Pro: Fantastic support
Biggest Con: Server seems a little slow, could be my sites tho!


They do lie allot. I ask them to fix some server Issie and they said they did and they didn't make it better they wrecked the server more.

They started limiting my bandwidth to 50 & less kbs a second for the whole VPS server and the ping time for them is like 0.83 ms which is allot and its not in a good way.

These guys are loading lots of people on their servers and they crash all the time. Un- responsive at times ERRR! Lost lots of money because of these guy. Had to fight with the main guy to get my money back for what time was left or I was going to take him to court. finally received a check after 10 weeks and them still not want to give me a refund. :( Was not the right amount gave him 400 some dollars used for 3 months almost and got back only 162.13 for a 49.99 vps what a rip of place.Even had to fight with them about memory allocation was not even right and stopped me from even re-imaging the server even though they told me I could when I bought the package.


Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: what they sold me :(

Good uptime, very bad support in case of any problems

While site availability is OK, any administrative problem is not just difficult, but practically unresolvable. Their control panel either does not allow basic functions that most other web hosts do, and that came kind of standard; or it simply does not work. That's when you have to call them, and at that point the problem becomes unresolvable because they are simply lying. They say they did something, and then you find they did not. You call again, now they say it's not their responsibility. Every time different story, different lie. Their website says they can be called 24x7 - this is also a lie, they are not. Instead you hear a voice prompt that they have switched to "queue-based system", leave a message and they will call back. You can leave 100 messages, they never do. And so forth.

Biggest Pro: site is available
Biggest Con: any problem is unresolveable

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