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complete rip-off

1. Automatically take your money for expiring domain with NO NOTIFICATION whatsoever.

2. They charge £20.15 to renew a domain. This is double what it would cost to register a new domain.

3. If you want to move a domain to a different host, they will charge you £18.00

Stay away. This company has ripped 1000's of people off. Just google "easyspace reviews" for more info

Rotten Thieves

Charged for I didn't want or ask for, and won't refund. No more that theft. I urge all the people who have been victims of theft to do something about it. Small Claims and FO can be done quickly online. TRADING STANDARDS SHOULD CLOSE THEM DOWN.

Also, very slow at everything. AVOID! Wish I had.

Biggest Con: Should be closed down

Easyspace and Exchange

As a friend worked for Easyspace, I used them for my personal domain and Email (just POP3) for many years (at least 5 now) without any major dramas.

I recently started a new business adventure and decided to use Easyspace for all my domain name registration, hosting and Exchange Email.

What a mistake!

I can not believe the sequence of events that led them to take over 2 weeks to get the Exchange Email working! It started with them saying that the DNS propagation must be going slowly or something - that was the excuse for the first 4 or so days. Then 'something had gone wrong with the setup on their back-end server' - that lasted another 5-6 days. It then went up to their senior developer to investigate, for another 5 or 6 days.

I was constantly being told it would be sorted in the next 24 hours and yet nothing happenned. Their lack of weekend technical support was frustrating and the constant promises it was getting sorted was very demoralising.

I had sold the concept of Exchange hosting to my partners (who were sceptical) and felt like an idiot telling them Email was still not up and running.

Eventually, 15 days after paying the money, I had Exchange up and running!

So, next, I wanted to upload a temporary webpage to our domain - they'd screwed that up as well! They'd not assigned the correct disk quota to the domain (assigning it no space), so I could not upload for a couple of days.

Since then, things have run fairly smoothly for a few weeks - until now! Now ALL email sent to my domain is bouncing back to the sender - they have just done a software upgrade to sort something out with people not being ableto receive Email from a hotmail account - with the effect that now all my mail is bouncing (apart from anything from someone else on my domain).

I was promised that the situation would resolve in 24 hours - it's now been 36.

I am trying to run a new business and currently look like amateur hour as I have to tell clients and suppliers to Email me on my Gmail account!

Pathetic service - slow and unreliable.

It appears that they do not have the technical skills required to deal with Exchange hosting.

I am now investigating how to get out of the contract and move elsewhere.


Biggest Con: Lack of technical skills

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