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# of Reviews 24
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% that Recommend 4%
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Overall RatingFootnote 2 18.3%
Very Low
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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Too many issues - they may be going through a transition

I had an issue every day that I tried to work with their services. My questions always had to be "punted" to an engineer. They say that they have been moving to a new data center and I kept telling myself that I could work through it. They seem that they almost have the pieces in order but I need to get moving. I am not a novice and the issues were not lack of knowledge on my side - yet they seemed to first approach issues as if they were. They need to step up their customer service.

Stay away

I've been with them for a long time. Have never really been happy, but things worked eventually and I dealt with it. However, about 2 months ago they decided to "migrate" to a different "platform". I don't know exactly what any of that actually meant. However, I was not given a chance to refuse, so I figured I had to ride the wave. At the time of this writing, I've lost 75% of my reseller accounts because ALL of the websites experienced some problem or another. It ranged from email to complete site failure. DSN's were not migrated, user accounts were lost, SSLs were destroyed, the list goes on. I still (after a month and a half) still have two of my most important sites down. This is during the x-mas buying season - and these are online retailers. It amazes me that they decided to do this level of change right before the holiday season - who are these executives? They are clueless, whoever they are. Ok, too many things to list, so I'll give two examples of what I'm dealing with. First, many of my sites are e-commerce sites using ColdFusion. Post-migration, I was informed (and I'll reiterate here, POST migration) that SSL was no longer supported on their ColdFusion segment. So, now every e-commerce site I have that uses ColdFusion is now obsolete - over night!!! No chance to rewrite, move, prepare, etc. And, again, during the holiday purchasing season!!! Ok, example number two. I have a VPS that hosts several of my sites. Resources have been fine on it. However, post migration all of a sudden I'm running short on resources. Although this bothers me, I'm not going to fight the battle with them on it being their fault because of the new platform. So, I request to purchase (yes PURCHASE) more resources for the server so that it will continue to function. My response from them - "at this time we do not have a system in place purchase additional resources for our VPS servers. We hope to have a system in place by the first quarter of next year". So, now my VPS is non-functional, and I can't PAY them for more resources. Isn't that the point in a VPS in the first place. My advise, stay clear of this company. I'm moving what few accounts I have left. If you already have an account with these morons, move it. If you are considering them, don't.

Biggest Pro: Can't think of one.
Biggest Con: Horrible CS, keep getting "we can't do that" as an answer.

Easy CGI didn't made my life easy

This summer, we had several issues with our previous host, so we decided to move our website elsewhere.

My boss had read several positive reviews about Easy CGI webhosting, so he asked me to investigate further about them. I contacted their sales representative and chatted with them. I enquired them about their Virtual Private Server deals. It seemed a good price/quality deal, and they gave us a 99.999% uptime warranty.

We had access to our server in 24 hours. Service was OK, and we had lots of tools. We started setting up our VPS, and made extensive testing for a month. After that we where ready to change hosts.

We changed our DNS records on a Friday, and on Saturday, our website was down. I called them, and they told me that they were moving premises, and that the service would be back online in 24 hours. It took them 8 days, to put us back online. In the mean time we returned to our previous host, so our website could still be online.

Afterwards, the service was unstable, we lost several of our tools, including one that allowed us to reboot the server remotely. We had to change the setup of the machine, made some adjustments, but 3 weeks later, we where ready to retry our move again.

On Friday everything went smoothly. But then, on Saturday, the server failed again. I asked for support, by their new support ticket system. They, told me it was a simple issue, that the server would be back soon. The server was back on Monday night.

During that last month we only had 70% of uptime. So much for their 99.99% uptime warranty. I asked for a reason why the system went down. They stayed silent. I gave them an ultimatum, and then they blurbed an excuse. My boss then asked to terminate our affiliation with them, and to refund our last month since we didn't get the service we should have expected. Instead, they offered us a credit for a future account with them.

We were seriously displeased with them. I wish to advise everyone wanting a VPS service to check someplace else.

Biggest Pro: The connection speed is good
Biggest Con: The service is unreliable

Poor and non-helpful tech support

For the past few years, I have hosted my site with EasyCGI. However, on Nov 18, 2008, my site was "migrated" to a new server as part of their "upgrade process". This caused my site to collapse. First, the site wouldn't send mail, then the pages could no longer connect to the database. I opened two "trouble tickets" about these issues and the only replies I received were "we'll have someone get back to you within 24-48 hours". Does this really mean that no one will even talk to me for TWO DAYS (48 hours)?? Meanwhile, as my site continues to be down while someone "gets back to me", customers can't purchase products from me, I can't make any sales, and I can't earn an income!

Yes, websites can go down sometimes, but I am completely dissatisfied with their total lack of support. No one replied to my trouble ticket for two days, even when I kept asking when the site would be fixed. No one bothered to even give me any advice on how to fix my site's code to work on their new servers.

I have moved my site to another hosting company... if I hadn't, who knows how long my site would have been down of if EasyCGI's techs would have even replied to me.

Biggest Con: Tech support doesn't answer support tickets

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