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Incompetent, Evil, or Both

Like other reviewers here, I signed up for a Webstrike Solutions account and received great service until EasyCGI bought it in March. After the move, nothing ever seemed to work right. The stats page, for example, didn't even show due to an error in the configuration file. For a while, however, things were ok ... my low traffic php-based website worked, albeit slowly (my MediaWiki installation did and still takes anywhere from 10-30 seconds to load a single page).

Then in May, my site went kaput. Nothing. My site refused to show up at all, any request for a PHP page resulting in an HTTP 500 (internal server error) status code instead of the page. When I contacted online chat support, I realized that the live chat techs aren't allowed to type their own messages! It looks to me like they are forced to choose from a list of predefined messages when speaking to you, and simply open a support ticket if your question can't be answered with one of the predefined responses. After a week, my site was back up but not working because the 'fix' involved switching from php 5 to php 4, breaking my scripts. Halfway through rewriting my site's scripts to be php4 compatible, I discovered the problem: their php.ini had an open_basedir restriction preventing php from accessing files in my site's folder. Of course php wasn't working!

They have since fixed my site's php installation, and things are slower than ever. Logging into the control panel a month ago, I was greeted instead with an ad telling me that site loading speed is what makes or breaks the experience for my users and I should pay EasyCGI an extra $5 a month to put my account on a 'preferred' server, lest potential customers get impatient and leave. That's when it hit me -- the servers are most likely being throttled on purpose, holding users' websites ransom for this $60 a year charge.

Overall, EasyCGI smells bad. It looks to me like one of 'those' companies, where the people that know the technology and understand what they're doing are not the people in charge. I give the service 12 thumbs down and strongly encourage anyone looking into EasyCGI's services to look elsewhere.


Biggest Pro: Lots of space and monthly bandwidth; PHP works when it works
Biggest Con: General incompetence, malfeasance, or both


I'm yet another VERY UNHAPPY ex-WebStrikeSolutions customer who feels screwed by the EasyCGI takeover/buyout/plunder or whatever the hell it was. I was with Webstrike for nine years and they rated 12 on a scale of 10. What a shock to go from their excellence to the pitiful hosting provided by EasyCGI. The sever speed is eratic. It isn't down very often, but it was NEVER down with Webstrike. The email service is a joke. It consistently takes several hours for emails I send to arrive at their destination. CGI must mean "Complete Gross Ignorance". I will be leaving in November when my current yearly payment expires.

Biggest Pro: They don't have one
Biggest Con: Erratic service

Worst host ever

Server is always going down, displaying pages unbelievably slow, or not displaying them correctly. Phone support puts you on hold for an hour. Online chat support... not too bright. I explain that I am a web developer and all of my resold accounts are suddenly displaying errors. Support responds that I should consult my web developer. I fill out a trouble ticket, but I can only send it as normal priority because they charge extra for high priority. So, after about 2 days they fix the errors and then respond as if I were crazy. They have know idea why I'm having troubles. Everything appears fine on their end. Isn't it funny that the server errors magically go away on their own just before they respond to the ticket? Be prepaired. This will be the process at least once every two weeks.

Biggest Pro: It serves up ERROR pages fast.

10 yrs good service gone overnite

once the company was sold in october nothing was ever right.

data deleted from server
double billing
billing for no reason
websites vanishing or suspended for not paying phantom charges

calling or emailing a waste of time

dont even consider

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: everything

Worst host I've ever had...

It says something about them when they can't even keep they're own site up. The only reason I'm with them is they took over WebStrike (a great company btw) and I'm still shopping around for a new server. It's uncommon with EasyCGI to NOT have you site go down for at least several hours every week.

Biggest Pro: Sometimes they're servers are up.
Biggest Con: Slow servers that often are down. Even their main site goes down too often.


I'm yet another former webstrikesolutions person, who was moved to easycgi. Email was slow under webstrike, but things worked most of the time and support was not fantastic, but was acceptable.

Since webstrike was moved to easycgi, things have been terrible.

Security with easycgi is abysmal. Frankly, they don't care.

Support is even worse. You'll get someone who barely speaks English, needs to you spell out your website name for them several times, and then who reads off a script answers indicating any problem is your fault, or not their fault, or claiming there is no problem. Of several issues I've given them (some for their benefit and not for my website), only one has been resolved, and that is because I researched it myself and gave them the exact answer for what they needed to do on their server.

You very well may do better hosting your site on your personal computer at home.

Biggest Pro: Speedy connection
Biggest Con: Support is complete crap

So dissatisfied with EasyCGI I want everyone to know

Like many others out there, my domain (and many of my clients since I'm also a reseller) were hosted by Webstrike Solutions until EasyCGI purchased them a few months ago. I knew I had it good with Webstrike and told everyone how wonderful they were. I had no idea how bad it would get after EasyCGI took over.

Two weeks after my own site was migrated, it was completely hosed. All the files were gone. When I called tech support, I was put on hold. While waiting I began to upload at least the basic pages so someone wouldn't find absolutely nothing if they came to my site. When tech support came back on the line, they told me there was nothing wrong with the site. Of course not! I fixed it myself while on terminal hold!!

For one client SSL support disappeared and I finally got it turned back on myself. I feel like everytime we login we have to change passwords so keeping things straight so you can fix your site problems yourself are a nightmare.

I've been charged for site backup and restore -- a product I specifically said no thank you to several times while talking with tech support -- and am now waiting to get my money back. Besides, why don't they do a backup of their servers?? Again, maybe I was spoiled by Webstrike. I had them restore a site for me one time because I accidentally overwrote some files. They did it quickly and were so pleasant.

Bottom line
... tech support = no support (it's outsourced BTW)
... their service is erratic and they do not make sure to notify you before (and sometimes even after) a problem has occurred so that you can fix it (because they certainly aren't going to do it)

I'm currently researching who to switch to so I can move all of my sites. However, some of them are billed annually and if I cancel prior to their renewal date I'll get charged $35. How's that for customer service?

Biggest Pro: nothing ... absolutely nothing
Biggest Con: tech support, billing, service

Looking to sue Easy CGI? Contact us

I was hosting with . Well I would learn soon after they merged with or were bought-out by Easy CGI that I took them and their excellence service quite for granted. Easy CGI began hosting and images would disappear from my site. My IT person would go into livechat to be told that they(Easy CGI)is not aware of any problems. The mail servers were always down and are down as I type. The site now loads extremely slow. I was also billed in error for products that I do not use on my site. In a time of economic slowdown this is horrible for business and I am asking anyone who wishes to sue this entity to email me at

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: Everything about them

nightmare with easycgi and yourwebhosting merger

Since October 2008 when merged with it has been nothing but horrible. I have spent hours on hold, hours trying to fix the same problems over and over again. Drop accounts, change passwords, changed ftp logins, entire online stores disappearing, sites getting lost on their server; they have repeatedly over charged my credit card. I have over 30 client domains hosted with them, every single one had multiple issues with this merger, and I kept thinking I could ride it out. System upgrades are often tricky, right? But this has gone on way too long, I can't even describe the horrid service I have been getting. I was with this provider for years, have a reseller account and many other clients also host directly with them on my recommendation. Ever since the merger the company took a nose dive. The most frustrating thing is that you speak with an agent, think a problem is resolved only to find out they didn't do what you requested OR they did the exact opposite of what you requested. Because I have so many domains hosted with them I know the problems are across the board because the problems are happening to every domain, the worst thing is that every time I call in they treat the issue like it is "something new" when they should be sending out a memo alerting people to the fact that all forwarded address in the system have been dropped for example.

I am looking to switch hosts, it is going to be a big challenge for me to move the many domains I host and now I look like an idiot because I recommended these clowns to my customers. The stress this has caused me, not to mention the time and money over the past few months has been incredible, in 12 years of running my business as a webmaster I have never been through anything like this, STAY AWAY from easyCGI and mywebhosting they will make your life hell, suck up all your time and cost you big bucks. They don't take responsibility for their actions and will treat you and your credit card with no respect all. They just bill without invoicing, seemingly at random and once they have over charged you, good luck getting your money back, no matter how many agents say the problem will be fixed soon.

Biggest Pro: can't think of any redeeming qualities
Biggest Con: they just charge your credit card with no invoice

Migration process...

Since Nov-80, they migrated they servers to a new platform. Before that, the speed was not very reliable but it worked!

Now the have increased the speed but, what for? websites downtime goingm unfixed issues connecting databases, email issues,etc.

I really trusted them but they make me lost 1000 visits per day (50% fo the average traffic).

I've been patient during last 2 months but now...I thinking of quit.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Reliability

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