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Easy CGI Hosting From Hell

After 23+ years of service I believe I am pretty qualified to tell you that the newest owners are presently blocking my name servers to serve my website files from Go Daddy. Complete blockage in attempts to extort more money for more space that I do not need. I have plenty of unused space already. If you want to endure this type of activity from them, then sign up for Easy Cgi. I have built websites in past and have the unworking sites stored on my server with them mixed in with four working websites that get a small amount of traffic.

First they accused me of storing lots of photographs and videos on my server. If I had done this, I would not be guilty of any contract I have signed with them. I do not have many photographs at all, few .gif's and few .jpegs. I do not have any videos at all to my knowledge. When I wouldn't move my stored files to another server with them at a cost, they blocked my working websites. They refuse to have their attorney contact me.

By the way, this is the fourth time they have played this game on me. I am now writing reviews and blogging to let others know about their service. They are trying to ruthlessly put me out of business. I am doing the same right back at them. Do you want this treatment? Sign up at they will take you down in the same way. I probably have been their quietest and longest client they have ever had. I started with them many kinder owners, ago. Only objected when they came for me.

Biggest Con: Sites are always offline - won't take responsibility


Hi, my experience with easycgi is not good. The found malware on my website and blamed me for not securing my password and my sites. They found the malware conveniently at the 1 of a month and were asking money to fix it. This after continuously trying to sell me more of their features with limited use. I received one email advising me that due to the malware they were taking the sites of the internet and blocking the linked emails. Evidently if one looks for a hosting firm, the safety of a site is paramount, thus all their other features they propose when no safety is given are pointless.My sites have been hosted with other firms prior and never was malware the issue as the security and the customer awareness was understood as vital. If you are reading reviews you are smart enough to stay away from easycgi.

Biggest Pro: fake security
Biggest Con: cosmetic luring

Frustrating as hell.

I signed up with this company because they had a Windows platform and I was told I could use my MS Access database....NOT! Then, the web developers took over 4 months in finishing the site for me. The site software used was osCommerce which extremely limits the user's ability to change, modify or add anything. A lot of things can only be changed by the web guys at a cost of about $150/hour. On top of that, if you want certain items in a specific order, it will take you "days" to do it....absolutely horrible software! Then, when the site is finally up and running, guess what? It doesn't work properly. So, when you notify the web design team to fix it, they reply it isn't their problem, but a sever problem. You contact the sever guys, they say it isn't their problem, but the web software problem.....back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until the problem was finally fixed 2 months later! The server is very slow, and it is really obvious that none of the support crew know what they are doing. I signed up for 1 year, after that I'm outta there!

Biggest Pro: Can't think of any.
Biggest Con: Everything about them.

Unfair Billing Practices and Poor Customer Service

The hosting itself was adequate, if a little pricey. They're billing and customer service are awful. I set my account to not renew before the renewal date and was billed anyway. I made a support request and was told I would have to call in. Called spoke to someone, cancelled the account and was told the amount I was billed would be refunded, received an email from easy cgi saying "Your EasyCGI Account Will Be Canceled Immediately." 2 weeks later I still haven't received a refund so I call in and am told that someone from billing will contact me within 24 hours. 2 weeks later I call and am told that the cancellation is pending and that if I want to cancel it it will cost me $35.

Biggest Pro: They have web servers
Biggest Con: Awful customer support and billing practices

A good review of Easy CGI

Unlike most reviewers here. I've been with EasyCGI since they started and have had mostly good experiences. Our website went down once in over 10 years, and that was because of a billing, not technical problem.

We needed tech support when integrating a MS-SQL database, but they were able to iron out a few issues. Also needed support when migrating our site to Wordpress. Windows servers seem to handle Wordpress differently, and tech support had to help with configuration and upgrade their PHP. Recently, our site went down briefly when the version of PHP was mysteriously changed from 5 backwards to 4... A call to tech support got it fixed quickly. Still not sure why it happened, but these incidents are relatively rare and response has been quick.

Biggest Pro: price/features
Biggest Con: Windows

email from hell

The only issue that I have had with easyCGI is email down time and their tech support's total incompetence and unconcern, which should be enough to make everyone avoid them like the plague. But I must admit that I do find support's waspy sounding names quite humorous.

Biggest Con: email and tech support

Pretty Awful - then you have to pay to quit

I got stuck with EasyCGI because I was a WebstrikeSolutions customer - and they got bought. Webstrike was great - EasyCGI was awful. Slow tech support / bad tech support / very unclear control panel.

Then, when I decided to leave - they stuck me with a $139 "Cancellation Fee" - so please consider THAT before you give these guys your credit card number.


Biggest Con: Cancellation Fee is $139

Poor Hosting - Avoid EasyCGI

Extremely poor tech support, frequently rendering website totally inaccessible for 3 or more days!!!!

Don't be fooled by the many features they offer (and they really exist) or the moderate prices--nothing is like sitting there in front of your clients with a broken website with NOBODY to help. Their 24 x 7 support is only for chatting, but never do anything useful--they just relay your request to others through a support ticket that nobody ever reads. They seem to be packing to drop the business completely--but have been like this for over a year now!!!!

Avoid EasyCGI completely.

Biggest Pro: Hosting package full of features
Biggest Con: Website can stay down for several days with nobody to help

Really disappointed

Like many of the other reviewers, I had been many years by webstrikesolutions and was very happy with them, but since they were bought by EasyCGI, I have had many problems and I am really disappointed.

For instance, they restored a two weeks old Access database containing members posts, making off course many posts disappear. It took me more than one week to make them understand the problem was on their side and resolve it !

The people that respond in the 24/24 chat are really neither competent nor service oriented. I am now clearly looking for another hosting company.

Biggest Pro: No idea...
Biggest Con: Technical support is really bad and not AT ALL service oriented

If you end up with EasyCGI Start Packing to Move!

11 Years with Webstrike Solutions as a happy customer. Very few problems but if one did occur their tech's fixed it immediately.

Webstrike was bought out by Easy CGI in March. When they migrated my 14 sites they gave me a manager I could talk to if things weren't going well, also pretty good tech service. Then the migration finished. My GOD! Every day there were sites or part of sites down. It looks good today, tomorrow disaster. PHP support all of a sudden quit working on several sites. Write a ticket and it is answered in 10-12 hours telling you either it's something you did or your imagining a problem! The site manager went away but I could get him back for so much a month! Try to increase the priority on a ticket and they want to charge you several dollars to do that. I have had several sites down for 5-6 days trying to get them to fix them. Easy CGI is totally unconcerned! If you call or go to on line chat to report a problem you just end up with someone writing a ticket for you, but doing such a bad job that the first reply is "What exactly is the problem?"

Easy CGI is the worst place to do business you can find! I'm moving my sites now as fast as I can. I'll eat the cost just to get them back on line where they will work. The servers might have 99.9% up time but the websites seem to have about 60% up time. I could go on but you get the drift. Don't be fooled by their chrome plated web site and 250 meg site spaces. Under that chrome it's brown and smells.

Biggest Pro: I haven't noticed any
Biggest Con: Unstable servers and the worst tech support

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