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Easy Cpanel Host - Unscrupulous Hosting Company

Take my advice and stay away from EasyCpanelHost. They don't know how to secure their servers. When they don't know how to fix the problem they suspended and terminated my account and wouldn't refund my money. I paid for a years hosting and they said I violated their TOS. I didn't violate that I was a victim of hack or whatever it was, use your imagination there.

I've had a website since 2003 and it always had a Coppermine Gallery on it. In Dec08 one of my sites was hacked. Whomever it was placed a directory in it and linked it to a UK Bank. I noticed it and tried to delete it, but couldn't. So I contacted support and this went on for days before it got deleted. I told them @EasyCpanelhost if they didn't allow me to delete the directory I was going to contact the UK Bank and they @ EasyCpanelhost would have to explain to them why it wasn't being deleted. A day later the directory was deleted!

Then in Jan09 my website got flooded with emails asking why I was running a phishing site? One person sent me a link they got inside of an email that redirected them to my website mimicing an IRS website when they clicked on the link. I checked and they uploaded a directory called "Stimilus Refund" to my website.

I then deleted it and notified EasyCpanelhost Tech Support, didn't even get a reply that day. I got one the next day that read "What was hacked?". I already explained that in a previous email as you read above. I can tell you this I thought the problem was gone, wrong. The next day the same thing happened again! Whoever it was, was able to do the very same thing install a directory on my sites server.

The Tech I spoke to on the phone said he could crack any php script on any website. Huh,I wonder what he meant by that one?

That day all 3 websites were suspended and I was sent a notice stating I violated their TOS. The IRS knew it wasn't my fault but EasyCpanelhost was blaming it on the Coppermine Gallery of which I knew wasn't true.

I've had Coppermine since 2003, in fact I posted on Coppermine forum and asked if it was because of Coppermine running unsecure php scripts. Ther reply was "Coppermine is Secure" Get another hosting company". I followed their advice and haven't had a problem since!

Note: In fact when I moved the 3 websites to the new server I noticed all three of them had been hacked not just the two that had Coppermine installed. Inside one of the directories that was placed there by a hacker has other ips associated with EasyCpanelhosts servers.

They have a problem there and I don't think it will be going away soon because they don't know how to secure their servers. So to get rid of the problem they terminate the customers account keeping their money when they paid for a years worth of hosting.

Problem gone? Not really but this way it enables them to keep the customers money when it clearly wasn't the customers fault!

They also like to play games that started when I complained about the UK Bank directory on my website I wanted to delete but couldn't. They blocked my ip from there online tech support form.

Take my advice save yourself the agravation and get a legitimate hosting company and EasyCpanelhost is far from that!"

Easy CPanel Host Inc, Host from Hell!

This is the worst company I have dealt with in my many years in Internet/Communications. He looks good from the beginning. But If you see a positive review after Nov can confirm all of the negative statements in previous reviews. THat's why I do not believe any positive reviews on this company since Novemebr 2008. They have no support. They close support tickets without answering them, claiming we have not responded. How can we respond when we are still waiting an initial reply? Theiember 2008, then I can assure you it's not reliable.

The 24/7 online support system has been offline for 3 weeks. Their 1-866# has been cancelled. George (the owner) doesn't know anything about the servers or network security, so when there is a problem he plays with everything and messes up our settings. He offered me free domains in return for favorable reviews. I now know from talking to a survivor's network of ex-customers that it is a one man business and he has a day job and takes all his calls on his diverted cell (when he answers) from work in the building trade. He promised to pay me the refund. His site says there is a delay up to 14 days. Well its now almost been a month and still no contact, except his stupid billing system spits out overdue reminders even though we are off their server. We are in touch with Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Fraud Division and will pursue him until he is out of business. He, George/Goce K. has already operated as and HostXL and all failed. If he is not stopped he will just keep reinventing himself to fool yet another generation of unwitting customers.

Biggest Con: The owner is not honest

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