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Down again

The site has been good for several years and all of a sudden down. the first time was in December and it was for 3 weeks close to 4 weeks. No notification, no word and no reswponse. Only one phone number and no answer. Tried 3 to 4 times a day.. The site came up and was assured this was a random thing and all would be like it was for the past few years. No down again, no phone no e-mail answers just silence. I have 9 sites and reliize i should have moved them on the last warning.. But I have faith in people. Goes to show you, Listen to your gut! I know I would have been better off! now I have a tremendous amount of work to change, transfer and get up to par at a new location.... real Big Bummer/// And it makes me not want to trust any hosting site ever again Yep it is harsh, but phone and e-mail is always available, and they could use it!

Biggest Con: Lack of communications

cheap but rubbish hosting

i have been hosting since 2 year. but this is the worst hosting i have ever deal with.
harry used to move server in every 2 month and if you complain about any site. he just threatened to cancel the hosting.

don't host your site in eastend, if you host it then you will have mental tension and you will regret big time.
if you are hosting then move your server asap because he may cancel your account any time.

Terrible technical support

In February 2010, I purchased 4 years of webhosting from northern_lights_2000 on The business is East End Hosting, PO BOX 204, Groton, CT 06339. The tech support contact was Harry at the email

Up until June 23, 2010 I had no issues at all with the hosting provider. On June 23 however, I was unable to access my websites or control panel for the websites. I sent an email to their support to find out what was the problem. After several exchanges of what the problem might be, the support person cussed at me and then in another email said they had tried another alternative solution which indeed worked. I sent the technician a reply indicating my displeasure in being cussed at and let him know in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't stand for it. In response the technician cursed at me again. I then lost my temper and responded in kind. In return, the support person canceled my account 3 years and 8 months early.

So basically my complaint is the company didn't fulfill the contract as agreed. I'm looking for the company to fulfill the contract as agreed.

Biggest Con: technical support curses at you


I have had their service for a few months. The technical support SUCKED. Harry (who pretends to be other people and act like they are not a reseller) would pretty much say, tough s**t, for ANY issue!!! He did not help me AT ALL......EVER.

Every time my website had issues, he would NEVER fix it! I started on a shared plan, then went to reseller. If my customers had issues, he would say "get rid of them, they are full of s**t. They are not having issues." What kind of answer is that? He is useless!!

He would suspend/terminate accounts if he did not like your answer back to him, and would say it violated T.O.S, which in most cases WAS COMPLETE B.S.!


Biggest Pro: NOTHING
Biggest Con: EVERYTHING!!!

Will treat you like a criminal

I had three .mp3 files on my site that were nothing more than sound effects (clicks, 2 second musical flourishes) that were not copyrighted which they claimed were "warez" so they violated their TOS. I'm quite sure they never even played the files, just saw the .mp3 extension and assumed they were copyrighted works. Closed my site without so much as a warning and erased all files. Harry and Jim are the WORST people who jokingly call themselves "customer service" I ever had to deal with. Completely unreasonable. Stay as FAR away as possible.

Biggest Pro: Having backups before I left
Biggest Con: Worlds worst customer service

Terrible Host!

The main thing that stands out to me with this host is their horrible cutomer support. They are offensive, they do not treat their customers with respect in the least! They make up their own rules as they go along and then scream insults at you when you "break them".

They claim that their servers never go down, but in fact it went down quite often, they definitely didn't stick to their prmise there. Their pricing is okay, but definitely not worth it. Terrible people, terrible support, terrible servers, terrible setup, just an overall bad host.


Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Horrible people running the host. Offensive and con artists!


This is by far the worst web hosting company in the world. They are nothing but scammers! I paid for a an unlimited reseller account for a year. I was very successful selling packages on ebay. They also sell on ebay and were upset I was taking customers away from them. They threaten to shut my account down unless I prepaid for a 2nd year. Business was good, so I agreed. They waited 3 months where I could not get a refund from paypal or leave negative feedback on ebay and then canceled my account! Over 250 clients were left with nothing! East End Hosting did not even give me time to move these clients to another server. Just canceled every account and deleted each and every client's website files. These guys are true scum bags! They get you money and then screw you without the Vaseline! Jim & Janet are nothing but pure evil!

Biggest Con: cheaters, terrible server up-time, no customer support!

Really Good Cutsomer Services from here!

I found this hosting on the ebay which was selling space and dedicated server.

I pay for the trial for 7 days and it is brilliant. They have 0% hacked record and 100% uptime.

With full protection firewall and antivirus.

Once my website is attack by a hacker, their customer services notice me immediately and stop the hacker in 2 minutes time. It is such a great services!

They do have 24/7/265 customer services in msn and yahoo messenger which help me with my billing, technique problems.

They also accept many different kind of payment method which including paypal and e-gold.

Biggest Pro: Support
Biggest Con: Billing

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