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I signed up with DWHS Hosting, 5 years ago.
From the start, they offered instant tech support, and I really needed it!

I had grown weary of being taken advantage of by the techie geeks and their $25.00 a month “hosting fees” for what I now know was for just adding my pages as an add-on domain.

I have 3 active sites with DWHS now.
I was really glad to learn a couple years ago, that they had begun registering domains.
All my domains are registered with them now, and all my sites are on their servers. I cannot recall my sites being down at all, ever.
I am writing this, as a very satisfied customer.

Bill Weaver

A Newbie on the Net that find a honest and good hosting facility

I am a newbie, who literally don't even know how to make a site on my own, but I am working on a industry that needed a site to promote and be affiliated with, I have searched the net and come up with with a plan that is really low, I was thinking maybe there is a catch after wards, but well there is no harm in trying, I contacted their support and gratefully find it accommodating and friendly, I do understand I sounded dumb to her or him but he still help me through out the process, I can say I will be getting another help from them in the future and I am hoping for a long span of time with them.

I can say for now I am truly satisfied, if you can see my site you can clearly say I am a newbie, LOL.. but well there is always a first step to take to make things happen right?

For now I can recommend them and additional to the fact that I am a newbie the service provided by the support is really accurate and timely, and definitely honest and friendly. Hope for your years in the business ....

Biggest Pro: Support, and the C panel I like the fact that its really useable
Biggest Con: Time of support, well I can't blame them I live where there is a difference in hours... nevertheless as of the moment none..

The best host for me

Well i only have few months with DWHS but in this time i can say (write) that the customer service it's good and really konow wath they are talking about but some times they delay a couple of days to answer your questions.
i have 2 sites with them and in any time i have a bad experience

just 1 time my site ws down for 15 min. but it's the only exeption that i have in all the time

i don't know why some have problems with them but in my case i recommend them

Biggest Pro: Fast servers and to many aplications for your site
Biggest Con: some thimes answers from custumer service delay 1 or 2 days

Do Not Use DWHS, at all costs

i was with this company for three years, when things went wrong and they do a lot, they do not want to know.

they stole money from our bank account and refused to give it back

their so called President is a fraud and con man, beware

Response by, who is the owner of DWHS:

We are very sorry for the mix up, we have never stolen money and have full 45 days money back guarantee. Please contact us we will correct this misunderstanding right away.

The bottom line is this is a mistake we would never do anything like this on purpose. We take your total satisfaction very serious and want to correct this.

Posted on January 5th, 2011 at 15:43 EST; Last edited on January 11th, 2011 at 19:09 EST

Seems to be just Charles running things on his own

If I ever got an answer from support (VERY RARE - 1 IN ABOUT 50 CALLS) I'd always get Charles.

They lie about having 24 hour support. Even when I cancelled my domain it took them forever to respond to the cancel request.

This smells very much like a single person making a quick and easy buck.

Not from me anymore.

Response by, who is the owner of DWHS:

We are very very sorry you had a bad experience. We have a 24 hours staff and have for ten years now. It's true sometime they are busy and cannot help at that moment but they always monitor every server including dedicated servers to make sure they are running perfectly. And they always will get back to you ASAP. We have also been in business and BBB member since 2001 a lot longer then most hosting services around. Right now we have 12 full time employees and 5 people that help part time.

Posted on January 5th, 2011 at 15:45 EST; Last edited on January 11th, 2011 at 19:12 EST

DWHS - my nightmare

DWHS seemed like a great deal when I was shopping for a host - wow, was I wrong. Their servers unbalance every Three Days. They were hacked (not my site - the host!) by a disgruntled employee and their backups destroyed. My local backups, faithfully taken and generated on their system, was incomplete every single time and failed because they didn't capture the mySQL databases. Their customer service is non-existent - they don't answer their phones or email, they don't direct customers where they need to go on their website for instructions and their reps (and the owner) are obnoxiously rude. They lie about their BBB rating on their website - it is NOT an A rating.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: customer service and reliability

Response by, who is the owner of DWHS:

We are sorry you had a bad experience. Are servers are not unbalanced every 3 days and we do not have a a rating because of your review. We are very sorry for this issue, I don't know the details but we would never intentionally hurt your website and it is a good idea to keep a back up of your site locally. if your website has a issue we will back up the issue as well so when we do a restore you will still have the issue. Basically it's best to make mile stones of your site when major changes are made. With all this said it sounds like you had a bad experience never the less and we are truly sorry for this.

Posted on January 5th, 2011 at 15:44 EST; Last edited on January 11th, 2011 at 19:16 EST

DWHS - Avoid at all costs

DWHS may offer reasonable prices, but their total lack of customer service, and frequent downtime makes them not worth even considering.

With multiple unforced errors (including deleting our account partitions) it has been a rocky ride with them.

Each time there is a problem their so called 'president' Charles begins to avoid contact and does not return phone calls or support emails.

In addition their ticketing system is awful, and they limit you to only two tickets.

Biggest Pro: scam
Biggest Con: everything

Response by, who is the owner of DWHS:

We are sorry you are upset, we have a 24 hours staff to help with any questions you might have. We do only allow two tickets at one time to be open but you can close a old one to open a new one or just reply to a existing ticket. We only do this to avoid confusion. I never have not replied to anyone other then two people that threatened us because they wanted us to take a down a site that said stuff about things they did not like. Other then threats I would reply to any question ASAP. I have worked everyday for 10 years to make sure our staff helps every customer the best possible. When a customer is upset I make it personal and will take over the situation right away to help the best we can as a team. With all this said I am truly sorry you are upset and hope the best for you.

Posted on January 5th, 2011 at 15:44 EST; Last edited on January 11th, 2011 at 19:23 EST

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