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Dreamhost and why I took it.

I am a very happy customer of Dreamhost. My websites I have hosted there are targeted for the US and so they run with very good speed. The connection to Europe is not always that fast. All in all I am very happy with the provided service. They have nice applications for 1 click install. It is also possible to share one account with multiple users you define.

Bandwith and Quota is awesome. You can't run out of it at all and the best, it is increasing continuously.

The reasion why I chose Dreamhost among others was, that they are reliable and that they support svn which is very important for dev teams.

Biggest Pro: ssh, possible to install additional software, fast support, space, bandwith

DreamHost, Pros and Cons

I am a satisfied client of Dreamhost for 3 months now.

On my whole three months of hosting with them, I have only experienced one long downtime which was two hours. Aside from that, they were up and running. They also keep a third-party hosted DreamHost status site in which they post advisories regarding downtimes.

Regarding server and connection speed, they are sort of slow but still at par to what is expected.

They also have a huge support knowledgebase wiki, which turns out to be very helpful when I ran into problems. It contains info from cron jobs, automated installs up to media streaming.

On customer service, they are quick. There was a time when I contacted support team, and got a reply in 15 minutes. Most of the time, they reply in less than 6 hours but there was one instance in which I still had to wait for 24 hours for their reply.

I got my one year hosting plan with 500GB webspace and 5.00TB bandwidth just for $22.40. The original price was $119.40 or $9.95 per month but I got a $97.00 off coupon.

Biggest Pro: They host files in different servers. Downtimes usually happen server by server.


Dreamhost is a great hosting provider for many reasons, but the three most poignant would have to be their uptime and reliability, their support, and their speed. Dream host is one of the fastest host that I have even been on, when you do something, it happens very quickly. They have very responsive DNS servers and all their other services update quickly. Dreamhost has never went down for me and I have been hosted for over two months. Their support is incredible, they have live chat standing by and they have a wiki filled with the answers to every question, just waiting for you to read. Even if the answer is in the wiki, they will still help you out on chat and not just tell you to read the wiki. I also like the way they do their "one-click installs" where you can install a script through the admin panel. It is done much better than fantastico does it in my experience because it gives you more control over the database and other things. I am loving Dreamhost and would gladly recommend them to someone else.

Biggest Pro: They have a wiki, makes finding things easy without bothering other people.
Biggest Con: The control panel is kind of awkward.

Dreamhost Review

I'm Extremely Happy With Dreamhost. I Would Rather Say I Found this as best Hosting for me.

Disappointed with other hosts i was searching for reviews this time and found them to be good in other sites

Planned to start hosting with them.

Im Happy Because of the following reasons :

1) Their speed servers
2) Their Fast Customer Support(Infact one guy helped me a lot. The Server load for mySQL went to 70% for my site. We had discussion on that and we were able to reduce the sql load) I would rate them A++ for Customer Support
3) Cheap Hosting
4) Latest version One Click installs
5) good Cpanel

Cant say more than this

I recommend everyone to go for this

Biggest Pro: Speed Servers, Cheap Hosting and excellent Customer Support
Biggest Con: None in particular

Awesome Service

Hi.. i am a webmaster and i own several sites but i concentrate more on my site i have been maintaining the sites since last few months. i am using dreamhost service for hosting the site . I really find the service awesome and the best thing about the service is the way the site is managed. I ahve never had problems in regards to hosting and i always felt the price was a bit higher but the service is really cool. The support they provide is note worthy i remember days when they called me to fix a problem and worked for hours with phone in line

i really like DreamHost

Biggest Pro: Service
Biggest Con: Price

Dreamhost - Pretty good if your just starting out

I am about half way through my first year of Dreamhost's inexpensive "Crazy Domain Insane" program. This offers an amazing amount of features for the price they ask for. You can host unlimited domains, mysql databases, email addresses, etc. It offers one click installs of services such as wordpress, phpbb, joomla and more. They give you more disk space and bandwidth than you could even think of using.

I have only two sites hosted on this package at the moment, but plan on hosting more as time goes by. The uptime has always been good, I havn't noticed my site being down at all.

The server speed isn't a high point of the service, unless you are on one of their dedicated servers that is. It isn't bad compaired with what you are paying. You pay for what you get really.

Technical support seems to be a wiki (which I havn't really used as it is easy to figure out what to do on your own anyway). They have a support phoneline but I wouldn't like to contact them because I am not a US resident and it would cost me too much.

This all sounds good so far, but they do have one problem I would like to highlight. I don't host sites which attract huge traffic, but I hear from other users of this service that they will close your site if it is causing their server to slow down and advise you to buy a dedicated server from them which won't ever be closed down. I can understand them doing this, but then I asked myself "Why offer so much bandwidth if you shut a site down before someone can even use half of it?" and I couldn't find the answer. This seems to be their only downfall as far as I can see.

Overall I am quite happy with the service they have provided and I will stay with them until I find a better plan or have a problem. I would recomend this hosting to anyone just starting out as it is cheap and has all the features you will need (along with a lot of features you probably won't need).

Biggest Pro: You will never run out of disk space/bandwidth
Biggest Con: It seems they shut down your site if you are getting too much traffic

Satisfied After a Slow Start

When I was shopping for a host, I asked several Webmasters for opinions. Dreamhost was in the top three and, and seemed to provide the bast value for the money. After signing up and paying, it took almost an entire week, and several phone calls to have my account approved. Once it was, however, I was incredibly impressed by the ease of the web panel, the one click installs (I use Wordpress, but there ore a lot of them), and easy domain transfers.

Since my initial bad experience, the Dreamhost hasn't let me down at all. Though there are cheaper companies out there, they definitely provide the best value.

Biggest Pro: One click installs, Employee owned
Biggest Con: Slow to activate account

Dream Host - inexpensive and full of features

I am going to complete my first year with Dreamhost on their inexpensive "Crazy Domain Insane" program. All these months Dreamhost has been great for me. I do not host huge traffic pulling websites. If you are looking out for PHP, MYSQL and high bandwidth needs Dream host could be one of the best choices for you.

I have hosted more that 10 sites on my dream host package and the Uptime has generally been good. The best way to start hosting on dream host is to search for discount coupons, and with a free domain included with their basic package you can get your first year of hosting discounted even up to 90%. or more.

Dreamhost has a well categorized nice control panel with toll tips. most of the things automated and configuring domain, email, MySQL takes only a few minute.

Jabber for my site, Flash media streaming integration., Full shell account, cron, perl scripts, full .htaccess support -- everything I wanted to do I could do. You want CPAN perl module installed, and they will install it quickly with no questions.

If something I really like so much about dream host is their automated “Goodies” section in the control panel where you can find “One Click Installs”. Most of the open source PHP scripts you can install on click right from your control panel , Joomla, Zen Cart and Wordpress are to name a few.

Over all I am quite satisfied – I would call Dreamhost an inexpensive and full with feature instead of cheap.

Biggest Pro: Pice

dreamhost review.

First off, tt is advisable to sign up for the site with one of the many available coupons, which allows you to save some serious money on your first bill. Without this, the prices won't be nearly as attractive.

Their basic plan already offers 20 GB of Webspace, a traffic limit of 1000GB, plus lots of neat goodies such as a personal Subversion server, Quicktime Streaming support, free domain registration for a year, unlimited domains and sub-domains, the list goes on. The advanced plans add on top of that. Check out their site for the details.

Hpwever there uptime is around 90%.they say its 99% but thats not the case.if there is too much traffic or too much queries the server will go down and they will down your site without even contacting you.However customer support is pretty decent.You ask them to restart the server and it will be done within 5 mins and your site will be running up again.

Overall, I am quite content so far. On the one occasion that I needed it, support feedback has been quick. The panel, while it is not CPanel, is still easy to use and offers all crucial features decently organized.

dreamhost rocks!

I am with them for more than 6 months.

Giveing the devil his due, they are stable and have a nice uptime.

It is happy to stay with them when you are running a small site. but when uniques ip grows it is not fit with them as they will limited CPU usage.

my sites are about 2500 uniques ip in total,

the CPU use time

Process CPU seconds user machine count average
php.cgi 5203.2300 99.999% 21.680% 29487 0.176

the mysql error would happen sometimes

Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
Errno.: 2013

It is really a large plan for me (20gb space and 1tb bandwidth). it is hardly for me to use over unless all pages are static or just for storing.

there is a small problem when you create mysql database in their control panel. you have to create a new mysql host when create a new mysql database which is rather discommodious.

And they don't offer any web statistics but analog which don't offer uniques ip statistics and I can't tell my customers how many uniques ip I got

Now I am considering to move some of my sites to a new host.

But overall good experience.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: mysql databases

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