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Down, down, always down.

I have lost vastly more money from downtime with this host than I have ever paid them for their service. There is no telephone support and email support is spotty. I've had times where they don't even respond.

I initially liked their irreverent attitude, but that approach only works if one is at the top of their game. I can't count how many times I have been down for an hour or more without warning and sometimes without admitting anything is wrong. I double-check remotely before contacting support and they had the audacity to tell me nothing was wrong and it must be something on my end. This puts them in one of two categories; igorant or liar. Either one means a new host for me.

Biggest Con: downtime, less-than-professional approach

fatal flaw - they shut down all your websites!

I had no problems other than slow/poor service for over a year - then suddenly one day all 10 of my websites stopped working! It turns out I had violated one tiny section of their "spam policies" (I NEVER sent any spam) but the real reason is one of their support people was getting revenge because I asked to speak to his manager.

They cut off my entire business without warning.

They cut off access to all my data.

There was no way to talk to a supervisor or get it back.

If you can't trust your host to be on your side, what good is the rest of their promises? AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Dreamhost nightmare. Strongly recommend against using it.

I initially joined Dreamhost because they were offering a heavily discounted plan. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and it was one of my worse decisions in my life. The website was initially plagued by excessive downtime and there is no telephone customer service support. Customer service is non existent and a constant merry go round of endless e-mails. I have wasted a lot of my precious time trying to get things fixed that should be done right in the first place.

When I went to renew, my payment went to a wrong account and it took endless e-mails to try to sort it out and my billing still isn't correct as they charged me for services that I did not request. I just sent an e-mail requesting to close my account immediately and I got back an e-mail with a link to do it myself. It is customer service at it's worst!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: customer service, excessive downtime.

Worst Host Ever

The worst hosting company in the HISTORY of mankind. PLEASE stay away. It only gives you headaches. They never answer your email, they never fix the problem and your website will just not work. Nothing ever works.

Did you ever want to use a hosting company and have it just, work? That's not Dream Host. Dream Host is known as Dream Disgrace. Possibly the worst hosting company on the face of this earth. I'm losing to other Yankee bloggers because I couldn't post anything for 5 hours. NEVER use Dream Host.

Biggest Con: support, uptime, mysql

Dreamhost is a Nightmare!

Over the past year Dreamhost has become a night mare -- email issues galore and downtown has spiked up... last week my sites were down for over 4 days and customer service was impossible to reach -- apparently thousands of sites were down (again). This is the 5th problem in less than 18 months. We will be moving our sites this week.

Don't Waste Your Money

I really wish Dreamhost had good hosting - their customer service is great, I love the control panel, but my sites were down so often it was ridiculous. You're much better off to go with Hostgator or something similarly priced with a decent uptime.

I actually find it hard to believe a hosting company can stay in business with that much downtime. Even their own website was down a lot when I was a customer.

Biggest Pro: Control Panel, Customer Service
Biggest Con: Constant Downtime

Dreamhost.. a dream come true!!

I've hosted my website on dreamhost for over 8 months now and I've never been happier before. I signed up using the discount coupon that gave me a whooping discount of $97!! which in itself is pretty huge. The activation time was really awesome did not take more than 5 minutes to get started. The free domain name was an added bonus. I cannot imagine a better hosting with such great features and such a low price.
My roommate was hosting his site here and suggested that I shift here as he was having the time of his life hosting his sites there. I was a little wary at first owing to the fact that i had hosted my site on similar hosts with dreadful experiences but i soon found out how wrong i was. With uncountable features like ssh, cronjobs, one click installs etc its really a delight. I have bugged them with really silly questions and always received immediate response satisfying my requirements. The uptime is simply superb and not to mention the quick , accurate and patient customer service.
The servers are lightning fast and I have never experienced a single minute of downtime on my site. When I opened my account I had only 200GB of web space and 2TB of bandwidth but they automatically upgraded all accounts to 500 GB of web space and 5TB of bandwidth, one can never have enough of it, though I was a little disappointed with the cap on MySql usage but I guess they are more to do with the shared hosting than with the servers.
The SSH feature is really a boon with most of my jobs requiring handling of zipped files and server to server file transfers. Cronjobs also take care of my daily tasks to perfection with simplified options in the control panel they can be set up in matter of seconds!!
Another thing I like about dreamhost is the mod rewrite feature availability which is generally hard to configure if done manually, I had trouble at first but then I contacted the customer service and they came flying in to save the day!!
Apart form all that the scripting language knowledge base is really awesome and you can get all the help you want from them, their wiki is also quite cool giving help on almost all the topics you can think of. And equally great is their forum, low on members though but unfailingly helpful.
Now I have hosted 4 websites on the same server and I would be really willing to try out there dedicated hosting if they offer some discounts as the prices for them are naturally sky high but that’s just a part of the game you have to play.
I just hope that dreamhost stays the same forever so that my wonderful dream never breaks.

Biggest Pro: Awesome Customer support

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Dreamhost... pretty good huh?? :D

I had a site that took up quite a bit of space and even more bandwidth, and basically nothing else. I needed a host that could support it (for cheap) and I found DreamHost. DreamHost gives you an insanely huge amount of space and bandwidth for not very much money. I signed up with them and so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

First impression of DreamHost is “Wow, this is a lot of space and bandwidth, for cheap.” Once you navigate through’s slightly 2000-esque web site that’s kind of hard to navigate, you’ll find out that it’s true.

For $9.95 per month, you can get 200 GB of storage and 2 Terabyte (2,000 GBs) of bandwidth (per month). The resource quotas also increase by 160 MB (storage) and 8 GB (bandwidth), weekly. It’s basically as insane as fully unmetered bandwidth, but without as much legal stuff they try and hide. All of the other features (email, subdomains, FTP, etc.) are also quite plentiful and more than any average person would ever use. Their plans do have a $49.95 setup fee, but it’s not that big of a deal if you intend to keep your site simple.

DreamHost’s activation process is somewhat clunky and definitely not streamlined. Though the actual process is simple for a customer, when you throw in the free domain registration (included with most accounts), prepare your inbox! I think by the time I was up and running, they had sent me about 10 emails with various information about billing, passwords, control panels, and what not. Once you digest all of it, it does make sense and is helpful, but it’s not streamlined. It doesn’t taken very long for you to get up and running so DreamHost can be forgiven.

By far my least favorite thing about them is their control panel. It has the basics and a few nice extra features, but it’s clunky and difficult to figure out right away. The terminology is different than what a lot of web hosts use, but once you figure it out, it isn’t too bad. I’d definitely pick cPanel over this, but you can’t always pick. From their control panel you can view and manage all of your billing, domains, usage details, pre-installed scripts, emails, users, and all of that jazz. There’s a few nice addons like an ad-free version of DreamBook (a fancy guestbook application), a nifty affiliate system dubbed “Rewards” that lets you create your own promo codes and decide your payout, and quite a few other things.

Uptime and support has been good enough. For my simple needs, I only had to contact DreamHost once and I received a reply within a few hours. Uptime hasn’t been bad at all (I haven’t noticed any downtime, but I don’t pro-actively monitor it). All in all, DreamHost is great for a simple site that isn’t mission critical.

Pros: lots of space and bandwidth, cheap, some nifty addon features, awesome affiliate program

Cons: clunky control panel, lack of good statistics programs, phone support is limited to certain amount of calls per month, only shared hosting (no reseller or dedicated)

Bottomline: For a simple site that needs lots space and bandwidth, and not much else, DreamHost is probably as good as it gets.

By Suyash Gupta on October 22nd, 2007 at 04:16 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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A great host

I have been with dreamhost for over a year now, I signed up durning a time when Dreamhost had poor reputation for up time, the reason I signed up with them was because I knew a few sites that had been running with them for a few years and the owners of those sites had said Dreamhost had a great deal going.

So I registered and sure enough they had some down time, but when my site went down I emailed and within a few hours it was running again.

But Dreamhost quickly turned it around, meaning their response time to emails are sometimes counted in minutes rather than hours and so is their fixing time.

Their prices have gone down, while their service and online time has gone up.

The uptime is great and so is the reliability, a normal month sees my site going down... never. I have had one down time in the past few months, because of a scheduled move of my cluster to another server.

Their billing would have gotten a 10 from me, but because they charged me twice for last year's bill (and fixed within 10 hours, I didn't even notice... it's the principle) they get an 8.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service, response time to queries

Dreamhost Is Great

My experience with Dreamhost has been good so far. The support team is very helpful and I've only had to send about two tickets this whole time I have been with them. The uptime is excellent but the speed of the server is a bit slow. At times it will go great but then there are those days when it is not. The prices are very reasonable, and I do believe they give you for what you pay for. Overall I think this host is great, it's not excellent but it is a good host.

Biggest Pro: uptime
Biggest Con: speed

Great Host, Just A Few Problems

Well, Dreamhost has a generally negative reputation among long time webmasters ....(this is really more for beginners-mid level webmasters) it's brilliant for everything else. They do have some extra features that really want to make you go for the plan, like jabber, however, they do lack a few features compared to cPanel (I can't exactly tell what, but you get to understand it after a while). Generally they're pretty good. ESPECIALLY if you're new or want cheap, reliable hosting. I don't think I ever experienced that much downtime. Overall, if you want every sing feature and you're a long time webmaster, Dreamhost isn't recommended, but for beginners to intermediate, it's fine.

Biggest Pro: Very flexable...
Biggest Con: Not the fastest at doing things.....some problems.....perhaps non-standard

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