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Lets start out with very poor customer service. Jenn Lepp, owner, is very demeaning to you if you are not the least bit technically able, and she has been from day one. She was recommended, so I kept her regardless and chose to deal with her as little as possible. Forget asking her for help. I have an annual account, however, payments are pulled off of my cc when in fact the bill was not due until February. Even though the charges were taken that early, Draknet would fail to transfer and update all needed settings and my site had gone down twice without knowledge for long periods at a time due to their error. I was credited both times for their error. I told them to take my credit cards off the account if they were going to mess up my site anyway. This past August they moved my website to another server without notifying me. I could not connect with the cpanel properly and the latest vistor function was gone without notification. This is what I and other website owners use to see who visiting their website and to get the ip address of potential hackers, which you can see from there. I was told at that time after complaining that they moved me without notification. I then asked to be moved back to the original server or another server which was did not have Cloudlinux so I could get my source of security back and was refused. Jenn insisted I could get the same type of view in another area, but the ip and views were completely different. I then received a report that I had three broken links to my account and the fopen needed to be enabled. This was fine before the server move. Asked them to fix it and they refused, stating they would not be responsible for it. They messed up the site, in my opinion, they need to fix it, it's customer service. Five days later I found I could not back up my site AT ALL, which is a HUGE security issue. I had added new items to the site and was not able to make sure they were secure with a backup. They stated they took it away and would not put it back on my site, because it would pose a security issue for them so I again would have to do it. Customer service. Little did I know they were breaking away from the shopping cart that I use Soholaunch and were not telling me until a few days later. Next, I found out due to a customer calling me, that the checkout on my website was down...this was also due to the server move. This had apparently been down for several days and no sales were made before I found out. At this point, I chose another service provider and canceled my accounts with her. I believe due to the service being poor leaving me no choice but to look for a provider that could keep my site up and running, I should get a refund. It is not a large refund, so it should not be a problem. I asked for a refund, after all I did fill out cancellation papers that stated when to get my refund and now am being told I will not receive one. I realize there are a few items I should not get back. But I should be refunded for the dedicated ip address and the annual account as her terms of service states. She states it means something else, but in plain's not what it means. Again, customer service.

Biggest Con: Customer service.

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