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Worst hosting service

We were on their Costco package for many years, but the quality of service since Costco disassociated themselves with dotcanada has steadily dropped. They have continued to disappoint us in new ways time after time. Recently they attempted to correct a huge spam problem with one of our email accounts. We were receiving over 300 spam emails per day. They made hundreds of adjustments to the spam settings only to successfully filter out the emails from our customers and clients. The spam continued on though.

Their final attempt to fix this problem resulted in the account being deleted and recreated. This unfortunate decision resulted in our entire email archive being lost. Dotcanada cannot be trusted. They profess to be a Canadian company yet all of their support staff seems to be across the ocean.

There are so many better options for hosting your website and domain, but I don't think there are many worse.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: Yes, they are the biggest con.

dotCanada is administratively unsound

We have 14 domains and 2 web sites hosted at dotCanada, but not for much longer. We originally went with dotCanada because they were affiliated with Costco. Our reasoning was that Costco wouldn't associate themselves with unreliable companies, but that turned out to be a false assumption.

The actual hosting is moderately okay, but you're really in trouble if you ever need to do something administrative, such as renew a domain name registration. We made the mistake of initially signing up with them using a credit card; ever since they've been trying to charge things to the card without authorization from us. When phoning billing or tech support, expect 30-45 minutes of awful hold music, after which you'll get someone who will tell you they can't fix the problem, and the necessary department is closed for the day. Renew a .CA domain name registration for 4 years. They'll charge you for all 4 years, then actually renew it for only one year, as confirmed by CIRA and WHOIS lookups. When your hosted email is not working on their server, they'll insist on troubleshooting your Outlook Express, even when told repeatedly you aren't using it. Apparently they've never heard of Thunderbird, or Linux.

And so it goes. After more than a year of this frustratingly bad service, we're moving elsewhere. Your mileage may vary.

Biggest Con: administratively unsound

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