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Getting Worse .

While I am still a DOT5HOSTING customer and have been one for over 5 years, they are forcing me to find another provider. I will have someone new by the end of the week.

I do not know what has happened to their Customers Service, Support Service, and company organization. But, All have significantly dropped in quality over the past couple of years.

One time it was a web based email client they were strongly suggesting folks to switch too. But, it kept disconnecting after a few minutes. After an absolute fight with Level One tech support, a Level two person admitted there was a bug in the software. Why implement a system with bugs?

Then I had the Gaul to ask for help with a Russian bot that was really chewing up my bandwidth. They pointed me to Russian to fix the problem.

Today was the straw that broke the camel's back. A firend called me and told me he had sent some very important information via email. Nothing arrived. I doubled checked and sent myself an email at 6:23AM. It 9:30AM now and I am still waiting. But, acording to the DOT5HOSTING web site, they don't have a problem.

This makes me wonder, how many emails have I never received. How much business have I lost?

Do not trust your lively hood or income with this company.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: No longer reliable.

Dot 5 EVIL

Don't use this service.

Dot 5 was reviewed as one of the best 4 years ago. That is how long I was with them.

Service got worse every year.

I am no longer with them and would advice all to stay away from this company.

Don't believe the good reviews

Good reviews mean they work for Dot5 or have never had need of Tech support. This is the worse experience with a customer service company I have ever had. You are only allowed to talk to tech support folks, never a customer service or management person. You are run in circles and soon become just another wheel in the Dot5 circus. Absolutely worthless when you need help. If you get your webhosting from Dot5, you deserve what you get - be warned. This is a major exercise in frustration when you need support the most. I bailed out after trying to get help for 16 days.

Incredibly bad support service.

Incredibly bad support service. Support service is pretty much worthless as you will end up giving up. The live chat folks they have are very inexperience, have no clue, take you through a bunch of hoops and loops and finally have you open a ticket. Some lie about ticket activities outright. Opening a ticket is a waste of time because it is usually answered by the same clueless chat people.

Worst service I have used

I was hosted with dot5 for a year, and not once was it an easy system to use. I had to go with one of their preformatted layouts and I could not change anything but the text on them, I could not use a forum program that I preferred.

My site was down at least once a week, I usually figured it out before they did, and I was often tasked with going to them about it.

And for the past two years, since I let my service with them expire, I have not been able to get my domain name to transfer. They keep giving me the run around, and tonight they informed me that it was going to cost me more money to get my domain away from them.

Three years of crap service, I'm done.

Biggest Con: useless customer service

Google USD50 advertising coupon expired

When I claimed my Google free advertising coupon, to my dismay, the coupon is invalid and has expired. I informed the admin......they claimed they'll look into it.....Know something????......until today at the time of this writing(Jan21,2009).....3 weeks has passed........nothing has been done. My claim for replacement of Google free advertising coupon was never entertained. BTW, can I lodge a complaint with the Consumer Rights Association.....this is cheating case...

Biggest Con: Beware.....make sure the advertising coupon is valied


Dot5hosting is one of the best web hosting service that I have come across. In my time with tinkering with the internet, webdesigning and others, I have tried to use many free webhosting service and I got basically what I needed-SOMETHING SIMPLE, NO ADDED APPLICATION AND LITTLE TECHINCAL SUPPORT. I then decided to go outside the box and pay for a web hosting service. The decision for dot5hosting was very difficult as there are numerously good web hosting services. My final decision to use dot 5 hosting came when a friend told me he uses it. I have been so grateful I followed my heart. Customer service was first annoying as I was kept on the phone for a long time before I was answered but then I thot to myself that maybe they are really good that they have so many customers. The discounts, added applications like bulletin boards, chat, gallery, and so on have added extra verve to the site or website hosting services of dot 5 hosting . com


Dot 5 hosting is awesome!

hey guys!

my sites are hosted on for about 1 year and I really satisfied with their services,24hours a day/7 days a week support trough email & live chat! server uptime more than 99% that they promises me, I signed up for a hosting uptime monitor and they check my site if it's down or not and just 1 time I received their e-mail that my site (server) is down ! for 20 minute.

except of this problem I really didn't have any problem with them.

Also live chat guys are so cool! they answered all of my question when I was going to buy account there!

I appreciate their hard work to keep customer satisfied!

Biggest Pro: About 100% uptime servers
Biggest Con: Nothing to worry about really!

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