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Excellent for developers

I personally use Digital Ocean for hosting my personal Wordpress website. Installing and configuring everything wasn't much of a problem. However for this task specifically there are web hosting providers that make it a lot simpler. Part of the reason why I chose Digital Ocean is due to what it offers overall. At the moment all I need is web hosting, but I do expect to use it for other things in the future as well.

Digital Ocean can install various kinds of software for you. All you have to do, is just choose one from a list. But you also have the option, to upload and install something of your choosing. You also can use a terminal to send commands to your server. For example, I used the terminal to install things I needed to make my website use HTTPS. All I did was follow a tutorial they provided themselves on their website.

While using Digital Ocean, I haven't encountered any problems. My website is always up, and it doesn't have any performance issues. If it does become a problem, you can always increase the specs within a few clicks by paying extra. You can also pay an extra to have a backup of your website that's updated automatically.

Overall, if you're developer, who needs something flexible, Digital Ocean is an excellent option. If all you want is to set up a Wordpress site and nothing else, then other web hosting providers might be better.

Biggest Pro: Offers a lot of functionality
Biggest Con: Can be more complicated to use than hosting providers that specialize in web hosting only

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