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I am extremely happy with the service provided

For me it is the principal aggregate value. One of the best things from dedicated hosting is the impressive, fast and very professional guaranteed 24/7 support, within one hour, guaranteed - I have never wait for more that 10 minutes for a response. The times I had a question, they responded within a couple hours, will a polite, and detailed response. This is true!

The most cost efficient web hosting provider on this planet

Well done, I am satisfied with the hosting service. customer service is absolutely great. Not that you need to use it that often! But lightning quick replies and a very proactive, friendly, helpful attitude. Started out with shared hosting and co-locate equipment with them now. Very active provider with stable high spec servers, fast response times & perfect uptime. Very pleased with my decision.


I originaly purchased the datapacket package because of its price, and the chance to host unlimited domains. It included mySQL and MSSQL databases as well as a multitude of scripting languages including .net framework.

With the price being so low i didnt expect lightning fast speeds or rapid response from support tickets. However the sites i hosted seemes fairly reliable and any problems were replied to within a couple of days. All was going well.

This year 2010 things seem to have changed for me. First during easter the three domains I had hosted all failed, and I had no access to email. It took a week for the support ticket to be answered. Once I had access to the sites again I found that the Cricket Clubs website database was corrupt. As we were hosting using Joomla for that site it took a further two weeks and a lot of effort on my behalf to get the site running again.

More recently my personal domain has been disabled for an unknown reason. I use the website as a test bed for the other sites so that wasnot a problem, but it looks as though the email server is in accessible too. I submitted a ticket on the 14th of July, it is now the 28th and am still waiting for a response. fortunatly I have a rather quick broadband at home and have setup a local email server, and re routed my dns here so can now access my emails again.

I was initially satisfied with the service datapacket provided however it looks as though once problems hit you will be on your own paying for a package you cant use and having no or very little support. Fortunatly the domains I host are not business paying me for the service, and if they were I would be out of pocket by now.

So to sum up ... if you want a simple site and dont require support and dont mind the occasional outage then datapacket is for you as it is cheap and has lots of functionality. However if you are looking at providing hosting for clients on a professional level datapacket is a bad choice you will end up loosing your customers, in the long run its not a good idea.

Biggest Pro: lots of functionality for the price
Biggest Con: slow connections, unexpected outages, poor support

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