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great web host at an affordable price

I've been with DailyRazor for over a year now and have been greatly over satisfied with their service. Not only are they among the most affordable web hosting service out there - their customer service and uptime reliability is next to none from my own opinion.

What prompted me to write this review today is I was very impressed on how they handled the issue with some of their servers colocated with ThePlanet. Due to the break-down of a transformer at ThePlanet's data center, the server my site was one went offline automatically. This I believe happened on Saturday the 1st of June of thereabout. DailyRazor's support team was quick to sent our an email communication informing me of this. Not only that, I was given the option to have my site migrated to another server colocated at another data center. I opted not to and decided to wait and see if the issue with ThePlanet's transformer will be resolved in due time. The next day, the problem was still there and upon my request, DailyRazor moved me over to another within ours and the move was seamless. I was rather impressed by this - i.e. the company's ability to put the customer. Good job guys!

Good host for the Money, quick technical support

When I first hosted my site with dailyrazor, I experienced several outages, with small downtime. The technical support is excellent with this company. Each time I emailed them, they quickly had my site back up and running. After a couple outages, I requested a new server and was quickly moved. Apparently my old server was having hardware issues, causing the problem. The new server has been excellent with little downtime. I had a billing issue regarding the service and after an email or two they refunded my account the money I was owed. They are a good webhost if you are willing to contact them with issues. My site requires a java hosting with private tomcat, and they are one of the few webhosts that I have found with this option. The cpanel is typical for webhost with all the features that I know how to use. I have been with dailyrazor for 4 months and have been very pleased. The bandwidth is pretty decent on the razor advanced plan although not as high as other places. The one big drawback I have found is the livehelp on their mainpage is never, available. I have used them for 4 months and have not once seen it available. Overall I would rate dailyrazor a good server for the money.

Biggest Pro: Quick technical support
Biggest Con: A little expensive

Daily Razor JSP Hosting

I host my main business site with DailyRazor-- the RazorImpart plan. I needed Linux hosting that supported JSP and Servlets, Fantastico, PHP and the myriad of standard options available with most Linux hosting plans today.

The key for me is JSP support. I use a shared Tomcat environment along with MySQL databases for blogs and forums. I have been very happy with the service and JSP support. I am the developer of the Blogger Calendar which utilizes server side Java. The calendar draws a lot of curiosity from bloggers.

My main business site is rather large and includes several sub-domains. I also develop and maintain an array of Java tools for my sites and this hosting solution was perfect for me. For the cost, service and support have been exceptional.

I also run a web hosting service which is not under a DailyRazor Reseller plan. For business reasons, I will never host my main business site with my hosting service.

I think DailyRazor is exceptional.

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