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Double charged, 7 months since complained, NO refund

The title says it all.

We are convinced by their reaction that this was no accident. Now our first priority action is not getting the refund but to prevent further lost as a new billing cycle is coming.

daily razor sucks - host elsewhere

warning to stay away from daily razor

paid for upgrade to service after 2 months still no upgrade after multiple talks with support. multiple times server goes down

host somewhere else

Biggest Pro: easy to use
Biggest Con: downtime and service

Do not go near DailyRazor avoid at all costs, fraudulant.

I've used these clowns for a few years as they domains and hosting were set up by a previous employee.

Early this year we moved all domains bar one to a new registrar. Dailyrazor continue to bill for the domains they do not own. Charging $40 for each domain renewal, I get charged over $100 a month even though I have told them I never want to renew a domain with them again. All the domains they renew for me are registered elswhere.

If you are a customer with them then check your invoices to see what they are billing you for.

They regularly bill you twice for the same invoice. I have been waiting 6 weeks and counting for them to fully refund my money.

Never register your credit card from them, they will take your money even if you tell them you do not want the account any more.

I cannot close my account until I have been refunded all the money they owe me. My bank has had to ask DailyRazors bank to prevent access to my account now as DR will not listen.

I have one domain left to transfer out and I have been waiting for over 1 month and they will not unlock it as they are trying to hold me to ranson.

DailyRazor are without doubt the biggest con merchants I have ever had to deal with.


Biggest Con: Charging for domains they do not own, Double billing, not refunding your money

Double Billing + Poor Technical Support

Please do not sign up with Daily Razor. They have double billed me twice for the last 5 billing cycles. I suspect they purposely double bill all their clients in the hope that most of them will not notice and miss the extra payment. On reporting this, they claimed that there was a bug in the billing system - which not surprisingly seems to reoccur even now.

Proof: Screen from my credit card account

Their support is prompt but poor. One support specialist passes your problem to the next and the cycle continues. Their negligence in a server migration led to 3 of my sites being redirected to a single site because of which Google removed it from their index as it shows up as duplicate content. They have been unable to resolve a technical issue relating to database pooling for the last 10 days because of which any database interaction through the website is unreliable.

Proof: Screen from my gmail account showing messages from Sep 26 to Oct 4

Please make a wise choice and avoid the pain with DailyRazor. It is not worth it.

Biggest Pro: Cheap - but they make up for it by double billing you
Biggest Con: Double Billing. They don't care if your site is down.

They are a nightmare ...

These people always tell the client that its the client side issue when it is actually a server side issue and they need to fix it.

The double bill and despite reminders do not fix the billing.

They have one technical support solution " Start tomcat".

We are stuck and as soon as we find a new provider, they are getting the boot.

Best Web Experience of the Year

I was totally impressed with how fast my account was setup. And it was done on Christmas day! I'm equally impressed with how easy and fast it is to manage the account without any assistance. I didn't even need to talk to a single person.

I started another account at Webfusion on Dec. 19th and it still doesn't work correctly, and much of it cannot be managed by their "easy to use" Control Panel. In fact my domain,, was supposed to be hosted there. They just couldn't make it happen. I figured I should give a shot a hosting my site, and I was blown away by the whole experience.

Biggest Pro: Best value for the money

Watch your back with this company!

I have had numerous problems with Daily Razor.

Problem 1: After signing up in 2007, I waited 2 1/2 days, but my site was still not working. When I opened a support ticket about this, they told me it was because I hadn't registered my domain. But, since I had signed up for my domain through Daily Razor, THEY were supposed to register it for me!! Finally they did.

Problem 2: I received no notification when either my domain or my hosting service expired. I only received a notification that my credit card was about to billed for a new contract year. I promptly called to cancel my service (simply because I wasn't really using it). There were still several days before the new contract would start, but I was told that I still needed to pay for the next year's service because I did not inform them 5 days in advance of the contract renewal date (which seems absurd to me). So I got stuck paying for and using a 2nd year of their service.

Problem 3: About 4 months into this new contract year, my credit card was charged again for another year of service! When I called them about this, they told me they could not help me over the phone and that I would have to email them. What a pain! They did finally remove the erroneous charge from my credit card.

Problem 4: Today my brother informed me that a couple weeks ago when he tried to go to the site, it was not there. So I went looking today and indeed, it was not to be found. I opened up another support ticket and after a couple hours the site was back online and I received an email indicating "domain has been activated". So I responded asking why it was ever deactivated to which I was told that I needed to open up a separate trouble ticket with the billing department... and so the saga continues...

I am extremely frustrated with the service I am receiving from this company. They have done nothing except cause me a headache. I highly recommend that you stay away!!!

Biggest Con: customer service & billing

Unfair billing and poor customer service

Here's a list of problems I have had with DailyRazor:

1) Received unauthorized charge of $215.40 that was not invoiced

2) I asked them to cancel my service and they canceled immediately instead of waiting until the renewal date. I had already paid for the service.

3) Interface for restarting application server is sluggish and too delayed even when paying for a dedicated Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

4) I did not receive a reminder when my service was scheduled to automatically renew. I was then forced into another annual contract. They had my correct email address on file. They conveniently send a bill just after the window of opportunity for canceling your account is over.

5) Outdated JVM

6) Outdated Tomcat

Biggest Con: Unfair billing practices

Mac Users Beware...

So many problems, where to begin?

The Plesk control panel through which you interface with the server is a little tricky, and at times very unintuitive. This is hardly Dailyrazor's fault, except that they chose to use it in preference to all of the other options out there.

Technical support is incompetent and lazy. They don't read your trouble tickets, and frequently send back canned responses that either have nothing to do with your problem or recommending things that you have already indicated to them don't work. I had to tell them how to fix an error in their Movable Type install script which caused the application to fail upon trying to publish. When I reported a problem with the Plesk control panel, they were completely uninterested and referred me to Parallels. When I reported back to them that Parallels had indicated they needed to update their version of Plesk, they demanded that I provide them a link to the patch. Excuse me? What exactly am I paying you idiots for if I am going to maintain YOUR software?

They know nothing about the Mac platform; despite having assured me that they are completely 100% Mac-compatible, key pieces of functionality were non-functional. I had to try 5 browsers before finding one that would work with their database admin tool. NONE of the browsers that I tried would work with their online editor - either the changes would be dumped prior to saving or the editor was stuck in WYSIWYG mode, which stripped out SOME, but not ALL of the HTML tags, and made a mess of the remaining page. Their solution to this? Don't use the editor. Do your work offline and upload it. Which is fine for major upgrades, but come ON now - being able to do minor updates online is basic functionality, and they couldn't provide it.

Server up time was fine when I was with them. I only had one brief (30 minute) outage. The connection speed ranged from acceptable to atrocious, but generally sided more toward the former.

As a final note, when I contacted the billing department to cancel my plan, he asked "if there was any particular reason" I was quitting. I told him. He didn't bat an eye, or display the least bit of interest. It was just another item on his questionnaire. And I was probably the latest in a series of dissatisfied customers.

Biggest Pro: price isn't bad...if you don't need tech support.
Biggest Con: You WILL need tech support.

great host

DailyRazor was helpful helpful in assisting us get our website up and running. Not only did they do the design, but they've been hosting it for about one year now. No major downtime. Everything has been very smooth and their customer service and technical support have been superb. I highly recommend their service.

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