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Double billing and no customer support - class action lawsuit

I have had my few accounts with daily razor for a few years but recently I observed a trend in their billing. They would bill me the normal amount and then a few days later bill me the same amount again.First I thought it was a mistake but when I reviewed my statements for past year , it has been hapenning for 2 yrs!! They have been secretly double billing me.Customer support just send template emails ..someone will gte back to me ..but for past 2 months I have had no response . The refund is supposed to be upto a service rep called Alpha Daramy but he is a No 1 FRAUD and liar. So far I have not received my refund. I talked to a lawyer and he thinks its a CREDIT CARD FRAUD issue that should be reported to FBI , which should make them mend thier unfair business practice. I used to think this was something just happened to me but seeing this review board seems like double billing in common practice with ddaily razor . If there are enough poeple who had this problem my lawyer wants to file a class action lawsuit.
Please responsd to me if you have been a victim of the double billing.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: double billing, no phone support

Walk AWAY from Daily Razor!

Very large website with allot of traffic. Daily Razor was chosen by our organization's previous web developing team. We have a straight forward HTML website running some nice ASP and PHP applications.

BOOM! The server went down and has been down for days and all they can say is WAIT.

Timing could not be worse.

We're out of here ASAP!


I cannot express the headaches I have had with this terrible outfit.

The fact that they are arrogant wouldn't matter so much if they weren't so bad at solving simple issues and serving their customers.



Biggest Pro: Nothing

Absolutely excellent (signed up ~1 week ago) to host a FB app

I first heard about this as a recommendation from a creator of ASP.NET (developer in Microsoft). I needed to host my MVC3/Razor .NET 4.0 facebook app, with (as one would hope) unlimited space/bandwidth for as close to free as possible (just in case it goes well). The developer plan was ~$5/mo and because FB requires SSL - that required a dedicated IP, another ~$5/mo. (plus the cert which I got at godaddy (much cheaper)).

Gearing up / setting up this last week caused me ~10 support cases back and forth with DailyRazor. Each time (even before with questions from sales/tech), they were nearly INSTANT with their responses and always willing to help. When I couldn't get the SSL cert in correctly, they asked for the details and set it up for me. Each time, they are willing to go in deep and solve quickly (I'm not a newbie, so my challenges were not easy common questions in a few cases).

I have to say, I've very impressed so far! I will thank my referral. And I'd recommend them also (just not on MY shared server! find another) :)

Biggest Pro: service + price + unlimited bandwidth/space

dailyrazor are liars and not professionals

I did ask in live chat about MSSQL db backup/restore features. Support said what these features are exist. I did want to pay for one month. They took money for 2 months (up to end of this month and whole next month= $9.1).

When account has activated, I saw what backup/restore features are absent and asked about refund. They promised

to do it but it was not processed for week. I wrote emails with questions when it will processed but they just

ignored me. I wrote to PayPal and did ask about additional symbolic compensation $2. They refunded me only $2.

But I don't want to leave it so and will require full refund. Their idea is simple: they provide fake information

before payment and just ignore clients after payments. Their idea - to spend time until customer will choose to

forget about money because this returns taking a lot of time.

Biggest Con: they are liars and not professionals

Avoid at all cost!

Performance-wise, they're actually not bad. I've had very good uptime with them, BUT they're running a we-won't-let-you-cancel scam. I'm trying to cancel now, but after 7 email contacts over 4 months telling them to cancel my account, I'm STILL getting billed.

Stay far, far away from these guys.

Billed for domain that is available

I had a domain name that Daily Razor bills me since 2007.
Recently, I found that the domain is available and not registered.
My enquires to them on this, is not responded.

Eight years and they blew it

I had been with Dailyrazor for 8 years. My acct was canceled without notice. I would have renewed but billing support could not seem to be able to help me in anyway. All I wanted to do was pay and be on my way. It was impossible to stay a customer and my site was down (no email either).
Dailyrazor = clueless = hassle

OMG WTF DailyRazor Sucks

I am miserable with these people. Technical support barely speaks English and is only reachable by email. Their incompetence is appaling and even when you try to be patient with them that disappoint you miserably. Sorry for ranting but they are down right now and it must be a bad DNS because DailyRazor.Com isn't responding, the SQL database is offline too. They took away the privilege of doing MS Sql backups and downloading them by ftp. It was causing a performance hit on their servers. They have so many database schemas on their SQL server that it takes 5 minutes of hourglass time waiting for the list of database to come back before you can select the one you want. The website is down and technical support acts as if you caused it even though you haven't touched the site in more than a week. Don't ask for any help figuring out how to use their Plesk Parallels administration pages because they don't know how to use it themselves and if they did their English is so poor that you will not be able to understand a technical answer with the tense and punctuation written so poorly.
They may be the low price leader but its like drinking cheap wine, you know you are going to get a headache.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: outtages

Be aware of this hosting company!

We hosted our backup domain with DailyRazor for several years and even though they often have “an application pool stuck on the server” it wasn’t much of a problem since this was just a backup hosting for us.

In 2009 October we started receiving up to 100 junk mails a day, some days even more, and we started investigating.
Even though customer support was generally friendly and promptly they sent me in circles for months until they finally admitted on February 1 (4 months later!) that their servers don’t support SPF checking.
Since this domain was moved to our main provider the junk problem has been reduced to a maximum of 20 junk mails.

Asking DailyRazor for cancellation and a refund it was bluntly pointed out that they have a no refund policy. After that no attempt was made to work this out neither would they acknowledge my emails anymore.
Not a way to do business and after all NOT A GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and the reason for my review here. Be aware of this hosting company!

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