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# of Reviews 33
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Overall RatingFootnote 2 36.1%
Very Low
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Buyer Beware

The responsiveness of the company is awful. While they appear appealing on "paper" you do not get what you pay for. I never was able to get my sites DNS to resolve and function. Support level 1 is worthless and level 2 ignores your requests. They user Parallel control panel to allow you to manage your hosting. Save you time and money and look elsewhere.

Current customer

Biggest Pro: Coldfusion
Biggest Con: Customer/Technical Service

Technically incompetant

The customer service initially appears very good and they respond very fast.
However this disappeared as soon as they had problems.
Part of their infrastructure collapsed because they "ran out of disk space" resulting in the loss of 5 servers.
I was without service for 4 days and there were problems after the "restoration of service" such as loss of database users and an inability to create database backups.
Throughout this period support went AWOL and they were incapable / unwilling to provide any time estimates to when full service would be restored.
I can not afford to risk such a long loss of service again so I have moved to a different host.

This is indeed a big RIP OFF. You'll regret every moment of it.

Our websites are down for last 4 days and they are still down. The server apparently crashed and they are not able to recover it. Their technical teams are incompetent or probably they do it for fun.

Biggest Pro: Nothing


This company is a completely mess. I don,t remember a single week their server was not down. Tech support is worse than you can imagine. I have to open a ticket almost 2-3 times every week. The only answer live support has always, we will refer your case to level 2 who are never available.
Folks pay little more and get a company who know what they are doing.
These people have no clue what the heck they are doing.

DailyRazor Good Hosting

I have had a resellers account with DailyRazor for almost 4 years now. I have never had any real major issues with them. Their support has always been on top of any issues with an average wait of about 20-30 minutes per ticket. I have had a couple of issues with some down time but support has always been on top and have minimized downtime. Being a reseller it is up to you to monitor your sites for uptime and to report issues immediately. I like the Plesk control panel issued with the Windows plans, it is easy to navigate and get all things done. I had a couple of issues a couple years ago when they upgraded a lot of their servers hardware and migrated to the newer Plesk panels but all was resolved quickly. Billing and accounting support has always been extremely helpful especially recently when my reseller account was somehow taken over by a client. Support was really helpful in restoring my access once I proved my identity and provided necessary information. Overall I am extremely pleased with DailyRazor and look forward to many more years of hosting with them.

Cannot complain.

After several years paying hundreds of $'s per month for a dedicated server I was forced to look for some cheaper alternatives. I tried godaddy and a couple of other leading shared hosting providers but was let down severely by the products. Then I stumbled upon dailyrazor and with much hesitation I signed up for their monthly bronze windows deal. All I can say is that everything has met or exceeded my expectations. Their support seems to be quick and responsive at all times and the server has been absolutely impeccable from day 1. I am so happy I found dailyrazor.

Biggest Pro: True multiple domain hosting for resellers
Biggest Con: They are not based in Australia - but speed is still excellent

Daily Razor : a very good host

I think the guys behind dailyrazor are doing a really good job. I’ve been with them for over 3 months now, and first of all I have to say how helpful their customer support is, you barely have to wait more than 30 minutes with their online ticketing system before you have someone who is ready to solve your problem. And their live chat is always available and online. I have been helped by their support team with so many issues and they have been able to resolve my issues without hesitation. With regards to their hosting setup, I have to say that first, the service is great, the speeds are very okay for the price even on the cheapest package and the reliability and uptime is nothing but awesome. Back to the customer support :), I just like to add that they were even happy to help me when I wasn’t paying for anything, to be honest it’s the best web hosting company I’ve ever seen!

These guys are not worth your time and money. Stay away.

People at DailyRazor don't know what they are talking about, nor take their customers seriously. They have kept a lot of their sites down for 5 days and running, and don't have an ETA, nor a good support structure. Their quality is very poor and based on the service level, I can see that they will go out of business very soon. Never host your site with these guys, if you are serious about uptime and support.
Double billing is very common with them.
There is no doubt some one will sue them soon - for malpractices.

Biggest Con: Uptime, Tech support, Double-billing


This company is a BIG rip off. They billed me twice two years in a row. When I had problems with my Domain name they did not assist in any way and they never apologise for any errors that occuer or when their damn site is always down.
They are a company with no ethics. Unfortunately I have been enrolled (automatically) on a 12 month plan I cannot get out of. I will be senmding them 3 months notice and speak to my credit card company to ensure they they never bill me again after this year. Crapp service anc CRAP company

Biggest Con: deliberate double billing!

It never works, same double billing problems as others

I've also been double billed, although I didn't have trouble getting that removed.

My latest problems have to do with their Plesk management tool, which never works. I tried to get into my site and couldn't - this is a reoccurring issue with them. So I contact support, finally get in, and their web site is throwing tons of errors. So I contact them, and it takes them 2 days to fix it. Now I'm back in, most of it is working, and the ftp no longer works. I email them about that, letting them know I'm about at the end of my rope with their junk not working, and they email me back with a question - and it was in the email I sent them! They didn't even read it.

I'm done with this company, I don't use the Plesk tools often, don't change my web site too often lately, but every time I try, it doesn't work, and it's because of something they've changed.

Biggest Pro: Fairly cheap (if they don't double bill you!)
Biggest Con: Double billing, web tools not working

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