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Petty, Immature, Unprofessional

While I have experienced no down-time, I have always felt that customer support was lacking. Some examples: I paid them to renew a domain name registration 30 days in advance. 3 hours before expiration it still wasn't paid. They chastised me for paying it saying, "You should have let us do it. We would have taken care of it." 4 years into our contract, the email system locked due to over (storage) limits. That's when they gave me an email admin panel so I could monitor usage. Before that I didn’t even know I had that option. If they had given that to me when I opened the account, I could have avoided a lot of problems. I asked to purchase a second domain space on my account and they offered to add it for no additional cost. I used email accounts for the neighbors of my 55+ community, sharing about 60 email accounts. They never once said there was a problem until today when they read a less-than-glowing review that I gave them on another website.

I received a call from that company complaining about that feedback. It is Cybertec’s opinion that, while I am entitled to my opinion, I am not entitled to express it if it’s negative. They feel that I have tarnished their reputation. They said that I was taking advantage of them by sharing email accounts and by adding the additional (free) domain. This is 5 years into the contract that they decide to mention this!

They feel that I am a complainer and they planned a meeting for Monday about severing our relationship.

I offered to ease their burden and reported that I would not renew my contract on June 20, 2012. This hurt their feelings and they terminated my account instantly and deleted my files. I emailed them to say that I needed some of those text files and they replied, “... our terms of service clearly indicate that it is the customers responsibilty[sic] to maintain backup of their Website content.” Even though they deleted them out of spite! So because they are childish, petty and unprofessional, I have lost important data in text files, and I have around 50 email users dead in the water! No way to help them, explain or recover their mail.

Avoid this company at all costs.

Biggest Pro: No down time
Biggest Con: Helpful until you hurt their feelings then totally unprofessional

Not so good...

I just use Cybertec to host my personal e-mail, so I don't need something super extravagant. However, I have noticed their servers are SLOW as molasses. Moreover, recently, I've started receiving hundreds of spam e-mails per day. I really don't think its a virus on my end because I've always got Norton running.. I've tried to log in to my control panel all day but the server's down.

Its really not worth it. Go with one of the big guns. Their price is comparable and the service is MUCH BETTER.

Biggest Pro: was the price
Biggest Con: Security!!

Customer Service: Wow!

I haven't had to call on Cybertec for a lot of help, but when I have, they have come through! I sent them an E-mail about 9:30 last night, got a phone call about fifteen minutes later, tech rep walked me through the solution to my problem, gave me exactly the help I needed. I'd expected an E-mail response sometime this morning and a few back-and-forth mails to get what I needed. Needless to say, my expectations were more than surpassed!

My web hosting needs are simple and straightforward, so I can't speak for more sophisticated users, but in my book, these guys are tops! I can recommend them without hesitation.

Biggest Pro: tech support!
Biggest Con: not a thing

Consistently Couteous & Efficient Hosting

---- Who is giving you this review:

I'm no Net newbie (been online from back when Google was a quasi nerd secret, Stanford University project). I've built my own video/music production computer and I've run a small website since 2005, but I'm not a certified IT tech pro.

I'm also a person with a disability so I can get a flustered over small things. The last thing I need is techie condescension or impatience. In short, I'm an average person with some knowledge and experience on the Web who truly appreciates respect and efficiency.

---- Why I'm giving this review:

Solid yet lesser known companies that don't blanket the net with P.R. often don't get recognition. CyberTec is one of these enterprises.

--- The review (drum roll, please):

As my numeric ratings given suggest, I'm extremely satisfied with Cybertec -- which I had found in late 2005 after mounting frustrations with my previous hosting co. (mainly a lack of security whereby my site got hacked by spambots, etc.)

As alluded to above, what has impressed me over the years is the calm, courteous and professionally friendly customer service. Since I've worked in that field myself in the past on a national level, I know about how frustrating it can get at times -- from both sides of the fence.

And so I feel I'm a good judge of what constitutes real customer care.

This is not to say that the rare, occasional connection glitches don't occur as it does with any company (that's why none ever claim 100% connectivity). It's simply the nature of the Net and you'll run into hiccups no matter who you sign up with.

Are their prices competitive?

It's been a long time since I've needed to look at pricing because I feel I have a great deal (and I'm entering my 4th year with them). Sure, you could probably shave a few bucks off by going with a Costco type hosting co. -- but you may lose out on what matters over the long haul: a responsive company with integrity.

---- Summary:

Whether you're a large commercial enterprise or just an individual wanting a place on the Net for personal self-expression, I know you will be treated just the same: with efficient respect and genuine courtesy.

Sound like a P.R. job? Well, it is.
That of one very happy camper :o)

~ Philip Knight, Los Angeles, CA

Biggest Pro: Efficient respect and genuine courtesy
Biggest Con: none

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