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Supplier cancelled account, will not refund remaining 2 weeks


We have seen your server highly sending mail, and causing high CPU abuse.

Were sorry, but we have to suspend you due to this to keep our node safe.

Please reply to this ticket to discuss being unsuspended, and we will get to the root of the cause to help you resolve.

Thanks for contacting ColorHost Web Services!

Best Regards,

Kevin Hammett
ColorHost Team


Good morning,

As discussed earlier i would like to formally dispute this issue on the grounds of the following:

* The major cpu usage caused by applications rolling back due to your configuration of Debian 64-bit kernel causing roll backs on events and additional new threads failing/causing new ones to occur due to time based scheduling - this was resolved two days ago when I spoke to you in person to explain the issue, despite you assuring me it wasn't your fault, you kindly looked into the issue and through personal time of my own, was able to prove the fault was yours which you assured me you would forwawrd to be rectified in the future and that I would should instead use a 32bit build of your services
(Chat transcript with CEO available on request)

* The mail being sent out by the machine was from LFD alerts informing me of attacks and issues with threads and processes on the machine - they were not 'unsolicited' as mentioned in your email
(Sample mails provided on request)

* The provider, yourself, was completely aware I wished to run a minecraft server on your service - they even approached me about hosting for us - the CPU usage averaged around 35% following the changes mentioned above and this is normal for a bukkit server - I can speak to the developers of bukkit and have this sent to you if required
(Discussions with the Bukkit Dev team can be provided on request)

* Server was shut down by a rogue member of staff through a security hole in colorhosts biling system
(Chat transcript with CEO available on request)

* The server was active at 8:00 am this morning, and when trying to access the service at 11 am today, i found the container had been shut down without a reasonable amount of time for me to deal with any apparent issues that had been claimed by the staff member who said I had breached my terms of service - when this occured I informed the provider that I would have to seek legal advice on the matter and would like a refund - he then said that due to me seeking legal aid he would terminate the service and not give me time to rectify the issue and would not give me a refund
(Chat transcript available on request)

I then informed the provider that I would collect all issues (including the breach of security on the root node by a member of staff who had shut down my server on the previous day at 4am) - and also speak to previous customers who have complanied about ColorHost and collectively seek court action against the company

It is sad that this has had to occur and that ColorHost has decided to cease my services based on their terms of service and even more so that I would be treated far worse for seeking legal aid over the matter -
I am also very sad to see that I will only receive a couple of weeks service for the full months service I have paid for in advance

It seems to me the only acceptable course of action for ColorHost to make up for this would be to provide me with the remaining months service, full access to my server and then formally end the contract when my service expires

Michael Bolland

This request has been forwarded to my solicitor and the support team of colorhost on the 22/07/2011 at 12:20 GMT

Warm Regards

Michael Bolland

Biggest Pro: Many promises
Biggest Con: Failed to deliver on them

Hosting with Attitude

This free hosting company allows other websites to hotlink to images on my website. When I emailed Kevin he said "hotlinking" ok. I couldn't believe he's allowing hotlinking and doesn't the mind people stealing Color Hosts bandwidth.

I had an .htaccess file that worked on other servers but didn't work on Color Host servers because the servers are configured incorrectly. I also blocked certain referrers using an .htaccess file and again it didn't work on Color Host servers.

When I first contacted Kevin he stated "I know what I'm doing" and the servers are setup correctly. This was his reply everytime I contacted him. He doesn't have much to say because he's too intelligent and a Ceo.

On the subject of hotlinking I setup a test page on my other website to prove anyone can hotlink to my website hosted by Color Host. That's when he emailed back and said "hotlinking ok". Most webhosting companies don't like anybody stealing bandwidth but at Colorhost it's ok.

I finally had enough of his ego and found another webhosting company and everything works on this hosting companies servers. But after I proved he doesn't know what he's doing he still sticks to this "I know what I'm doing". All I can say is the end results say otherwise. After I had removed my files he stated he'll fix the issue for other clients.

Kevin(Ceo) said something about a proxy on the server was causing these issues but never mentioned that when I emailed him. All he said with the latest issue(hotlinking) he'll look into it. Three days went by and I heard nothing from him like I said above I found another hosting company. He also said "Please do not go saying i do not know stuff cause clearly i fixed the issue caused". The bottom line he didn't fix the issue that's why I left!

If he had actually fixed the issues the proxy caused he didn't offer that info until I moved my files to another webhosting company. This guy doesn't know what he's doing and evidently nobody at Color Host could fix the issues either. Let me say I wouldn't have left this hosting company if these issues were resolved.

Biggest Pro: Free Hosting
Biggest Con: Bad Tech Support

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