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Horrible service, no contact number, boot leg, I was disgusted with this service and I highly don't recommend it, I highly recommend you look else where. I wish I could get all my wasted money back. It disgusted me and I will never use them again and every chance I get I will say this : THIS IS THE WORSE SERVICE EVER DON'T GET IT!!!


Stay away! Very unreliable

I bought a 6 month proxy basic. It went good until they moved their servers. Since then it's nothing but trouble. I had a lot of downtime. The service is good. When i submitted a support ticket they handled within an hour. But the rest is just unreliable. Please stay away

Biggest Pro: There is no Pro when you have this much downtime. You can't call this a webhost
Biggest Con: Downtime

Poor Service

I brought a 1 years resellers & had problems straight away.

The day I paid $175.00 USD for the account , I recieved an email from saying there servers were hacked and not to host with them.

I asked for a refund but the refused!!

The 1st noticable thing was the 2 nameservers for the hosting account were running on the same IP, I found this out after problems with DNS resolving.

I asked for a refund again and was refused.

After opening a support ticket I was told to register my own nameservers for reliable DNS , this shouldnt have to be done at all.

I asked for a refund again and was refused.

Over 11 months so far my account has been deleted, lost, old backups restored even the whole server install was deleted by hackers, and at least once a month I am unable to login to my account.

There server uptime stats look good, but this isnt a true reflection of all running services eg. DNS, also mail has been disabled on the server.

I tried to log into my account 2 days ago & as usual it doesnt exist again :( and they havent replied to my support ticket in over 2 days so far.

As you can see this makes it IMPOSSABLE to sell hosting with my resellers account.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Very Unreliable

Highly recommendation

Hosting is blazing fast. SuperB. Their supporter help me to move all websites, they have done it in less than less three minutes. I highly recommendation any one who's looking for a better host at reasonable price. is the way to go for them (you!)

My promise to you. You won't regret if you ever plan on to move to from your old host company.

Speed - Blazing fast.

Technicial supports - Possiblity of the best supporter out there that willing to help you any time. 24 hours, 7 days!

I highly recommend you to buy host/domain!

Fantastic! Great Pice, Good Space

I found a gem here with Cmodz-Hosting. I've been there under a month and already in love. Anybody can afford their prices. Along with the cheap price comes a considerable amount of space as well.

Connection speed is terrific and there is like 0% downtime. I was hesitant at first because they are a newly established company and I have been burned a few times recently. After a few days of looking around on Digital Point it seemed there were no complaints, etc so I went for it. I have been very happy with them so far and plan to stick with them so long as they continue the great service they have provided thus far.

I highly recommend this host to anybody in the proxy business.

Biggest Pro: Price

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