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Cirtex Hosting - Good prices bad uptime!

I have been with Cirtex Hosting for a few months with a few different websites.

Their support is very good and they normally respond to any questions really quickly.

They do seem to have a lot of problems with uptime but they do fix those problems and its normally for a maximum of a few minutes.

They have good prices and they have never shut down any of my sites for using to much space. They have a forum for extra support which does sometimes help to get extra information.

I rate them 8 / 10.

Value for money!

I gotta say this is one of the best hosts I've been at -- even though it has it's cons, there's still a lot to make up for that. For only $2 a month I get 5gb storage and 100gb bandwidth and IT'S RELIABLE! Been in business for over 4 years now (as far as I've heard). I get a few dropouts from my site every once in a while which I gotta say is the most annoying part. However since moving server (by request) I don't have that problem almost at all anymore. The technical support replies within a couple of minutes, the live help however ain't to much help, they usually just tell you to go submit a ticket. It might take a while for the ticket to get the appropriate people, but there's usually a reponse within an hour or so.

If you're looking for cheap, but yet reliable hosting, CirtexHosting is a great option, and great value for money!

Biggest Pro: Value for money
Biggest Con: Some servers can be a bit crowded

CirtexHosting is the Best host i have been to.

I have to say Cirtex Hosting is one the best shared hosts around. They constantly have staff around the block 24/7 That reply to my tickets within 5 minutes. I have to say when i was on the internet searching for a shared webhost, Cirtex Hosting looked good, and I made a sacrfice from leaving my current host which was Hostgator, Hostgator Speed was slow, Cirtex Hosting has the best load speed on the internet for my website. They really are a great company.

I recommend them to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Staff replies to tickets within 5 mintues, Servers are super fast
Biggest Con: Their staff sounds like indian people and The staff make grammer and spelling mistakes a lot.

Great,fast and reliable hosting

I`ve been hosted with cirtex for 2 months and i must say that they are very good at customer support.Also their uptime is fairly good.I can say that they have the best prices in the hosting market.

One of the best!

Over the past 3-4 years, I've used many many hosts. They've all had their pros and cons, with many of them having more cons than pros. Then, I found cirtexhosting; they are the best host I've had yet. Great prices, support, features, and etc. I now have 3 accounts with them, and I couldn't be happier.

If you want a fast, reliable, great value host; then go with cirtex hosting, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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