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Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

This was a nightmare from the get go. I was looking to get away from the hassles of Ipower and this host was given good reviews and value. The features were very enticing. However, if nothing works, then the value is a moot point.

Not even the default email would send or receive a message even from the web interface.

I had terrible login problems throughout their site from cpanel to support, to billing etc. For example, I would log in to cpanel and make some changes. Then when I returned to cpanel, the same log in was not accepted. This problem was intermittent and was the same type of problem I experienced with the ticketing system. Sometimes I could create or update a ticket and sometimes the system stated I didn't have the proper credentials - even though it said right on the screen that I was logged in.

The alternative was to email support - and I did with very thorough details on the issues. They kept asking me to repost the issues because they couldn't find them even though they magically responded to the emails after 5 or 6 hours.

They had a service survey link in their support emails which I used to copy all of my correspondence into. But that didn't seem to concern anyone there. I also copied everything to their sales email address and no help came from that either.

The only bright spot was the speed rating which is the result the the ftp account I managed to set up and test during one of the few times I was able to get into cpanel. And that rating is relative to my current host, so I don't know how it would compare to anyone else.

Finally, I am still waiting on termination and a refund. So far, the contact phone numbers have all referred me to the ticketing system which doesn't work for me.

Conclusion: Save yourself a lot of hassle and avoid this like the plague.

Biggest Pro: None to speak of
Biggest Con: Unresponsiveness. Inability to grasp the nature of the problems.

Response by, who is the owner of CirtexHosting:


On behalf of CirtexHosting let me apologize for any inconveniences or trouble caused. Please contact me on our forums via username "Cirtex Admin" and private message me your information, I'll be more than happy to investigate for you, as this is very unlike us what you described.


Posted on March 17th, 2010 at 01:13 EST

Highly recommended professional host

I am using cirtexhosting for hosting my site for more than a year already and now I can say this experience is the best I have had ever before.

Their work is highly professional - I have never had so quick and user-friendly support. The maximum time I had to wait for the reply is half an hour while before Cirtex some hosts made my work stand still for hours and even days.

They charge reasonable price for their feature-rich accounts. It might not be the lowest, but considering their technical reliability, availiability of many useful features and complete match of named webspace and bandwidth what means no any shade of overselling or other deceit, they score high. Everything is honest and corresponds the terms of service.

During all the term I am using their services my site has been up all the time, and third party monitoring service I tried confirms this.

Certainly, I cannot say Cirtex is the world's best hosting, but it is definitely the best shared provider among all that I have ever used. I recommend the company for everyone who knows what is quality and wants to have a reliable business partner for any kind of online business.

One of a kind, extremely pleased I found Cirtex

I have been with cirtexhosting for about two years now.
To be honest I am utterly confused at some of the comments made by members of this review. I feel like they are not AT ALL referring to the webhost I have used for years and will continue to use for the rest of my web hosting needs.
Personally, I think that Cirtex Hosting is a prefect equilibrium between large non personal corporate web hosts and small volume support small business web hosts. My experience with both ends of the spectrum has been horrendous; large corporate sites have no interest in small everyday web clients while the tiny in someones garage web hosts cannot ever compete on the economy that makes web hosting affordable now adays.
For the time being, I feel like I am blessed to find a web host that is positioned well enough in the middle that it can offer the benefits of both sides of the spectrum. Cirtex has competitive prices but at the same time I know their customer service specialists by first name (and they remember me too). They are not profit hungry like the corporate monoliths of web hosting, they realize that they cannot compete on every price; however, the difference is that Cirtex will help you find the most economical way of hosting your sites even if its not through them. I've never met such a personable and customer minded staff as the first day my Cirtex Account manager suggested I register my domain names elsewhere and transfer them over as opposed to paying a premium for buying it onsite.
Now adays its not all about who gives the best price and the highest uptime guarantee, its about who legitimately cares about their customers. Cirtex legitimately cares about their customers, and on top of that they manage to stay competitive and every hosting metric.
My hat is off to cirtex, I'm not even sure how I found such an oddity in the private sector. The only rating I could give as less than the best I have experience is reliability; but as I understand from talking to their staff (who are more than willing to chat) will not be an issue as the servers get upgraded to cloud hosting.

Biggest Pro: Personability of staff combined with great prices

Just an Note :o)

Hello Cirtex Forum
Just want to say that the support team at cirtex really have a heart.
Yeah things are not perfect, but what is in this messed up world.

My site was down but with a couple of email (tickets) it was back up and running. I’m not saying we hit a few bumps but they where there for me.

I know others that are with big companies and it like you’re a number
At least here they call you by your name.

Some ppl on CS (that what I’m running a video site) gave these guys very very bad press, but i say at least they don’t leave you in the dark, they have answered every mail and ticket I have sent them.

If they didn’t know something they asked others and found out the answer.

Anyway keep you the great work and personal touch


Biggest Pro: Great Support
Biggest Con: Not Knowing how to do things myself. LoL

Excellent experience

With such incredibly low prices and after experiences with numerous hosts over the past 5 years, I didn't think that Cirtex would render the outstanding service that it has provided over the past year.

I have uptime monitored for my account and I'm amazed to see such a high uptime percentage ... much better than all the previous companies I have hosted with. I'm not hosting mission critical sites, but it's still wonderful to receive mission critical service for my small sites (at a cheap price to boot!).

Support is very competent and responsive. My support requests are usually answered within the day and issues are mitigated quickly. All in all, my experience with Cirtex has been top notch, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Value good, uptime & reliability that is not good :(

The have an excellent value. . . .all the bells and whiles. but when it come to uptime that is a different story, I would guess that either my site or email is up about 90% of the time, and when my client have to view the progress of the work I'm doing for them and they can view it. That does not make me look good, so I plan on switching to a new hosting provider.

Biggest Pro: value
Biggest Con: uptime

Best host we have used in the past 5 years!

We have been with Cirtex Hosting for over 2 years and it's been a great experience

Josh is one of the best techs we've dealt with and always very helpful

we'll definitely be recommending cirtex hosting to our friends and family and gotta love the cheap price too

Biggest Pro: Price & Stability

Bad Uptime, bad support

If you want to hear it from someone who knows, read this.

I've been reseller and had big uptime problems when I first started out with them.

After a year i downgraded to Advanced package, but some issues just never got resolved: statistics do not cycle automatically although knowing stats is about the most important thing there is. Downtime was too big.

My website ran smoothly for about 4 months in total. Then the misery came back. I now have a downtime of several hours EVERY DAY for the past 2 months. Support is unable or unwilling to solve the issue and lies about solving it.

example: yesterday I send in yet another ticket telling them www is down (the rest still works). After about an hour I get a reply asking for a traceroute from my ip, indicating that they do not beleive the www is down and have not checked it either. I then replied them that this is a problem going on for several months. Ticket comes back with the answer that the issue was resolved by a senior administrator. Next day: issue is back.

So you see, in order to keep their customers they use the worst tactics available: lying, not replying tickets especially when you ask for refunds, not solving issues permanently but telling the customers they have. This is a huge smoking gun and red flag when companies need to use this kind of tactics. I should have left them a long time ago but it went good for a couple of months. I should have known sooner or later the misery would return and I would have to cancel anyway.

Don't bother, the people who give this company a good review are either not professional web developers who do not need access to their website on a daily basis like me or they are copywriters for the company itself to spread good reviews about their products.

Don't be mislead, the service is terrible and you will lose money and time! Stay away, far away!!!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: downtime

Response by, who is the owner of CirtexHosting:

Hi, On behalf of CirtexHosting let me apologize for any inconveniences or trouble caused. Please contact me on our forums via username "Cirtex Admin" and private message me your information, I'll be more than happy to investigate for you, as this is very unlike us what you described. Cheers!

Posted on March 17th, 2010 at 01:13 EST

Experiences with CirtexHost.

After hosting my websites for about a year on Cirtex Hosting I have already some good and some bad experineces. This hosting is pretty cheap. I bought my plan for about 13$/year before the prices went up. But with highering the prices there also appeared new features and better services. The support is pretty quick. I have contacted them many times and usually got the answer in about 1 hour. If I had some technical difficulties they ussualy helped me without any fees. One of the main cons should be slow servers... They are really pretty slow but if you host some personal website then it's enough. If you're planning something bigger then you should look for some other hoster. There are also some unexpected downtimes, sometimes they last for more than one hour... Those are two thing that Cirtex should improve to become better hoster.

In conclusion I can recommend you cirtex hosting if you're going to host something smaller.. If you're going to make huge website look for something else!

Biggest Pro: Biggest pro is cheap price
Biggest Con: Biggest con are the unnexpected downtimes

Cirtex Is Improving A Little Each Month

I first encountered Cirtex Hosting when I was preparing to launch a youtube clone site. I needed a host that would have ffmpeg and/or mencoder installed on the server, which my regular host would not do. After evaluating a number of different option, Cirtex seemed to offer the best disk space and bandwidth for the price. On my shared plan I am getting 30 GB of storage and 1500 GB of monthly transfer, at a rate of about $13 per month. The only problem is that you have no choice but to pay for a year of hosting in one shot, but I decided to take a chance with them.

While they are not the worst host I have encountered, I did have a lot of problems with them early on. Not anything major, but just the large volume of them added together to make it more of a headache than it should have been. The main problem was that the site was constantly going down for 5 minutes at a time. At first I thought they were restarting, but when I saw how often it was happening, I didn't think so. I also kept having error 28 problems due to there not being enough free space to write to on the mysql server.

I wasn't a happy camper, and thought I was starting to see why you have to pay for a full year at a time, because believe me, if I had been on a monthly plan I would have been gone after the 2nd month, but since I had already paid for the time I thought I would stick it out. Slowly but surely, Cirtex did improve on their structure. They wrote a special cron script to take care of the mysql issue I had, and have expanded their server architecture significantly, to the point that I can't say when the last time the sight went offline was, even for just a minute.

I think the biggest problem was that they allow adult web sites. Adult + Tube = major bandwidth and system resources consumption. They seem to have got that straightened out though, and it has been smooth sailing with them for the last couple of months. That may depend on which server they have you located on though. I am on Milky.

2 months ago I would have given Cirtex a low C-. Today I would have to give them a B+. It was a rocky road in the beginning, but I am generally satisfied and feel that I have gotten what I paid for.

Biggest Pro: Support is very fast, by support ticket and forum
Biggest Con: They do not sell extra storage or bandwidth like most hosts. If you run out, instead of buying more you have to go semi-ded

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