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Cirtexhosting is cheap but not so good


cirtexhosting may be cheap but they are also not very good. Only a member for few months already ran into few problems, which they seem to have no idea what happened and how they could solve it.

I am afraid these guys not really have any idea what they are doing. And also they have no idea how to solve problems. Today I found out their server is having problems with file uploads not working corrctly. I have pointed it out, and it seems like they can not find out why this problem is happening, also they have no idea how to solve it.

Seems like they are not taking any steps to solve the problems.

So this leads me to think they are AMATEURS and BAD HOSTING company dont use it. I dont recomend them!!!

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: support and knowledge about their own systems

Please don’t buy Cirtex or you will be victim like me!!


I'm a web designer i had 6 website in that website and that value was 3000+ per website. and the main bad news was that all website was 90+ done. one day i get im to mi office and say all website is dawn. then i tried to email and live chat. then they said there back up is going on thats wahy its down and it will be up in 2-3 days. then i have wait 20 days for make it live. after 20 days i saw there is no website in my server!!!

i ask them about for my all websites and they replied all deleted due to server failed!!!

and they offer me 1 years hosting free!! WOW

and only say sorry!!!

i never saw any hosting get black out in this way. not only me i have check there forum many of people get victim by them. sorry but its true. i not able to say sorry to my clients. so i have to pay for delay and rebuild all website again.

the funny thing is they told me its not there responsibility to keep back up my files but they told me many time they keep back up every week!!

i have about 30 email with them if you like to see i can FWD to you some of last emails.

now the email me everyday for renew the hosting!

Cheap but not reliable

I've been with Cirtex for 3 years now. Cirtex is affordable but not reliable. Downtimes are quite annoying. When it goes down sometimes takes almost a week!

Last week starting from 11 October 2011 we had a downtime for 4 full days and ended on 15 October 2011 Saturday. As of writing this review my websites are down once again. It's been over an hour... I am still trying to be patient -as they request from us when we send a ticket to their customer service.-

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

They have 99.9% uptime guarantee and after 4 day long downtime we were told to contact billing for a compensation. I did, and i got a 3 months hosting free! Well... services are down... Hello!

I am not going to give the lowest scores but what they guarantee on their website surely does not reflect the truth.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Not reliable at all, rather slow, days of downtime

Stay Away From Cirtex Hosting

Please no matter how good the offer sounds, when there is a problem they are useless.
Server down 4 days and counting... no support, no explanations, nothing.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Support

Bad Downtimes

Cirtex seems to be very good, the value is excellent. But the big problem is: If you choose cirtex, then you have to expect many downtimes. Most of the time I have trouble accessing my website.

For example: I run some Cronjobs, but they can't do their job, because the servers are down ...

The support is very kind, but they don't solve this problem.

Biggest Pro: Price value
Biggest Con: Very bad downtimes

Bad Customer Support

Horrific support. Down time Down time Down time. Seems like they want to take your money and run. I requested a refund and they keep redirecting me to this link that doesn't even work. Can't get into the Cpanel because of down time. This company is worthless. They have snarky attitudes and are lazy. Phone line goes to voice mail everytime. Very deceptive advertisment. Stay Away!

Cirtexhosting? rubbish

Hi there,

Please stay away from Cirtexhosting. It has now been more than 40 hours that my website went offline and the answer they have got is as follows:

"Unfortunately we are unable to compensate further then what you have paid already.
Secondly, there is no access via ip or otherwise to the server your site is on until the server comes back up. As such if you have no backups of your own, hopefully it comes back up with data in tact."

Judge the comments by yourselves.

JUST STAY AWAY FROM THEM They ruin your business online

I really want to change the hosting. My web site which is online shop has been down in the last 3 weeks. Stay really away from this company!
Once I bought the SSL and dedicated IP address for it. They asked me to buy again. Their billing and support devision do not know what happens and what the customers issue are.
In the last year always had to submit ticket for the web site being down or super slow. It has been three weeks that my web site which is an online shop was down and they still can not bring it back!
Now even their own support web site does not come up! This company made me in real trouble and will definitely change the hosting company soon! They ruined my business and I lost many customers.
At the same time I am filing a complaint to BBB online as the last three weeks my web site was only down!

Cirtex: Crash and Burn

Today, Cirtex went down - everything - my website, their control panel and ftp access. It has been down all day. They NEVER answer their phone and now - get this - they actually REMOVED the "LIVE CHAT" option from their main web page. I am getting off them as we speak. I would say to avoid them no matter what - but I think they are going away.

Biggest Pro: They may be history.
Biggest Con: Worse than the Nurenberg Trials

Worst customer service ever

Stay away from this company they are scammers. They do not have telephone support as advertised and they do not have a stable ticketing system , they do not have live chat when they say they do and when it is live you haev to submit a ticket.


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