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Cartika - dependable, responsive, simple

We have used Cartika to host many of our websites for well over ten years. They are always able to provide what we need, and their responsiveness to help requests or IT changes is amazing. Changes in site management, web development platforms, and technology have been simple and smooth. We are thrilled with their service and I can't imagine changing.

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10+ years of excellent service

We have been with Cartika for well over ten years, and have yet to have an issue. Fantastic service, always cheerful and always available, going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything happens smoothly. We have hosted sites, both on the WordPress platform and straight HTML sites. We have used SSL technology. We have used the Cartika-hosted exchange and have used redirects, al with nary an issue.
PLEASE PLEASE people - the bad reviews are, as Andrew says, stupid spam.

By Beth on September 13th, 2016 at 22:02 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Semi Dedicated | Platform: Don't Know | Email: [Logged]

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Cartikahosting Important review

This is a review for After trying out their services, here is our reviews, ratings, compliments and complaints.

Overall does not live up to our standards of what we consider valuable, long term services and quality servers. Their servers are known to have many problems in the past. We believe they will try to fix these issue however a more serious problem is the company itself as well as their servers continuously having problems with Virus and security issues. We would recommend Cartikahosting to try to run virus scans at least once a week. Most server companies would do this daily if not even hourly. The viruses found on Cartikahosting servers increases bandwidth and spam and in return Cartikahosting will charge the client more money. Whether this is intentional is hard to measure however, we had had other third party monitors provide us with lower bandwidth readings than what Cartikahosting provided us. Cartikahosting also will not provide you with any proof of their bandwidth readings. After 3 months of hosting they tried to charge us more than double our original subscription plan. It's not a good idea to go with a company that will nickle and dime you for everything, especially with falsely increased bandwidth readings.

Cartika Hosting Review:
1. Cartikahosting long term prospects - Poor *
2. Cartikahosting Billing and Pricing - Poor *
3. Cartikahosting Customer Service and attitude - Good ****
4. Cartikahosting Server uptime - Poor - Average ***
5. Cartikahosting Control Panel - Very Good (Hsphere) *****
6. Cartikahosting Overall Rating - Poor - Average **
7. Cartikahosting Business Ethics - Poor *

Value of their services and servers is adjusted to about 10 USD per month which is already a compliment. Hostgator in comparison has unlimited disk space, bandwidth for only 7.95 USD per month.

You do not want to pay for someone being nice on online chat but rather pay for server quality, billing ethics, and long term growth prospects. We have learned this with HostDepartment that even they are somewhat polite using their online chat, their servers continuosly had problems and we often receive complaints from others about this company. in comparison to other similar web hosting companies is flat out NOT recommended.

Go with a company that has a good track record. You can make some comparisons on some third party websites. You can see that there is a continual decline in people using Cartikahosting versus the increase of clients using Hostgator. The best advise is to go with the winner not the loser or the losing company. There is a reason for company's success which is usually due to service, price, knowledge, tech support, and ethics. Reviewing and you can see their total domains went down to almost 0 which is where Cartikahosting is likely headed.

Compare with

For those who wish to take the risk and try them, it would be suggested that you ask them for a 3 month free trial period. But although the problems with Cartikahosting happened after the 5-6th month. In conclusion, of the 10 years of evaluating hosting companies, Cartikahosting is just about the worst and the bottom of the list. It's hard to develop a long term business with them. Andrew Rouchotas is one of the two people running this Cartikahosting website (started on March 2003) who is located at 576 Danforth Rd, Scarborough , Ontario M1K 1E3, Canada (+1.416.703.8684) and the hosting is outsourced at in the USA with which is located at 3000 Irving Blvd. Dallas, TX 75247. You can contact this server company to verify if you need. So if you have any problems they can disappear or not answer you. It is not wise to rely on a company that is run by just one or two people or a company.

There's a good amount of negative reviews about Cartikahosting Try to read how Cartikahosting replies to these negative reviews and you will understand that you cannot rely on this kind of company. But instead of Cartikahosting spending all their time replying to negative reviews it would seem more productive and important that they concentrate more on providing better services and servers. In addition, they spend even more time writing their own reviews on websites run by themself such as,,, and . We wrote our review on these websites and it was removed with 10 minutes. If you write an honest but negative review about them on their review websites and they will take it down immediately. We believe this is misleading to consumers.

And lastly for all those who are demanding refunds back from Cartikahosting, the most ethical suggestion is that Cartikahosting should just refund them. Then the upset clients will be less inclined to write these negative reviews and Cartikahosting could spend more time fixing their servers than spend all the time on writing their own reviews and disputing client's negative comments. It's quite simple but maybe Cartikahosting is losing too many customers and worried they will go out of business thus holding as much money as they can to keep their business afloat.

Biggest Pro: hpshere control pancel
Biggest Con: Server problems and virus

Response by Andrew, who is the owner of CartikaHosting:

This is obviously a spam post - the domain and the email posted are obviously fake and never hosted with us. the domain is - this is a subdomain of some other hosting provider. The email address is The spam cannot be any more obvious. Eitherway, this is a user who was indeed hosted with us and was removed from our servers for spamming and other illegal activities. The are trying to extort providers they abuse for money and refunds - "And lastly for all those who are demanding refunds back from Cartikahosting, the most ethical suggestion is that Cartikahosting should just refund them. Then the upset clients will be less inclined to write these negative reviews".

Posted on January 18th, 2012 at 23:37 EST

Excellent Business Grade Hosting

I have been a web developer since 1996 and have used/recommended Cartika Hosting services to many business clients and other web developers around the world. Their quality of service, hardware, and network along with their support team is truly unmatched in the industry. The only negative feedback I have ever seen on Cartika hosting is fabricated by those individuals who were suspended and/or made to leave for spamming or other types of abuse. I along with many other happy clients of Cartika appreciate the ejection of the bad apples that plague the hosting industry. That is one of the reasons they are able to provide the quality of service they have and have earned the respect of others throughout the hosting industry.

If you want true business quality hosting you have to look no farther than Cartika Hosting. I started with reseller plans years ago and moved to a dedicated server solution more than 3 years ago at the time of this writing/review. The nice thing about Cartika is you get the same quality clustered service, support and features whether you are on $10 a month plan or one costing many times that amount. Another nice feature is there is always an upgrade path from small, shared accounts to load balanced dedicated cluster solutions and everything in between. This along with the included R1soft backup solutions to every account with multiple restore points to the optional enterprise grade Mailfoundry antispam/antivirus at low additional costs make Cartika Hosting stand out in a industry fighting over who can offer the lowest price. Your business deserves business grade hosting and from someone with over 25 years in business, Cartika should be on your short-list of hosts.

Biggest Pro: Quality of Service and Support
Biggest Con: none in over 4 years has problem servers

Hello. Here is my review and rating for everyone to read. I have tried out. I am very upset and feel really ripped off by them. The don't use much of their bandwidth but they told me I was violating their TOS and told me if I don't upgrade and pay more they will suspend my account. I don't know if they are under a lawsuit but now that I read these reviews, I realize I'm not the only one with this problem. Anyway, STAY AWAY from these guys. Really terrible people running the business. In addition, it is totally obvious they run their own reviews and delete negative reviews about themselves on websites such as and also I wrote some web hosting complaints and negative comments about Cartikahosting on these website and they were immediately taken off. Check out more honest reviews such as and which they really do post people's voice. This website is good as well. The main point is to let clients talk, review and rate your webhosting company. This will keep the web host working hard for you. Cartikahosting is just too small of a company to trust. They can do whatever they wish including suspending your account at their will.

Response by Andrew, who is the owner of CartikaHosting:

This is the same person as above who has spammed the internet with many such negative reviews. Most reputable review sites will remove their spam as it is obvious spam. fake domains, obvious slander and extortion, etc..

" In addition, it is totally obvious they run their own reviews and delete negative reviews about themselves on websites such as and also I wrote some web hosting complaints and negative comments about Cartikahosting on these website and they were immediately taken off."

We do not own these review sites. The reason the "negative reviews" were instantly removed from these sites is because they were obvious spam. in particular is the worlds largest web hosting forum and community. Needless to say, it is ridiculous to suggest we own this site. Any simple research would verify this.

Posted on January 18th, 2012 at 23:41 EST NOT recommended. Servers, Service and price NOT NOT recommended. Servers, Service and price NOT worth it.

Before my long review, here is a short summary. I do not recommend because

1) SERVER have an intermittent problem. Often has downtime throughout the day but is brief

2) CONTROL PANEL often stalls and freezes

3) DISHONEST TECH SUPPORT. A few times when you claim the server is down Cartikahosting will try to blame your webpage codes and are not helpful. Andrew Rouchotas is really hard to work with and is quite arrogant. The reason I say this is because he will boast about his server uptime but at the same time, the server uptime has trouble.

4) DISHONEST COMPANY: lied to us saying their company is in the USA while after research we found they are in Canada. Most likely a small home office with just Andrew and possibly one or two friends to help out. Okay you can now read my blog about

THE GOOD SIDE: Hshpere is my preferred control panel (as long as it doesn't freeze) The online support is online most of the time. Only three times did I have to wait more than an hour but I believe their servers were down and they probably had too many clients trying to contact them. Other than that, they answer fairly quickly. Also the first two months they were helpful in helping us set up the account.

I would not write such a long review if I did not truly mean it. Of the 10 years I have been doing online business and websites and of the dozen web hosting server companies I have tried, is really the worst one and I had the worst experience dealing with them (Andrew, he, and himself). I sincerely write this to warn others about however, please make your own mind and choice.

I have tried but found their services to be very poor. Here is the summary.

1. Server quality is average. Unfortunately the server often have down time throughout the day though very brief ranging from 30seconds to 2 minutes. In one hour, the down time may happen 3-5 times. We hope Cartikahosting fixes this problem. Other than the brief outtages, the server is okay. I do appreciate that Cartika has helped me reset and restart the server many times to clear out whatever was causing the server to crash.

2. Customer and technical support is poor. The customer support (which I believe is Andrew Rouchotas himself as well as tech support and billing - but he uses the names such as Jonathan, Nick or Ellen) really could be more friendly and helpful. When a problem happens, such as the control panel not working or the server being down, we were blamed that it was our web page coding. I am hosted on three other hosting companies using the same codes and do not have any problem at all.

3. Billing and prices is poor. When you sign up for an account, everything will seem good for the first 1-2 months. But afterward Cartika Hosting will claim you are violating their TOS (terms of service) whether it be how you are hosting your websites or the use of bandwidth or storage and they will ask you to upgrade and keep pushing you to upgrade. This way they can make more money. I do not agree with this tactic and believe it is not really ethical. After I followed their directions to upgrade I later found that there were some codes placed in my website folders which increased the bandwidth. I asked who had placed these files and they responded that they think I had uploaded it by accident. Come on! Why would I upload a file which only purpose was to increases my bandwidth. The files in the folder appeared to be spamming codes which most likely was spamming my account increasing the bandwidth. Once we had asked Cartika who placed the files in our folder, they got nervous and asked us to close our account. With the quality of the server and customer support, I honestly believe the value of their services is maximum USD 10 per month. belongs in the group of cheap web hosting though they are trying to promote themselves as something more larger. Rather than ask us to close our account shouldn't the hosting company try to solve the problem?

4. Control Panel often stalls. I have notified Cartikahosting to fix the control panel and they always reply to me that they are working on it. Up to now, the control panel still stalls. However, they have helped me reset the control panel many times which was helpful. I think the Hsphere control panel is very good. Probably this is the highlight of Cartika's services. I do like their control panel but just as long as it is working properly. I would have given a higher rating if the control panel didn't keep stalling and freezing up.

Overall, I have to give two thumbs down. For the first two months everything was pretty good but thereafter everything really deteriorated and I didn't find Cartika to be helpful and a bit on the rude side in their email replies. For small websites Cartika might be okay. But if you wish for a long term partner and hosting to develop your business and expand, I really don't think Cartikahosting is capable of handling reliable and helpful services. In all fairness, maybe my experience was bad compared to others. If you want to give them a try, ask for a 2 month free trial period so that if there is any problem you can get a refund. I found them very helpful and nice in the beginning so maybe there is some hope for this webhosting company. They told me they are hosting thousand and thousands of other companies. Not sure if that is true but through my experience, I have a feeling Cartika is a home office with the owner and maybe a friend helping out on weekends.

My last suggestion is to do your research before signing up for any hosting companies. You can check websites such as to find out trends of the hosting company.

Look for a company that is easily available with helpful customer support. Look for a company that has a good reputation and a growing trend. Of course not all companies are perfect but at least they should be helpful and willing to help. I think that was one of my big problems with Cartikahosting that they were not as helpful and when a problem occurred, they would put the blame on the clients which is not solving the problem but just passing the buck. Look for a company that will not nickle and dime you for everything. Look for a company that will not try to keep pushing you to upgrade. Cartikahosting kept asking us to upgrade and if we did not they would say we were violating their TOS. Once we upgraded, they asked us to upgrade again.

Good luck and hope everyone finds a good web hosting company!

Biggest Pro: hsphere control panel
Biggest Con: problem server and control panel

Response by Andrew, who is the owner of CartikaHosting:

"I sincerely write this to warn others about however, please make your own mind and choice."

I sincerely ask everyone to research us thoroughly. Cartika has been in business for 10 years with a long history of providing top notch service and support. We have grown to host 1000s and 1000s of customers. We have multiple facilities via colocation contracts and over 50 employees as of Jan 2012. We strongly encourage all to thoroughly research our company, our history, our customer feedback and our offerings

Thank you in advance

Posted on January 18th, 2012 at 23:44 EST

Cartika Hosting - Excellent service!

Cartika Hosting is the best host I have ever used.

I started out using a reseller with them on their base package. As I required more resources and permissions (such as full trust in ASP.NET), they helped me to seamlessly move my web site to a virtual dedicated cluster. Now I have a dedicated server with IIS and MS SQL, but can still take advantage of their cluster for mail, DNS, MySQL and PostgreSQL, and the control panel. They even gave me an excellent deal on the server.

Their reliability is unmatched with any other host I have ever been with. They guarantee 99.9% uptime, but are generally much higher than that on all their servers. They give plenty of notice for maintenance outages, and often these only last a couple of minutes at most.

Their speed is also very good. They say that they actually undersell their servers, so nothing is ever even remotely overloaded; on the contrary, there is room for bursting. Even on the dedicated server, they allow bursting on bandwidth up to 100mbps when needed! Obviously, as long as the average bandwidth doesn’t go over their monthly limit, then it’s fine.

Their technical support is superb, again unmatched in the industry as far as my experience can speak. Their support often responds in just a few minutes. If they will be working on the issue for a while to see what is wrong, they will often even respond just to say they are looking into it, so we’re not left wondering. Further, the owner himself, Andrew, often responds personally to support tickets, despite the size of the company.

As for customer service and billing, I really have nothing to say there; there is nothing unusual. I am quite happy that they gave me an excellent deal on the server, though.

Though this host is a bit higher in price than many budget hosts, it is well worth it. The services Cartika Hosting provides go above and beyond what any budget host would ever dream of offering.

Therefore, my total rating is a complete perfect 10.

Biggest Pro: Level of support
Biggest Con: None

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