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Very Amateur - Stay Clear!

Originally I started out with a Reseller account provided by CanadaResellerHosting.Com . Despite periods of general slowness the server worked ok and the price was good.

One of my Reseller hosting clients wanted to run a script (ClipBucket) that required ffmpeg to be installed on the server. I put a support request in and after 4 hours they finally responded that they would not install it on a shared host and suggested upgrading to a VPS. I was not ready to upgrade at that time so I dropped the issue.

Some time after that I started getting account suspensions due to "high cpu/io causing slowness for other users on the server". Once again I was recommended to upgrade to a VPS. I could not continue to have my sites suspended so I agreed. The account was for 80GB storage and 2TB bandwidth. The company told me they could start the transfer that evening in off peak time and since it was on its own network it would go quickly. Well that evening came and went with no transfer, I put a ticket in about it and after nearly 2 days with no response I was told that it would take place in a few days. The transfer took nearly 2 days to complete and in the end required the sites be suspended to get them to complete.

Finally everything was migrated to the new VPS and things were looking good. I noticed that imagemagick was not installed on the server and put in a ticket. I was told it would get done that night. That night came and went and nothing got done....I responded to the ticket again and later that night , two days after submitting the ticket, I was told it was now completed.

After about a month I started getting very slow page load times on the host. I put in a support ticket and received no response for two days. I bumped the ticket and they told me which scripts were consuming the resources. I couldn't do it myself because I did not have root access on my own VPS.

After several more slow periods I requested WHM root access so that I could watch the process manager and stop the bad scripts myself. I was granted root and monitored from there out myself.

Fast forward several months and once again I had a client that needed FFMPEG installed for a video script they were running. Remember when I requested this before and I was told to get a VPS? Now I was told: "Unfortunately we do not support the required plugins within our vps plans, It is recommended to search google for "ffmpeg hosting" for a ffmpeg hosting provider" I couldn't believe it they were telling me to get an account elsewhere to host this script when I was already paying for a VPS!!

At this point I decided it may be time to move to a new host. In my shopping around I came to notice that CanadaResellerHosting had cut my bandwidth from 2TB to 1TB a month with no notice of the change of services. Then I found a bigger problem, my so-called managed VPS was not having old logs and backups cleaned out so there was 40GB of files that needed cleaned out. I tried to log in through ssh and clean the files but found that I no longer had root access. I put in a ticket and got this response: "We do not permit root access within our network, If you need root access, it is recommended to checkout,,, godaddy,com, etc".

No root access on a VPS? Once again they are telling me to go elsewhere? This sealed the deal and I started the arduous task of moving everything. In the end I have never been happier to be clear of these guys.

So finally, my reasons why to stay clear of this company:

-Support is slow (often days) and unresponsive to the needs of the customer
-No root access on VPS
-Setup is restrictive and will ot allow you to run additonal plugins on the host
-Very Amateur! This is a one man show...Whenever you call whether it be support of billing you get the same person. I gives you the impression this is being ran out of someones home with a cell phone for a support line.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Support is slow, often unresponsive and overly restrictive for a VPS

Bad Technical Support

I have purchased a Reseller hosting account from them and 3 months after the mysql server went down and Never got a notification from their support. I sent them an email and no reply. I called the support and the person sounded like he was half awake. IT almost seem like there is only 1 person running this company. You would call technical support or sale or billing and it is always the same person picking up the phone. This is ridiculous. I had clients hostin gtheir website under my reseller account and all their website has been down the last 2 days.

Don't fall for their service. Although it is easy to setup and create and account but once you are in. You are screwed.

Terrible service and speed is very slow.

My Shared hosting with hostpapa is so much faster. I based my conclusion on the software that test speeds and pageload and response of each domain. My clients aren't happy with the speed too.


Excellent Hosting Company, servers in Canada

I just did a multi-page scathing review of and I mentioned these guys in there, so I thought it only appropriate that I post a positive review as well.

Note: I got my first hosting account in 1994, so I know a bit what I'm talking about.

I can't really comment on reliability of the servers here (except to say that these guys: have been monitoring the corporate site since October and show a 99.98% uptime), but the customer support has been incredible, and I've only been on there for less than 24 hours. I have deliberately called at all hours (on a Sunday even), and have consistently gotten through to a real, live person every time. Average hold time over 6 calls: 27 seconds. That is incredible.

17 years of hosting and I have never had an initial contact with a hosting company that was this friendly, professional, helpful, or had the level of knowledge I've experienced here.

The staff apparently rotates through several positions, so last night the guy I talked to on sales (who seemed exceedingly knowledgeable) was actually on tech support this evening. Amazing, talking to a sales agent that can tell me whether or not the physical security of the servers meets my required specifications!

I've got an 'unlimited' plan (ie: overselling allowed) with initially 80GB of disk, and 3.2 TERABYTES of transfer, 3 IP's, and unlimited domains, etc, for $10 a month!

The speed of account creation was phenominal!!!


January 23, 2011

01:09 Order Confirmation, Invoice and Welcome message both received.
01:15 Invoice Payment Confirmation
01:21 Reseller Account Info received.


In short, I signed up at 1:08, clicked 'submit', and 13 minutes later I actually logged into my account. I don't think you can beat that. All on Peer1 pipes. :)

Thanks Ev!!!

Biggest Pro: Excellent CS, Great Deal, Fast Servers, Great Tech Support.
Biggest Con: I suppose free would be a better price, but hey. :)

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