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Was with canaca for years but it got really bad

I was with Canaca for years because the price is low for 1.5TB of web space (I prefer to know how much space I have instead of "unlimited"). But my page and email were constantly offline. Customer support was not very good- hundreds of my vlog video files got deleted (two years worth) and they never answered my question about - are those files not restoreable? Then the cust support said - you need to reduce your size to 500GB or else- even though I am on the silver 1.5TB plan- so I said to give me a month and I will move to a different host and they said ok you have a month.

Biggest Pro: low cost for 1.5TB of space
Biggest Con: apparently don't now allow 1.5TB, offline a lot, lost lots of my video files

Worst hosting ever!

Do not deal with these people. Their customer service is nonexistent. In the past three days I have sent over 30 emails to them with one response. My website and email are not working, and these things are critical for my business. These people are simply not responding.

Biggest Con: Horrible, Unbelievably bad customer service.

Most Horrible Hosting Company Ever

I truly wonder how these people keep customers. I purchased a company that has its site hosted with these guys and from day one its being nothing but headache. The former owner didn't know there were other options out there and hence felt stock with them.
They never respond to tech support request in less than 2 days. While sales department has a hotline, their tech support or billing department is never accessible by phone - they need you to send them an email. That email, you will be lucky - and I mean really lucky - if you hear from them in less than 48 hours. I'm still waiting for my EPP code to transfer my account to another host - it's 3 days now.
I do not recommend them at all to anyone - period.

Canaca Review: ABSOLUTELY do NOT use this company

Absolutely horrible. Their customer service is lazy and doesn't want to help you with any request. Getting anything out of them is a frustrating ordeal, that takes weeks.

Phone service is non-existent. If you are thinking of using this service, try to call them first, and see for yourself.

They don't keep their servers patched/updated, and that led to our account being hacked through a CPANEL vulnerability (the patch was available 2 years ago) and set up as a phishing site.

I had 7 clients on their service. In the past year, I have moved 6 clients off to other hosts and am about to move the last one shortly.

Try instead.

Biggest Con: Extremely Useless Customer Service

Not recommended

Server down very frequently. Clueless tech support.
At some point the server got hacked. All websites were black listed. Just a nightmare.
Not recommended

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: server down frequently, no phone support

Beyond Useless

I've been with these guys for over a year, hosting several low-traffic sites. There were two problems I was overlooking:

1. Negative-option billing
2. FTP connectivity. From at least three separate locations I constantly encountered hanging connections while using several ftp clients. I use other hosts at work and have never had this problem (but connecting to Canaca from work had the me poor results).

The site would go down here and there... short periods... fine. I understand this happens.

Then, I noticed my site was going down more and more. I subscribed to monitoring services and realised uptime was actually around the 90% mark, sometimes dipping into the 70s.

Customer support, after a long time, simply bounces back any downtime reports with "we checked and your site is working fine - please let

Stay away. Look at other review sites. They apparently try to charge credit cards again after . There are many complaints with the better business bureau about this. I now have to try a pre-emptive block from them charging my card again.

Do not give them business, you'll regret it.

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