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Byethost is good if you don't plan to add a MySQL database to your site. The servers are fast, but it seems they sacrificed MySQL reliability for server speed, as I see my site unable to load due to MySQL errors on a daily basis, which is easily solved by refreshing the page. However, once a month, I have to go into my admin panel, add a database I don't need and delete it to get all my MySQL databases to appear, since they randomly disappear into thin air. I'm also not the only person with this issue, as one of my friends from a gaming community ( had seen his site not loading due to a lost database. It's decent, but only if you're using pure HTML only.

Biggest Pro: Fast servers
Biggest Con: Unreliable and unpredictable MySQL

Byethost rocks!

I have now been hosting at byethost for some 4 or 5 years. Aside from the server being down now an then, which is to be expected with free hosting, I have never encountered any problems. Even if any small issues occured, they were swiftly solved by technical support, which has been really excellent.

When you post a support request ticket, it is only a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds, until you get the answer. All that 24/7. And they are always being very helpful, even though I am using FREE hosting. Even better - you need not place any annoying ads on your page these days to host for free. You get all basic services - including e-mail support and so on.

Although I have never really used a paid program, the excellence of their support and the quality of free hosting makes me sure, that their paid programs must little short of perfect.

Biggest Pro: support

This is the bull **** i have ever seen

i have hosted my website over there at two days ago.. and dont know what the hell they have done with my site. its not working. it just works for 2 days. it was free hosting. but the point is that if they dont host the site why they hav created the hell of these sites, plz dont ever think of hosting the site over there,, and u know that i can also not able to open the login and ftp i m trying frm last day, to just download my website to host it sumwhere else.. but they hell dont know wht they hav done..

ByetHost Review by Casey

Okay, I send in a support deal to get my IPB verified however still no luck. Let me start this off, I purchased IPB so me and a friend could use it on our reseller, however someone reported it nulled (dunno why), and they didn't even give me the chance to prove it, they REMOVE my forums "making backups" so they say, and 3days later I still have nothing. I'm sick and tired of this, I cannot stand to wait 1more week with nothing. Thanks to this I have lost MANY people thinking that my software is really nulled when it's not even CLOSE of being nulled. And of course along with Byet doing this its made it so I cannot give support as we gave support through our forums.

Okay IPB is Invision Power Boards, nulled mean its a copy software that has been cracked. BUT I can assure you that mine isnt and the fact was is Byet didnt give me the chance to prove it so they remove ALL my data from the forums.

Byethost - An excellent provider

I came across Byethost as I belonged to a site that was using Byethost's free hosting service, I checked out their website and soon noticed they were offering premium hosting. I am usually very wary of free hosting providers who offer premium paid hosting but checked out their plans.

Their lowest priced plan would probably offer alot of space and bandwith, so much they wouldn't probably use half of it but at $2.99 a month, for a free .info domain and 5GB space and 250GB of bandwith, you know you can afford to waste a little.

So far I have had great uptime and excellent service, quick ordering process and support.

Consider Byethost, you can't go much wrong.

Biggest Pro: Free domain names on non-annual plan

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