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Still a happy customer

One of the things that initially impressed me about Byethost, and still does, is their customer service. Although there is no phone number I can call for support, they have consistently responded to my emails through the ticket system in less than 2 hours- and most times in less than 1 hour- from the time I submitted it, and they have always answered all of my questions clearly and patiently.
For the amount of sites I have hosted on my account, I cannot complain at all about the price- uptime has been consistently good, and any downtime- which has been extremely rare- has been minimal.
So, keep it up, guys! And thanks!

Biggest Pro: great value and service
Biggest Con: email limits- easy to fix with gmail account

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I've used different hosts in the past

But I've had nothing but good luck with Byethost. The one exception to that was when they were migrating to different servers, but the problem was fixed quickly. I make backups of my sites and databases as a safety practice, but I have yet to need to use the backups. Uptime has been almost 100% since I opened my account, and migration from free to paid account was immediate and seamless. The paid account is a bargain too- not the cheapest, but not that much more expensive (the difference is a dollar or two per month) and well worth it for the customer service.
Every time I've had a question, they respond very quickly, as well. They are knowledgable, and have always been able to answer my question, and/or send a link to an article which answered it as well.

By Keven on September 30th, 2010 at 09:51 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email:

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A bit flaky

I have free service, no special services.

Often, they go down for short periods of time, and redirect to an ifastnet page.

About once a year, they run some scanner to look for violations, and it's really stupid. It found the word "kids" on one of my pages, "picture" on another page, and turned off my site as a child-porn site. No email to me, no human looked at the pages involved, just turned everything off. And they were completely unapologetic when I pointed out that this was a bad practice. Has happened to my site twice now.

Biggest Pro: free
Biggest Con: flaky

What started as a blessing is now a curse

I was referred to byethost by my web designer. He said he'd had them for years and besides a slight issue with their tech support, they were pretty good. I purchased the unlimited shared hosting at first. Warning, this is not in any way unlimited. I have roughly 20,000 visitors around the Christmas Holiday to my online store. Byethost said that this traffic violated my agreement since it caused the other servers to slow down.
My web designer was pretty upset, but I told him to see what fixes they had. They directed me to get a VPS and my site would be up and all fixed.
Cool, I purchase the site (against my web designers advice0 and think all should be good...
No luck, they forgot to tell me that the server would have no email on it and didn't even have the professionalism or courtesy to at least inform us. Days later, after receiving no emails, they claim it to be our fault for not asking...
They strong armed me into paying a lot more for hosting than I was, and it's my fault for not reading their minds?
I was just asked (via my web designer) if I wanted to switch hosting? I am likely to do so now, but at the same time informing my advertisement agency to put them on the "do not use" list. Reach Local has already been told what sorrowful service they have given on the tech side.

They are now telling me that I should use a Google apps account for my email (that they tossed) and that I should "figure it out on my own"
What Jerks

Biggest Pro: Was the price
Biggest Con: The tech support is lacking and has little professionalism

If you're looking for reliable webhosting, look elsewhere

I started with their premium hosting plan. Their support staff is friendly enough, but I don't think their tech guys have a clue. Nothing but problems (lost databases, down time, etc.). I reluctantly decided to stay with them when I upgraded to VPS. BAD move. The server speed is horrendous. I contacted support for remote access to one database. They said it was initiated and gave me the login info. Not only was I NOT able to connect to the database, they brought one of my other sites down completely. I've had nothing but problems and with byet. I strongly recommend you consider another host for your needs...

Biggest Pro: Inexpensive.
Biggest Con: Nothing but problems.

My experience with byet host

I started using byets free hosting about 4 years ago and quickly noticed that they also provide a free hosting reseller. This enables anyone to act as a free hosting provider and is also free to sign up.
After creating your re-seller account, you get a reseller control panl which allows you to set up quotas for your clients, provide custom 'welcome' emails, provide a custom default page and enter ad codes so that your google adsense (or other) ads show on your clients site. This reseller plan is also upgradeable to include extra features.
Their hosting service is, for the most part, excellent, although they do suffer downtime now and then.
(The customer is always right comment from a previous reviewer has seemed to have forgotten he is not a customer but a client. It IS free hosting!)
The biggest disappointment with byet is their awful re-direct pages. they make money through re-direct pages and back end ads. These re-direct pages they use are really terrible and reflect badly on the person re-selling their service. A re-direct page is supposed to be a page that a viewer is redirected to if they enter a bad URL, one that doesn't exist on the server, but on many occasions even pages that genuinely exist on the server go to a re-direct. It seems byet do this delliberatley when they need a bit of extra cash.
The effect on the users computer is that their browser goes crazy. It keeps trying to load page after page and several pop under ads are left on your pc. Trying to get out of the page is almost impossible and usually requires you to close your browser. When you act as a reseller, it appears that YOU are hacking a users pc....not very good.
The other problem with byet was a newer redirect system which they later adopted. On this one, it takes you to a social networking site called ''. Although this was much more prefferable to the awful redirects, it again reflected badly on the reseller, because it contained a home page with a massive notice saying 'this site spies your pc'.
I haven't used their reseller for around a year now, as they mysteriously suspended my account, but have noticed it is still active now and appears to be useable again, so i'm not sure what their newer system of making money is, but whatever it is, it probably includes pop under ads.

As for quality of hosting, it's better than most and at least they are consistent, they've been around for at least 6 years, but shame about the downfalls.

account may suspend

please take a back of your site and database each day , otherwise you may loose whole work,
i had a successful website hosted in byet shared server , one morning my friend message me , what happened to your site , which showing "account suspended" , i soon contacted byet support team, they replayed after many hours saying , you must wait upto 24hours because , now our account department closed , then i made a forum thread in their support forum , that thread they deleted soon , after understanding it will affect on their business , because they never notified me the details of suspension ,they dont have any answer for my question ....

its my need .. so i contacted them again and again , and decided to buy VPS , after activating i understand its very slow one.,,

Biggest Pro: better bandwidth at cheap cost
Biggest Con: may suspend account without notification

Byethost lost MySQL database

Byethost is a good web host if you are just displaying static HTML pages. But if you are displaying PHP sites that require MySQL databases like WordPress, I would not suggest you place your hosting with them. Yesterday, I placed a WordPress site, and today, Byethost lost one of the MySQL databases! I'm glad I was able to retrieve the MySQL database for another mission critical site, but the site that I just set up yesterday is totally gone! I can't find the MySQL database anywhere!

Biggest Pro: free, relatively fast web host
Biggest Con: They lost a MySQL database!

Extremely bad practice!

Everything is perfect untill your site becomes succesfull and then they shut you down unless you pay.
Very very bad practice!


Steer clear of this awful host.

I'm with their paid hosting. I've used many different hosts in all my years and never have I taken the time to write a review. But they are the absolute worst host on the net and are causing me substantial loss of business. My account has been suspended for server load, they refer to me as one of the "bad customers", but in actual fact my site was only getting about 10-15 visitors a day and I have no forums or anything else that would cause excessive server load. And because they suspended my account for a couple days, my google page rank went from #2, to not even being in the top 100 now. I think the shared hosting has such low resources as a ploy to get you to upgrade to a VPS server, a scam I want no part of. I was even thinking of upgrading to a reseller account before this mess happened, good thing I didn't jump into that right away. If you're running a business off your website and rely on it to make a living, then this is NOT the host for you. But if you're ok with crappy service and don't mind having your account suspended for days at a time then go for it.

Biggest Con: Suspending your account sucks website traffic by redirecting to mybookface.n

Initially work perfectly but they will steal all your website traffic by redirecting it to Tens of other users have the same complaint. I lost a lot of website traffic due to this redirection. During my last four years search I did not find fully reliable and fully featured free hosting.

Biggest Pro: Purchased Plan is not tested
Biggest Con: No reliability

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