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Bad for business

I decided to get use the free hosting offered through ByetHost. Everything was good at first, my site was up most of the time with brief times I couldn't access it, but its free hosting so you can't expect perfect service for nothing, right? Well today they dropped a bombshell on my website. I had a customer contact me asking why my site was down, so I checked it out. I was greeted by a mysql error. When I logged into my ByetHost admin account I find no trace of my databases! They are gone and it does not list any being attached to the account. Because my website was using drupal, all my content was stored in the databases, which are now missing.

I'm going to move my site elsewhere, but unfortunately now I face the daunting task of recreating my entire website from scratch, unless my databases magically reappear.


Hi there,

Byethost free hosting is a pure scam. First you create your website and when it gets some traffic they send you emails to sign for a paid account. If you don't agree, then they suspend your free account but redirect your domain to a parking or to spam sites to earn money. They steal all your hard work and your traffic.

This is not a free hosting because they earn a lot of money at the expense of their old free account customers. As I said, pure scammers, so warning!


Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Scam


IS this a review site for free hosting or paid hosting,, looking at *most* the hosts on here it appears people are revieing paid services !! , yethost have a free and paid service, I think its unfair to suggest that the paid service is going to be anything like the free service.

I have been using byethost for many years, and can not fault their free hosting service, ok, it does sometimes run slowly and ok my account has been suspended once for possible abuse (which was resolved in less than 30 minutes after placing a support ticket) , however these guys must have a hard job policing 'free hosting' , I can only guess how many abusefull contents get uploaded on a daily basis that not only use resources that could slow my site but also cause legal issues (phishing , etc ) so I understand their suspend policy for free hosting accounts.

I also have premium hosting from byethost which is consistently fast and does not have any of the issues that have been explained, they also have cloudfalre railgun for free on paid hosting (normally costs $200 from cloudflare direct ) and many seo tools, all in all I rate byethost highly and think peopel complaining about the free service should check how much they paid before complaining on a paid hosting review site.

Biggest Pro: fast, reliable, railgun for free on paid
Biggest Con: have suspended me once, but such is life.

No Access for Free Hosting

I would have bought hosting through ByetHost, but they can't even get their free hosting to work right. And they failed to provide a way to contact them for help with their free hosting. Their email says to contact them through cPanel, but they don't provide a way to sign in and access cPanel. Their email shows a link, user name and password for cPanel. But the link leads to a VistaPanel log in site. And then the provided user name and password (for cPanel) fails to access anything through the VistaPanel log-in. I reset the password through VistaPanel's lost password option, but that also failed to access cPanel or VistaPanel. It's a run around not worth anyone's time. If ByetHost can't properly operate a free host, I find no reason to trust them with my money.

Biggest Pro: Waste of time.
Biggest Con: Waste of time.

Free Service Sucks

With Byet for a few weeks. I noticed when I signed on sometimes I would be redirected to upgrade. When I hit the back button I'd go to my original direction. Then I would be flagged because the server was getting overloaded. Come on I've only been on their server a couple of days. The site not even done. Now I get a message that the server maybe misconfigured or down for maintenance. This has been for the last few days. Byethost lost a potential paying consumer. I'm glad I found out this way. What really burns me up though is the information lost.

Free websites taken down without notice!

I just lost my website on this host!

I googled for (one of their free subdomains) and visited several random websites and they are all down! An ad is displayed instead of the web page.

I posted a couple of hints on what can be done on

Stay away from this free server!!!

Biggest Con: free websites taken down without notice

Run away from them

I am now in the third year with them. Most of time were ok, but when your site get trafic they suspend it without notify. Their suport agents are idiots. I asked canceling some hosting services in order to move them in a reseller account and they canceled my domains. I can't wait to escape from there. No contact info except their lousy tiket sistem. They are fraud.

Biggest Pro: Price and speed
Biggest Con: The tech suport. Suspention without warning

I dont like this hosting

I have free plan for years. Recently, they made changes and my account had been suspended, after i kick off from the site and i move it my second site to other hosting, they still keep sending me email.

They say...

Congratulations, we see by your account usage that you have made your site successful.

This mail is to let you know that your site has used over 30% of its daily CPU Quota.

We would suggest you should consider upgrading your account to a premium (paid) account where the resource limits are MASSIVLY upgraded, where your site can continue to grow....


You get what you pay for...

So I have been with byethost for MANY MANY years on a shared host. It started off great because at the time their $36 per year hosting was the best deal out there. I recommended them due to their awesome support and cheap prices.

However, when the time came to upgrade to a dedicated server about 5 months ago things started getting bad. Their support went crazy, and not even helpful. They DON'T have 24/7 support, and only answer questions at 2 AM, and no other time. Their payment system is what really ticked me off. I never set up automatic payments but yet they were withdrawing money from my PayPal account. I was okay with it untill what I saw... All my records indicate that it was $32.00 a month. Once checking with paypal, they have been withdrawing $99 a month. This is theft and have been going on for months. I've lost almost around $300 due to this. This is NOT okay. I contact them about the issue and just made up excuses... And I also had about a 7 hour downtime which they couldn't explain so they did a full system restore. However when doing so, half of my scripts no longer work... GREAT!

Recently I contacted host gator, and they have FANTASTIC helpful support! I recently switched and left byethost in the dust... Best decision in my life! NEVER GO WITH BYETHOST (unless you want to be stolen from).

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: terrible service

pain in the neck

I have free plan for years. Recently, they made changes and my account had been suspended for weeks until I had php scripts.

They say I violated usage policy. I didn't touch the site for 2 years. Eventually I was told my site overuse the processor. They do not give you info why they suspend your pages they just do.

Note if you have some php scripts on your free plan your site it will be down 99.9 % of the time.


Biggest Pro: free
Biggest Con: changings come without giving info to custumers, forcing money

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