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Brain Host (Con Artists and Thieves)

I purchased s lifetime hosting with brainhost several years ago.
During the time I was hosted with them my website was down more times than it was up. Last year I tried again to gain access to my site (and guess what) you've got it, it was down yet again! But this time when I contacted them they told me that they did not have any of my website files on their servers (They had completely lost my data) and that they had been taken over by another company and they did not do any form of lifetime hosting. So they kept my money even though they were not prepared to honour the contract that I had with them. They do not answer my emails or support tickets.
My advice to anyone considering using their services would be STEER WELL CLEAR SND DONT LET THEM HAVE ANY OF YOUR MONEY, You would get a better service if you just poured your $ down the nearest drain. They are just a pack of dishonest thieves in my opinion which is bourne out by their lack of willingness to contact me to arrange a refund of the contracted payment for a service not provided.

Biggest Pro: NONE! There are NO pro's
Biggest Con: They do not honour their contractual obligations and cannot supply a consistent hosting service.

Previous reviews by Dave Bolton

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Stay away from these con men!

This company is one of the worst l have come across in many years online.
I paid $197 for lifetime hosting some years ago. And the whole time this hosting was in force I was plagued by downtime and server problems. They have now breached their contract with me by cancelling all my services without any notification. Their support ticket system is a joke! The do not answer support tickets, they just mark them as closed. They do not reply to emails and there is no way of getting them to honour their lifetime commitment or to get a refund for their breach of contract. I would not trust these people to help me cross the road. Stear well clear their service is not worth the money they charge. And you will not be able to guarantee that your site will be able to be seen on the net.

By Dave Bolton on March 22nd, 2016 at 13:54 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Don't Know | Email:

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Brain Host Is The Wast Hosting Service In The Net

It take me 5 years to build my website with my own domain name. I work so hard to create contents and ranking it in Google.
Last year I decide to change brain hosting to another service. But brain host still on control to register the domain name through them.
My domain name was expired 0n july 2015 they not even inform for that. I check my site I find out was down and registrat was expired. I renew the domain name on august 2015. Brain host receive my payment from paypal.
Due to the poor service of brain host they decide to auction my domain name without my concern. The domain name wasn't both from them or create for me.
On october 2015 they decide to delete my domain name and sale on auction after the renew payment was done.
Who is responsible for that. Its me or brain host poor service.
Now I lost my domain name and is for sale for $799 after was both by new owner.
Brain host stupide service they say I must buy that domain name again.
Guys do you think brain host service is good to host or register your domain name with them.
I do not think so and I advice do not use brain host services at all.
Because if they not hosting your site only register they make all what in their power to sale your domain name.
Brain host is crook hosting service and taking innocent people for rap off on their money.
Stay away from Brain Host Services.

Hs Brain Host Shut and Turned the Lights Out?

I have had lots of issues with Brain Host over the last 3-4 years years but there response times and general support have been ok. Server speed has often been an issue.
Over the last two months it has been impossible to get a response and now my website is locked and I cannot find a number I can call them from New Zealand. I have stuck with them because I paid $197 for unlimited hosting but have now gotten to the point where the service is so bad (non existent) that I will have to try and export my domain names elsewhere........ If I can even get a response from them

Biggest Pro: Initially life long unlimited hosting
Biggest Con: Most recently its like they have turned the lights and and all gone home!!

Lost Everything

Was good for about 3 months. Then I lost everything. Sorry, but I do not keep the same 9-5 m-f, that Brainhost does. The worst customer support, the worst turn around on service tickets. "sorry no one is available at this time. please try again in 3 days". My web site is down, I can not get a response on my domain authorizaiton code, so I can transfer my domain name. WHAT A SCAM!!!!

Biggest Con: No one to help excetp 9-5 m-f

lost everything

Brainhost were recommended as the best hosting service, though mostly by themselves and customer reviews on their own site.
I started with one site, a platinum package and lifetime hosting which cost a tidy sum.
I later incresed to 3 sites and dedicated 6 months solid hard work, average 10 hours a day to building my sites, writing articles and building links to my ezine account. I spent a lot of money on this also.
When the sites came up for renewal, they sent an email saying they were taking this huge amount from my account - and charging me again for hosting when I had already paid for unlimited lifetime hosting.
This was rectified, and I instructed them to take for renewal, privacy and back up. I received a confirmation email to say this would be done - so I didnt worry about it again. I was taking a break from the sites, and was in the process of changing location.
When I went to tune into my sites, they no longer existed. I checked my bank statement, which only gave 1 deduction for site renewal.
Brainhost could not recover my sites - as they had not backed them up, and I was presented with a car parts site.
I demanded the refund of ALL the money I had spent with them and was refunded $648 which was less than my amount paid, but better than nothing at all.
I am absolutely heartbroken, I lost 6 months literally of my life over this and have received no compensation. They do not give a toss over this and have washed their hands of it.
Their customer service was always a drama. They are the most expensive company but do not read your emails and so just frustrate your issues more either by sending generic emails or answers which are totally irrelevant.
They will NEVER call you - calls are free only in the USA, and they put you on hold a lot. You would think that with such a serious issue as mine that they would have had the decency to call me but they did not which in any book is unforgivable.

Biggest Con: Customer service - they don't care.


First of all, this is my second time writing and complaining about the services, think I'd learned by now.
The server is down constantly. A chronic problem.
Customer service is not available by phone on the weekends and tech doesn't take the time to thoroughly find out what problem you might be having with your sites.
I don't see this company being around too much longer. I've noticed an increase in waiting time when calling in for support when support is available.
I recently had my sites suspended for non payment. My sites were down for most of the past weekend.
All Andrew in customer could do for me was let me know that I have not made a payment for July 17- Aug 17th.
Are you kidding me? Poor service and you shut me down for 9.95?
And by the way, why was I paying 9.95 and other folks was paying 7.95?
Brainhost had rebuilt my fitness site into a used car site then, could not retrieve the content from my fitness site. I never asked to have my site rebuilt, first of all.
Who's idea was that?
I thought Brainhost had my site backed up for ten days.
Ten days went by and I lost everything.
Can you imagine, page not found error for every article that was on that site?
I started over.
That was four months, still haven't recovered.
I backed up my site early today, thank god for that.
Started getting database errors for all my sites.
Server going in and out, nothing new with that problem.
Every time I put in a help ticket I get, your sites are working fine.
How frustrating is that?
Brainhost never takes the time to really look into the problem.
I'm glad I didn't pay for a years service.
I'd be fighting to get my money back.
What a nightmare..

Can anyone give me the name of a reliable hosting?
I'm sick of Brainhost at this.
I gave them a second chance to proof themselves..


Biggest Pro: None

Brain Host has BIG issues with customer service - FOLLOWUP

Brian Host can reply, see below "4/4/12 UPDATE" but reviewer has tried twice now, with no luck...

Most of my money was refunded by BrainHost after speaking with a manager, thank you. The e-mails were not going to my spam folder, that is checked several times per day, the e-mails simply never came thru to me, it is unknown why, as was discussed when I spoke with the manager. I gave my direct personal cell phone number to Brain Host to contact me at on three separate occasions, but did not receive any messages or calls from Brain Host on this number. I spent so much time on hold waiting for help, my cell phone bill for one month went from it's usual $79 to over $270 (with overage charges) - I feel as if Brain Host should refund the extra $191, I'm laid-off and can't afford this!

4/4/12 UPDATE
We have tried several times in the past few days to reach you by phone and email, but haven't been able to get a hold of you. From the responses (or lack thereof) to our emails, it looks like some of our emails may be getting caught in your spam folder? Please contact us if you are still having problems.

Biggest Pro: server seemed to always be up, did eventually get most of my money returned.
Biggest Con: a lot of time and effort to get my money refunded, couldn't solve major technical problem had to try to figure it out myself

Previous reviews by Jenny Magayna

The information below is no longer valid because the user has posted a follow-up review above.

Read other entries by this user:

Brain Host has a BIG issue with Customer Service - Part 2

04/12/12 update from REVIEWER
I called BrainHost and discussed the situation with a manager, ~85-90% of my money was refunded (the reamining ~10-15% were for fees I'd agreed to when I signed up, and I knew were unrefundable).

Concerning the 4/4/12 update from BrainHost (4/4/12 UPDATE We have tried several times in the past few days to reach you by phone and email, but haven't been able to get a hold of you. From the responses (or lack thereof) to our emails, it looks like some of our emails may be getting caught in your spam folder? Please contact us if you are still having problems.)

I had given BrainHost a specific and direct Phone Number and E-mail address to reach me at on three separate occasions prior to my original review on 3/28/12, twice via e-mail and once verbally. I check my spam folders several times a, no, they were not going to my spam folder...and I responded to every e-mail I did receive. In discussion with the manager when my money was returned, it is unknown why the e-mails were not arriving anywhere in my e-mail box, this is no one's fault.

By Jenny on April 12th, 2012 at 16:13 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 months
Plan: Don't Know | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Brain Host has a BIG issue with Customer Service

I have been waiting for a response to an issue that has stopped the progression of building my site for TWO WEEKS; issues before that were an averave of 10-14 days, and one e-mail received absolutely NO reply. I've finally had to reach out to my computer maintainence guy to help, which will cost me more the $800 I've already dumped into Brain Host. I needed to change the domain name, they told me over the phone it would be no problem, then they e-mailed me and said they "couldn't" change it, then they e-mailed me telling me it was changed...what the??? Every time I call, I’ve spent anywhere from 30-90 minutes on hold waiting for someone to answer. I would change, but am stuck with them...the company I work for uses them, and only them...such a shame! If you can choose a hosting company - DON'T CHOOSE BRAIN HOST!!! I'd rate on uptime, etc., but STILL waiting to get my site going! One good thing, the people I talked with (once my calls were finally answered) were polite.

By Jenny on March 28th, 2012 at 19:21 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Cheaters - In simple Terms


While checking flippa i found some good deals which was promoted by flippa. From there I visited Brainhost and got impressed as they are offering Complete free for 1 year. So immediately registered with them & in registration process there are 8 steps they will try to sell different products. I didn't selected any thing and completed the entire process But here is twist they charged me USD48 .. They didnt showed any thing in welcome page or in any page about the charges... Kindly dont believe this kind of stuff.

Biggest Con: Cheaters

don't do it!

I was excited to get my domain and get my website started, but when I logged in their site wouldn't recognize my domain name. I checked back later, same problem.
Called customer support, she assured me she'd have the technical support people figure it out. Tech support sends me an email that night telling me the reason I'm having trouble editing my site is because I haven't made a site yet. Wow, really?! I emailed back saying I am aware that I haven't built a site, it won't let me build a site at all, and never heard back.
I went to their web site and did a live chat. The guy "went to check" and never came back. I started a new chat session. He told me "they're working on it" but wouldn't give me any information or respond to the fact that tech support doesn't seem to understand the problem, or if they do they haven't let me know anything.
I told him I'm very upset and considering having my bank do a stop payment & demanding a refund for services and transferring my domain elsewhere. No response.
The BBB will be hearing about them. I don't want to be a jerk, but you should at least reach out to a customer, especially a brand new customer, and say something like "we're not sure why this really obvious and stupid problem is happening but we're working on it, so sorry for the inconvenience." The worst part is that the tech support emails are all in broken English and you know it's some poor guy in India making less than minimum wage.


they kept adding on charges, like I needed what they were selling, plus did not ask!. Very high priced, for what service they gave, I found out. I cancelled. They did give me most of my money back in two days, but I think I might have to fight for the rest, or they would of included it in the refund.

Response by Eric, who is an employee of Brain Host:


The only things not included in your refund are the domain name registration fee (this is because you still own your domain for 1 year whether or not you keep your hosting with us) and certain upgrades. This is all spelled out on our website in the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you placed your order. If you would like to speak to someone regarding your refund, please feel free to reach out to us at Customer Support.

Brain Host Customer Support
support [at]

Posted on January 12th, 2012 at 07:36 EST

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