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Worst web host!!!!

I'm a web developer and took over a site from another developing company who has this site hosted at Bounceweb. After fixing their code to keep the site from crashing every week, I find the site still goes down about 3 times a year, for multiple days. The problems are always with the servers the site is hosted on. The tech support is very slow to respond (even though they claim a 30 minute response time), the sites are insecure (our site has been infected with malware from a back end infection), and phone support does not exist (even though they show a phone number to call).
Unfortunately, my client spent way to much money on the previous company's development and to move the site to a new host will be costly, due to the custom code. Therefore, we just have to suffer with Bounceweb for a little while longer until downtime exceeds the cost of rebuilding the site on a new host.
Thankfully, this is my ONLY customer on Bounceweb!


Their customer service is absolutely garbage, they are slow and will close tickets and make up an excuse for why they can't respond to it.

They wrongly charged my credit card and refuse to refund it, after dealing with their awful support I had to get a chargeback through my credit card company.

Their servers are severely overloaded and are very slow. I couldn't send email for a week because their servers were put on spam watch lists and were filtered out.


Biggest Con: SCAMMERS

Bounceweb Sucks! DO NOT even think about hosting with them!

Something needs to be done about this whole sad excuse for a hosting company ...

I have been a customer for 3 years and have watched the steady decline of the service and support the entire time. First, the UNLIMITED PLAN consisted of an allotment of 10GB for storage and 100GB for bandwidth. I figured that was just a generic number and it wouldn't matter so I didn't say anything - I never did get to either limit so it did not make a difference, I only mention it because in reading various reviews around the web, they held people to the limits set after selling them unlimited plans.

Another issue was that for some reason, my friend, who lives 10 minutes away, could not access my sites, at all... I don't know why, neither does he, I can only speculate that a large chunk of IP's were blocked from some ISP's... Who knows really. They could not explain nor would they even try to explain.

I decided to switch hosts, only to find that the "Backup Wizard" has been disabled and for them to make a "Backup" for you will cost "$10 or $2.50 per gig whichever costs more".

Then I decided I would simply download everything via FTP. I only have about 1.5GB total, so no big deal. The ftp xfer got about 10% done and I was disconnected and my IP is currently banned. I can't view my websites or connect via FTP to get my files. I am currently waiting, for an hour now(that seems to be about 30 extra minutes more than their guarantee) for any response to my request that they unblock my IP so I can get my stuff.

If you read the reviews online.. they are all terrible... I am so happy to leave them... wow!

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: The entire company is a CON (as in con artist)

Terrible, They will steal your money and not let you cancel

Warning, review their TOS.

They will auto renew you with no warning. When you want them to stop they will not help you. There is no customer service or phone support. Their local phone number has been disconnected and as far as i can tell they are on their way out as a business.

Their Better Business Bureau rating is F

I would stay away from this hosting company unless you want your hard earn money leaving your bank account with nothing to show for it.

Biggest Con: No support, No live billing phone support, does not let you cancel auto renew

No Brainer - I wouldn't do business with this company again.

I have been fighting with this guy for a week over the backups. He delays just as a previous reviews state. And if you say anything he doesn't like, he accuses you of being either rude or "verbally" abusive. If you try to address his refusal to do what he said he would do, he will delete your ticket. I just had it happen to me.

This company is not a company you want to do business with long term. I have been a customer with them for over two years. The service is getting much worse and the tech (there seems to be only one) will hold your site files hostage and try to force you to pay them 20 dollars to move your sites, when, if they would allow you to back up your site like most other companies allow, you could move them yourself without having to pay them. You cannot use another company to have them help you move your site because they need to be able to backup your site to move it. Bounceweb has turned that feature of cpanel off so you cannot move your site unless you download it by ftp which is much slower and they limit the download speed. I have been told that they would give me the backup of each of my sites, but then turned around and told me I have to wait another 72 hours. Very frustrating, when the server backs up a site in just a few minutes.

When I signed up with this company on 08-29-2009, I signed up for a reseller account with unlimited amount of bandwidth and unlimited space. They assured me that they did not oversell their servers. They since have changed my account to their gold plan which is limited. They did not let me know of the change. When they disabled the cpanel back up option so a person or company can backup their sites periodically (which is what anyone in the computer field will tell you is a must to protect your data), they did not let me know. I just found out one day when I was looking for that option so I could backup my active site.

If you go with this company, be forewarned. You will receive the kind of treatment you are reading in the negative reviews. If you don't need help through their support system or you don't care if your site(s) are down then you will have a good experience. Their advertised up time is coming from somewhere, but I assure you, it isn't coming from the server or account I have had.

This company makes excuses for the problems they have (I have kept copies of my communication with them) and then if you become frustrated with the site having server side issues, you will be treated horribly.

James Willit is a name you will see often if you are in need of support. Watch out with this guy. He seems to have a distorted view of what rude and abusive is. Ignoring your problem, making excuses for the problem, or simply accusing you of being abusive or rude or unprofessional is common with this tech. He will tell you he will do something, then makes you wait for days and can't understand your frustration when you want your support ticket properly dealt with.

Forewarned is forearmed. This company should not be trusted in my opinion. I only have over two year experience with them and in the beginning they had great support. They had very professional techs. Now it isn't that way.

Now if James Willit gets upset with you, your ticket will be placed on hold. It says so in the support tickets. And you will sit and nothing will be done. Not the kind of company you would consider "professional". They will be happy to take your money though. So, if you have it to throw away, great.. if you don't, then maybe you should consider doing business somewhere else.

Biggest Pro: they used to be a great hosting company for the price.
Biggest Con: They refuse to allow you to backup your sites, their support is really bad.


I signed up for service, only to find out the server we have been given was Blacklisted and all of our emails Bounced Back as Spam - which was a problem, since we were hosting an Online Store!

When they were told about this, nobody every tried to solve the issue.

When a refund was requested, per terms of their 30-day money back guarantee, they trotted out a set of exclusions that would nulllify the guarantee, and claimed we were excluded by one of them - problem is, none of the exclusions applied!

Basically, this company looks like it is run by one guy "James Willit", who puts all of the hosted domains on one server (guaranteeing crappy service) and then tries to keep you on the financial hook for as long as he can. If you pre-pay for a year, forget about ever getting it back!

Avoid This Company Like The Plague They Are!


Bounceweb is run by cheater and scammer.

" I bought an "Unlimited" plan from them, soon I signup i only get 250GB Monthly bandwidth, i then raise ticket to ask for refund, they promised they will increase for me once my bandwidth is near the 250GB. Today when my bandwidth exceed 200Gb I then raise ticket to ask for more bandwidth (unlimited). They say I use too much Cpu resource. I only host a Wordpress blog with a few popular plugins. I ask for refund, then they sudden closed down my whole website, I can not login to my C-Panel nor the ticket system. They are cheat and scammer. The worst hosting company ever, full of false and fake promise. 30 days money back guaranteed is fake. Unlimited bandwidth only 250GB. If you want to host a wordpress or forum with dynamic html, dont buy from them, thier unlimited shared hosting only suitable for static html. If you use dynamic html with database, they will accuse you of eating too much thier Cpu and ask you pay more. "

Terrible Customer Service and Billing Practices

I had the same billing problem as another reviewer. They will cancel your account and say you won't be billed any longer, then a month later, they'll bill you again for a service that was already canceled.

When trying to get a refund, they'll give a short, unhelpful response, then they will eventually stop responding all-together.

I recommend that you avoid companies like this at all costs. The only reason I rated the other service areas 7.0 is because I wasn't there long enough to form a good opinion. There are too many good providers to deal with any second-rate providers. If you do, then I recommend that you work with your credit card, bank or PayPal provider to ensure you are not billed by these people again.

Biggest Con: Customer Service


i had same problem infact i have the same problem, i tryed useing video hsoting script and it didnt work they said they wud fix but made it worse! so even site didnt load up i asked 4 a refund they asked why i wana leave? ha then said what wud make me stay then ignoreing me. tip to everybody



I used Bounceweb to host some small websites. They were great for the time I needed their service. Then came time for me to take the sites down. I had sent them a couple emails trying to get a billing issue resolved and understandingly, they could not issue a refund. After everything was said and done, I had asked them to cancel my subscription, and everything seemed fine. A few months later, they bill me again for another cycle!! Their responses were short, offered very little help, and left me with more questions. It seemed as though they were trying to avoid me. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this host!

Biggest Con: horrible customer service

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