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When I compare Bluehost to the other hosting services I have seen and used, I know I’m getting the best. Whenever I have drawn on the knowledge of the technical staff in order to solve problems such as installing scripts they have been more than happy to help (I wouldn't have gotten my forum working without them), furthermore whenever they improve their offer further, all i have to do is ask and they upgrade my account free of charge. I live in Australia, so I don't know about the value of hosting in America, but compared to the ones I've seen online, and the ones in my local area, Bluehost kills them, the value for money is truly incredible. They are experiencing some problems with their new features, but that is to be expected, and just goes to show the lengths they're going to, to provide the best for thier customers.

Biggest Pro: Value for money and technical support
Biggest Con: Problems caused by new features

Bluehost Experience

I have been with Bluehost for more than a year now. I like them considering they are an established host and their hosting features really fit my needs for my websites. No downtime but just some problem with the "exceeded cpu limit". Everytime I uploaded huge number of photos, all my websites were unaccessible. So far, that's my problem with them, but if I'm not doing huge uploads, everything's fine. They have an excellent support which does not require ticketing and I just chat with them and my problems solved. All in all I could say that I will stay with them for the rest of my websites life!

Best Support Ever...Close to 100% Uptime

In all of my 2 years experience with Bluehost, I have never been let down by their phone support or their web support. Some of them have even went beyond their call of duty to help me debug my websites and code.

I have also only recieved one instance of downtime ever in 2 years, in which someone DDoS attacked someone using the same server as I. They fixed it immediatly, and within 1 week my site was well again.

Their prices are pretty good too, matching other competitors and beating them most of the time.

Biggest Pro: Technical Support
Biggest Con: Domain Limitations

Bluehost: Not bad

I just started with blue host. They have Linux servers which is a plus. Though you have to watch out for their plans. They charge you nearly the same amount for 6 months and 1 year. I signed up for the 1 year plan so it was okay. The price they have on their front page is for the two year plan. So unless you want your site up for a long time I wouldn't suggest them.

Customer service seems to be pretty good, but I had some issues with email that are still not resolved.

I've had no problems with server and connection speed.

I'd like to add that the software it comes with is great and no prior knowlege of html or webdesign is needed to make a professional looking site. It also has blogging softeware.

What i like best is their 300 GB/month bandwidth cap which is probably the best you can get for a shared plan. Though you have to make your own favicon.ico or theirs will be shown on your site (the little picture by your domain name).

Biggest Pro: 300 GB BandWidth/Month
Biggest Con: Bluehost favicon.ico that won't go away.

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