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Good for small business.

I have been hosting my site with Bluehost for almost 2 yrs now.According to my experience with bluehost I think they are good small business hosting and honestly if you have a large business and million hits per month then why would you want shared hosting at all?

Pros: Good uptime,enough databases (50 mysql and 50 postgre),Goog bandwidth,Enough space,Decent customer service if you know what you are talking about otherwise no one can help an idiot.

Cons: Don't allow Full DNS management you have to open a ticket to get you CNAME or A record pushed.Don't allow streaming.Little bit overpriced for the service.

Remark:I recommend it for small business. Large business with over 100K hits/month please find a dedicated host and dont act cheap.

Biggest Pro: decent customer service,
Biggest Con: no DNS management

Web site down yet again

In the last three months, bluehost server issues have caused my website to be down for periods of 15-30 minutes or more. I am running a business and the outages have cost me hundreds of dollars. This evening their entire system is down and they are saying more than an hour to restore it. If you are running a business, I would not recommend ths hosting service. Their customer service doesn't even offer to discount or refund for the service outages and doesn't seem to care that these outages are impacting our businesses.

Biggest Con: down time!!

Bad Customer relation Jaking up price without customer content...

The jack up the price for old customers without warning. They offer 6.95 a month for new sign ups but for current customers like me who is almost 3 years with them, they bill 8.95 a month. When I called, they said that 6.95 a month is for new customers only and if I want this price I would have to pay up front for 3 years. Rip off people. Stay away from unprofessional company. Do not use BLUEHOST.COM. Once they obtain credit card they can do whatever they want. I'm reporting them also maximumpc magazine, I'll see what they going to say about it.

Biggest Pro: N/A
Biggest Con: Bad Customer relation

The Absolute worst in every regard

I don’t know where to start, so here’s a run down the issues the elaborate:

99.9% uptime is a joke.
In 4 months I’ve logged 11 hours of downtime. That’s over 2 hours more than the allotted down time by that statistic, and that’s only what I’ve notices on nights and weekends.

Bandwidth is worse than dial up I had 10 years ago.
It took 37 minutes to download a 2 minute, 11MB streaming FLV file. I uploaded the same file, and same page, to another host I’m using, and it took 33 seconds to download.

Customer Service... uh, what customer service?
I reported both these problems through their helpdesk ticket system, neither which were ever replied too.

So, I called. On the first issue, that flat out told me I’m wrong. I read the dates and times, that said that couldn’t be right. I asked for what their logs should on those dates, the said that information wasn’t available.

The second issue - first they didn’t understand at all what I was talking out. Then the tried to tell me it was a service provider issue. I then explained having both site host on my screen right now as I spoke, to which I got no reply - I was asked to hold, but was disconnect instead. My next call was to cancel service.

Biggest Pro: Well, they did manage to charge my credit card promptly if you call that a pro
Biggest Con: Everythng. I mean everything. Nothing good about this host exisit.

This is not your long term web hosting.

I have 2 major problems with bluehost.

- Bluehost control panel and web email access use 2000 plus port number. I am behind the fire wall and totally blocked. So if you are behind firewall like me, go find another web hosting.

- I installed egroupware in my account and it works fine for long time. However suddenly it behaves strangely someday. I asked bluehost customer support if php or mysql has been updated recently. They did not answer my question directly, no any suggestion, and no any help

Finally I figured out bluehost upgraded php to 5.2.6. So I ask them if they can down grade php to previous version or move my account to different server with 5.2.5 or old php. Their response is NO. So if you are not software engineer or want have a stable website, bluehost is not a hosting company for you. Your website will stop working someday and you will not get any clue what happened. I have no choice and have to move to different web hosting company.

Bluehost Not Reliable

To describe my experience with Bluehost would take nothing short of a novel. I had two accounts with Bluehost for two years. The major problems I had with Bluehost were sporadic, continual downtimes on a regular basis and email never did work on one account.

To read about my nightmare with Bluehost goto the site I provided with my link.

Biggest Pro: Bluehost is cheap
Biggest Con: Excessive Downtime

Awesome host!

Bluehost is amazing! Great service, fast servers, and amazing prices and features! I've got 4 different sites hosted on the same account and none have suffered any downtime apart from a pre-notified 30 minute maintenance check. Their customer support is pretty good, open 24/7 and usually very helpful. The one thing I could complain about would be that their online chat operators are sometimes a bit slow to respond. Other than that, I am very satisfied and will continue to remain a customer. I'd recommend Bluehost to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Price and Features
Biggest Con: Slower-responding technical support representatives

My Experience with

I have been using services since past two years.

I have two accounts hosted by them.

And I am quite satisfied with their services, espacially with their excellent 24/7/365 customer support. Thats why I chose to get another account without instead using "addon domain" feature in my control panel. I am hosting 7 Websites in my first account and only one in the another one, because its our company website. I recently planned to launch a free video and picture site like and disappointed to know that they dont suppot ffmepg libraries to convert the uploaded videos on the server. Since than I am looking for a reputable hosting company thats would allow me to have a video sharing website.

- Updating packages with new features.
- Excellent Customer Support

- They dont support FFMPeg with LAME, libogg and libvorbis support & FFMPeg-PHP (to get video information through PHP).
- Mencoder-Mplayer (for converting uploaded videos to the Flash Video format).
- FLVtool2 (to inject meta-data to the converted videos).

I hope to see these features in my package in upcomming months.

Or I might qitch to somewhere else.

Over all. Bluehost ! you are the best, so far.

Best Host I Tried!

When I came upon Bluehost I knew that they were for me. They had everything what I needed including Fantastico and phpMyadmin. I am very happy with the customer service that they have. When I found out that they doubled their bandwidth and hosting space I called them to increase my bandwidth and hosting space and they did it within 2 hours! So far I haven't had any downtime at all with them and it's great!

They also have free $50 Adwords credits and $50 Yahoo credits which is great!

I highly recommend their service!

Biggest Pro: No downtime!
Biggest Con: Suport for ASO

Keeps getting better.

I've been a Bluehost customer for over 2 years and have been very happy with their service.

When I started the packages were a bit smaller than they are now, but they doubled the space and bandwidth last year and gave many more mysql databases. One concern I had was they didn't update my account right away, but when I called them and told them I noticed the changes on their homepage they upgraded my account the same day. This year the same thing happened with addon domains (which had been limited to 5) and again they upgraded me right away.

The thing I like the most about Bluehost is the customer support. Other web hosts I've used in the past were impossible to reach by phone and non responsive to emails. The few times I've had to call Bluehost I've had them on the phone in 20 minutes or less and they clear support tickets very fast.

Biggest Pro: Great customer service.
Biggest Con: Some of my pages running php scripts load a little slow.

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