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After 8 Years Time To Jump Ship. Site Down 7 Weeks in a Row!

I have been with BlueHost for over 8 years. Mainly because of their support. This last year it's gotten so bad I am looking to jump ship and find a new host.

It first came to my attention when I was having a client's site speed optimized. After weeks of work, we came to the conclusion the slow speed was BlueHost servers. We mirrored the sites (there were two sites) on a different server and tested. I showed BlueHost support, and they still claimed it wasn't their servers causing the slow speeds. Thier response did not make logical sense because it was clearly their servers.

On my main site for my nonprofit, for the last 7 weeks in a row, at the very same time each week, my database has crashed. The first couple of weeks I did everything BlueHost told me to do. I eventually hired a developer to optimize and fix any issues with the database. That was week 4 and 5. It's pretty clear something is triggering this crash on the BlueHost server. The developer I hired suspects their weekly backup. I believe it must be malware. I have heard their servers are filled with bugs.

Anyway, each week I call. Always a new person and you have to go through the history of the issue. Rarely a response unless I tweet to BlueHost. Via email they rarely respond to support tickets. Through this whole issue, they have never taken responsibility and keep claiming it's my database. This week we took my site and mirrored it on two other services. At the exact same time my site went down on BlueHost server, but the two mirrored sites did not. This proves with 100% certainty it's a BlueHost server problem! I have asked them the last three weeks to take action to troubleshoot the problem and not only have I seen zero actions on their part, it's rare to get a response except from their Twitter account!

I heard BlueHost was bought by a new company around a year ago, and that is right around when their support started to get worse! Being honest, I should have jumped ship after the 3rd week my site went down, but I am loyal and have been with BlueHost for years. Problems happen, but it's the companies that fix those problems that keep my business. BlueHost these days does little to fix problems to the point they will not even take responsibly for them - ever after it's proven that the problem is BlueHost servers!

Someone just shared a response on Facebook that BlueHost was bought by Edurance and their support is a mess! Don't be like me and find that out the hard way!

Beware money back guarantee

As has been noted on here previously, you need to beware of the Bluehost 30 day money back guarantee as even if you decide to cancel the day after opening you will NOT get a full refund. Also it is difficult to find the terms and conditions regarding the guarantee - I looked and am unable to find them. Pay careful attention to what contract you select as the billing process is deceptive and you will end up paying more than you thought - its not a transparent process by any means.

New polices, new pricing, new poor service

I have been with bluehost for over 5 years. Have sold numerous clients on their service. This last month my sites we're suspend due to new database usage rules. After proving to them my usage was not as stated (no where near) what the stated in policy. The still refused to unsuspend my accounts. After trying to talk to support about issue (they could not find issue), they still have not undos ended the accounts.

In short, they held my sites hostage to make me pay more for the same service.

Bluehost also has very poor security so unless you monitor your own site.

Biggest Pro: Quick to get sites up
Biggest Con: Poor service and support if you have any technical issues.

Breach of Privacy

I have been a customer for many years and have many domains with Bluehost. They recently violated my privacy by sending a third party private information without my permission or even knowledge! The third party did not have a valid subpoena yet Bluehost released them ALL my information including private email logs. I am considering taking legal action against them as a result of this breach. I am transferring my domain to another provider.

Biggest Con: if you don't care about your privacy, use bluehost!

Beware of 30 day policy timing & process

I had some issues with getting site hosting set up, and their technical support gave answers that were not valid (and later corrected by other updates to the ticket involved). Hosting seemed to be a mixed bag, servers were fine but getting good answers wasn't so reliable, so I opted to not continue. The cancellation was well within 30 days, and was acknowledged by them, but not processed and they charged my card. So I will have to contest it unless Bluehost honors their original commitment. Also note that they may not give full access until they validate your account, but they seem to consider that part of the 30 days. In any case I cancelled within the time limits and am not happy with the current situations.

Biggest Pro: server seemed reliable
Biggest Con: conflicting support answers

Large Company with Solid Hosting

As with all "unlimited" shared hosting, speed throttling does occur but is still usable. Online chat is useful for quick support. Pricing is good, not the rock bottom but I have never tried the cheapest companies so cannot compare. Features are limited compared to more expensive hosts and quite a few "partner offers" on the cpanel interface which can be off-putting and confusing to the beginner.

But seems to have very low downtime and is a well established organisation. Not the speediest shared hosting I have experienced but acceptable enough. Better for someone with some experience that want a straightforward hosting at a reasonable price.

Biggest Pro: "Unlimited" basic plan
Biggest Con: Usage throttling does occur

Bluehost is slow and Over Priced for Small Wordpress Blogsite.

Bluehost claims to support Wordpress with lots of data base capacity for wordpress. It is slow slow slow. I have 2 blogsites hosted by Bluehost and most of the time they are very slow connecting to them. My blogs do not have a lot of activity so should be fast. They are very small blogs with not a lot of followers. When my contract is up I will probably not renew. The price for established customers is not worth it. I can move my blogs to a cheaper host and get just as good of performance for half the price or less. I gave blue host a 5 for most items because to me a 5 is average which I find most shared hosting to be. Reliability I gave a 9 because uptime was better than average. price I gave a 3 because I feel it is overpriced for the speed and what little band width and space I use. less than 300 Mb of space. Although things have improved somewhat with the speed I will be looking else where when my contract is up in February unless things really improve and I get a better price. Seems to me they should give their present customers a break on the price they charge instead of giving it to new customers.

Biggest Pro: Uptime is good
Biggest Con: servers are very slow on most days

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Ok for personal or Sites with Minimum Traffic

I have been with Blue host for almost 3 years. I just renewed for another year. So far I have not had any problems with them and the service has been excellent. My only complaints are their servers are very slow. 2 years ago they were fast at least for me. But the past few months they have been slow slow. I run 2 wordpress blogs and a smf (simple Machines forum) software for a RV forum and 2 blog sites. None of my sites have a great amount of traffic maybe 5 or 6 people a day. I don't think they are throttling my site, although I really don't know. There price is inline with what over hosting providers charge for the same things. Their Tech support and billing staff have been excellent. For the money They provide a good service for those who want a personal site or a small business with out to much traffic. I gave a low rating on Price for value because the site is slower than a couple of years ago.

By Melvin Bell on February 25th, 2012 at 13:30 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Account Suspended Without Warning

As far as I recall the package was cheap - but if your site is important to you, I'd avoid using for the following reason.

My sites were suspended without warning.
I was sent an email *after wards* to notify me that a forum was causing spam which as against the T&C. While it may have been a burden on the servers, I think they could have given me a few hours notice at the very minimum, so I could have addressed the issue.

Seriously bad practice imo, which is why I've given low score for "reliability"

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: Suspend site without giving warning

Good for beginners with one website which has little traffic

I signed up with bluehost after seeing it ranked number 1 on the wordpress site.

Prior to them, I had used 1&1, and compared to that host, bluehost is like night and day.

It was really easy to setup the site, and they have plenty of tutorials to help you along the way. Also, if you have problems, customer support is really fast to get a hold of, specially if you got a basic problem.

When I first started, I was getting barely any visitors to my site, and thus, never had any problems with bluehost. As the months went by and the number of visitors increased, I realized that my website was not loading as fast, and come to find out, bluehost had throttled my website.

They give you a generic page on how to troubleshoot what might be causing the problem , and after following all the recommended guidelines, I figured problem wouldn't happen anymore.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. I continued to have my website throttled, and that means that my site went from loading in 3-4 seconds, to loading up in 15 seconds up to 35 seconds. Obviously that caused my bounce rate to go up, and I had not done anything additional to my site. In other words, I didn't add any new plugins, or change my wordpress theme, and only change I did was add 3 more posts for a total of 16 total pages on the site.

Bluehost gave me the same generic link and I told them I had already adjusted the site to follow their guidelines, and their response was, then it must be a plugin on your site, or your wordpress theme. I have minimum plugin sites, but I thought, maybe is the theme, so i changed it to a basic wordpress theme.

I let that theme run for 8 days, and in that time frame i got throttled twice.

Bottom line is this: If you have one website with a traffic of 50-100 visitors a day, bluehost might be a great host; however, as your traffic starts to go up, and mine doesn't even reach 500 a day, then troubles might start.

Also, my site was down 2 times and they said it was because of server upgrades, but I never got any advanced notice about it. Then the 2nd time they said it was a server problem they were trying to fix. Fortunately that happened at a time when I have the least visitors, but not good if your website caters also to other continents.

Overall, I'm highly dissapointed with Bluehost. I get throttled at least once a week, and my website is down to bare minimals.

I'm looking to change host, and in all fairness, bluehost is easy to setup, and it might be great if yo u're starting out with a website, but if you have more than one site, and it gets at least 200 visitors a day, good luck with them. Find another host.

The biggest problem I see is that they throttle your account and you don't get to find out the exact reason as to why that is happening; if they were to say, we throttled your account because of xyz reason, and here is how to fix it, then the continuing throttling would stop, and then i would be a happy customer. Obviously, you can get the dedicated server, but if you're starting out on a website, that's not really the best option.

Biggest Pro: If you're a beginner in setting up a website, bluehost has plenty of video tutorials and their cpanel is easy to use.
Biggest Con: They throttle your accounts and you can never really find out the exact reason as to why the throttling happens.

Excellent value

I have been using bluehost for about 3 years, and here are some things to think about:

1) It's $3.95/mo. for their unlimited package! Competitors charge $5.95 for a limited package, and unlimited is closer to $15/mo. With this, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and unlimited domains. I have about 15 domains hosted with them under one account. For $3.95/MO!!

2) Reliability: I monitor my websites with, and they're up 99% of the time or better. This is good enough for me. Not five nines, but I've never had any problems getting in.

3) Technical support: They have a weird thing where you have to call in to "verify" your account before you can get shell access. No big deal, but it seems unnecessary.

4) Value: I challenge you to find another hosting account for $3.95/mo. Let alone one that's unlimited!

Biggest Pro: Unlimited Domains
Biggest Con: They put branded favicon.ico and default.html in your home folders.

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