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ZERO Customer Support

Similar criticism to what has already been posted. BlueFur purposely shuts down telephone support service during posted business hours. Web Chat agents trained to apologize and buy time. No warnings issued prior to exceeding disc space. All in all a Mickey Mouse-type operation. Possibly suitable for family/personal use - but NEVER for business.

No one will speak to you despite repeated requests for attention or service. They just keep shooting emails back at you. Example: "I am very sorry for the issue that you are having with this. I do see that this ticket is in with our level 2 team and is queued up to one of our agents. We are working through these issues as quickly as possible, but we require your patience while we work to correct this issue."

Biggest Con: ZERO Customer Support when needed most.

What a waste of time!

If you expect any kind of response or customer service from Bluefur, you're in for a very frustrating experience.Our club hosted with them for a couple of years and then decided to change due to Bluefurs' total ineptitude in responding to our questions. I cancelled the account by responding to their deluge of automated e-mail responses. When what would have been the renewal time came around, I got another deluge of e-mails from them and my attempts to actually speak to someone were unsuccessful. But I did receive yet another deluge of auto replies. Now another "renewal" time has come around and their billing system has flooded me with yet more e-mails. I e-mailed and got another auto mail, I can only assume they have no management. I called both their sales and tech support numbers, and got cut off after being on hold for a few minutes.I left them a message to call me. I won't hold my breath
I see on this site that their overall rating is 32.29%, I think that's generous.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Are they working out of their garage?

New Owners do a a great job

These past reviews are referring to the previous owners and do not reflect the abilities of the new owners. I am aware of the bad reviews from before and have experience in some of the issues they bring up and in most cases the problems they describe are due to their own lack of understanding of the processes involved. I host multiple clients through Bluefur and am confident with their current level of service and hardware. Due to different renewal dates for these domain names and accounts I pretty much correspond with them several times each month, if they didn’t do an outstanding job and know exactly what they were doing I wouldn’t be recommending them and using them.

Biggest Pro: Outstanding customer service fron the billing department
Biggest Con: They kept the name from the old owners

Avoid BlueFur

I started with Bluefur back when they were Monster Hosting, and was quite happy then. But now, the company has fallen off a cliff in every manner. I'm not sure what's happened over at Bluefur, but they do not provide any sort of customer service whatsoever, it's literally impossible to communicate with someone and get any answers to problems, domains and sites don't get renewed properly so things go down, but they still take your money. Bluefur is no longer a functioning hosting company that can be trusted. It's very disappointing to see a good company fall apart, but that's what's happened. Avoid them.

Horrible Customer Service

Everything was fine when i was with them back when they were called Monster Hosting. I have used there hosting service for my business website for a long time now I'm not sure how long, but the last 6 months or so have been a complete waste of my time and money. So far in the summer I requested to change my payment from my credit card to my bank account through paypal. They informed me that they would have to wait till the next payment date which they forgot about and then suspended my website. Which took them days to respond to when I emailed them about it . Ive had several more smaller billing problems with them also but not really worth mentioning. Then a month ago they banned one of my employees from connecting to there server, which meant that he couldn't receive his email. Now they have suspended my account accusing my company of using it for phishing (for those who don't know phishing is tricking people so you can steal there personal information such as credit card numbers) a rather serious accusation for something we are certainly not doing. Suffice to say I will not be renewing my subscription next month in fact I have already started switching to another provider. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOST TO ANYONE THEY ARE SIMPLY A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

Biggest Pro: Was great in the beginning before they changed there name.
Biggest Con: I have nothing but problems now.

Blur Fur very poor customer service

After being with Blur fur for a year I began to experience random service outages. My email would stop working for no reason. Tech support took several days and several attempts to get it back working and had no answer.

A few weeks later there was a message on my home-page saying my account had been suspended. Many email and phone calls and no one had any answers for me as to why. Finally after almost a week someone put me through to billing who told me my account was suspended for non-payment. I immediately forwarded them copies of all my credit card receipts to prove that no payment had been missed and it still took an additional 48 hours before they would admit the mistake and put my site back up but offered no compensation and NO APPOLOGY.

I have since closed my account and moved my service yet they continue to try and charge me. Only by having Mastercard block the charges have I been able to stop it.

Biggest Con: poor customer service

I hate Bluefur

Don't even get closer to this hosting provider!

Sometimes I needed to wait few days for some one to answer, sometimes waited forever!

When I canceled the service they still continue charge me until I canceled it through the credit card!

Very frustrating!!!

Long time customer - dont know why

I have been using this company to host multiple domains for me for many years, even before they were called Bluefur. When I signed up they were called and later changed their name and location. I don't know if it was just a name change or if it was a merger or acquisition, but since then, service has gone seriously downhill and I have had continual problems.

Included in these problems are things like servers offline, my IP blocked (because I tried to batch too many files in a FTP download, since their backup process wasn't working well), loss of connectivity to all my email accounts, PHP code exposed on my webpage (rather than executing as code), slow response to trouble tickets, RUDE service representatives (admittedly not all of them, but enough to make me wish I was not a customer), no explanation given for outages, random changes made to file permissions (rendering pages unusable), and refusal to refund all or part of my fees when service guarantees are not met.

I have been paying $12.95/month for this awful service. Why? That's what I've been asking myself lately and after 5 more outages in the past month I've decided it's time to move somewhere else. I dread the work involved in moving everything, but I can't tolerate the downtime and subsequent lack of service.

Biggest Pro: good selection of scripts
Biggest Con: downtime and poor service

Bluefur Hosting BULLY

After I posted a review about Bluefur's service on the 9th, my account by Bluefur was suspended. No notice and any attempt by me to get any answers were thwarted by Blufur not responding and by blocking my IP address.

For any company that cannot take criticism for their errors or shortcomings and not improve from that is silly. The behavior demonstrated by Bluefur in this matter is nothing less than childish and immature aside from the damage that is being caused to my client sites and to my business.

One of my domains that I registered through was registered in their name, Bluefur has refused to provide me with the domain name access information, they terminated my reseller account effectively closing down a number of my client sites.

So would I recommend Bluefur as a good and reliable hosting service?

After this episode there is no way that I could suggest anyone take a risk at the whim of someone holding the key to your online business.

Biggest Con: Failure to respond to clients

Response by Gary, who is an employee of BlueFur:

This customer violated our TOS of service and was provided 72 hours to remove his accounts from our server. Upon hearing this he spent 35 minutes and now 200+ emails that have been abusive, threatening and belligerent to various staff. All contact with him has been severed due to his troubles with being able to communicate in a civil manner.

We have asked for him to have his lawyer contact us so we can address any of his issues which is only meet with verbal attacks.

Posted on January 28th, 2008 at 14:59 EST

i love bluefur

I have been with bluefur for 3months or so now. I just registered my blog with them. They have great prices but what I really like is their customer support. One of their tech guys literally helped me set up a subdomain. .

They have the best staff and they are really fast. Their email service isnt the most reliable. That's the only downfall I see. If you are looking for affordable hosting with a LOT of features, go with They have so many applications and services, I still haven't figured out or found a reason to use half of them. I love having the options though

I don't even know how they got the price to be that cheap, with more features than its competitions too..

I really recommend it to you.

Biggest Pro: good customer support
Biggest Con: No

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