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Very nice hosting, fast, reliable, very few issues :)

I've now been with BizStreet for most of 5 months, and I have to say I'm very satisifed with everything. I'm on a dual reseller plan, Windows and Linux Plesk hosting, which I think is excellent for what I need.

Both servers are very reliable, I belive that the Linux one is clustered with another to create 0 downtime, although in practice it's been down a few times. I think there has only been one time when there has been downtime that I have recorded (ie over half an hour) that they have not emailed us all either before or during to explain what is going on.

The support is excellent, provided you get them inside GMT. Outside, it's marginally slower, but not much. I think the longest it's taken for them to reply is an hour, which I think is pretty good, and I think all the problems I have had have been resolved within a day or so.

I now have most of my domains with BizStreet, and apart from occasional slowness, it's all been great. I also have a dedicated IP address for one of my sites, the one quoted for this review, and they assigned that inside of half an hour, which was excellent. They moved my domain onto it, and it was all excellent.

So my biggest con with BizStreet is that the Linux server is occasionally slow, but it is pretty rare, so otherwise, it's all good :)

Biggest Pro: Amazing support
Biggest Con: Very occasionally slow (linux server)

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